S.J Warner is a poet and author currently residing in the glorious UK with her husband, three children and a houseful of pets that keep her busy when she’s not writing.

Encouraged by others, S.J began her journey into the world of literature with a short story and has since continued onto self-publication via Amazon.

After the difficult decision to close down her original blog, Warner took a short break from writing as part of a cleansing relaxation period. But it wasn’t too long until she returned to bestow her work upon the world once more.

As of 2014, S.J Warner is the author of three poetry/prose anthologies; Poetica, From the Heart and Lust and Lace. She has also released her fist full length novel; Aphrodite’s Fire.

While regular instalments of poetry and poetry challenges consume this blog, S.J is currently planning her next novel.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wet Bliss said:

    I’ve invited you to join my blog tour because I admire your work, please see post http://wp.me/p4yHTY-4D for details, and there is no obligation to accept – I just wanted you to know that I adore your writing.


  2. Rancho das Crônicas! said:

    Your blog is nice and your poetica is exiting. You write clear and fine.


  3. Your blog is very, very good.


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