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The Christmas Surprise

 A Gift of Love

Chapter One


Christmas comes around just once a year and for Corey Marshall this was once too many. He remembered clearly why he had come to hate the Holiday Season. Tragedy has a way of killing the Christmas spirit. Every year he had hoped it would ease but all that Carolling and Ho Ho Ho’ing made him cringe still to this day. These days he simply stayed home as much as possible. Hard to do when you had to work and, in his field of advertising, impossible most days. Like right now, in fucking October, they were all working on Christmas shit and it was driving him crazy. Especially with everyone at the office humming jingles and getting all festive! Desks decorated with trees and lights and the background music all caroley and sweet. Everything merely served as a reminder of that Christmas it all changed. And today was going to be the worst day yet. Today he had to meet with the CEO of Mrs. Klaus’s Confectionery. Could it get any worse?

Well, yes, it could but not in a way he could ever have anticipated. Being the bah humbug guy that he was he walked into the conference room ready to deliver his ideas and then leave but, all his preconceived ideas of who and what Mrs. Klaus may be dissolved when he caught sight of Leah Purcell. He suddenly lost all power of speech and movement. He simply stood there staring at her like a silly schoolboy. His hearing seemed to have deserted him too because it wasn’t until his boss, Joel Callan, grabbed his shoulder and squeezed hard that he realized Joel had been talking to him.

“I was just telling Miss Purcell about the wonderful work you have done on her campaign, Corey. Why don’t you tell us all about it?”

“Please, Corey, call me Leah. And do tell me all your ideas” her voice was like honey trickling down your finger when you lick it off. Jeezus, he was getting a fucking boner thinking of anything to do with her and licking. And this was the first time he had not associated anything Klaus with painful memories. She was beyond beautiful. Stunning, no, heavenly, still no…there was just no word to describe her. All he wanted right this moment was to grab her and fuck her senseless. How the fuck was he going to get through this meeting without disgracing himself? If he wanted to have aby chance with this woman he knew, instinctively, that he would need to impress her mind first. So, doing his best to gather his thoughts and pick his chin back up off the floor, he began his spiel.

An hour later, as all her business advisors left the room she stopped and turned to him,

“Mr. Marshall, I was wondering if we could go over the campaign details in more depth say over dinner tonight”

He couldn’t believe it. She was actually asking him to dinner. Part of him said, No, don’t be a fool…run while you still can. But the other, less wise part said,

“Yes. Certainly Ms Purcell! Please, call me Corey and what time and where shall I pick you up?”

“Corey then and I told you to call me Leah. I will send a car for you. Give my manager your home address and, be ready by eight. Oh, and wear a suit”

With that she looked him up and down and walked away. He felt that look like it was burning him. Yet, he had to admit, as he was wearing jeans and a jumper so she had no way of knowing whether he even owned a suit. He usually wore one as a matter of course but, he had just arrived back from a trip to see another client and had come straight from the airport. He would have changed into his suit but since she had arrived early for their meeting so it had been bumped up and that had left him no time to change. He would definitely dress to impress tonight if only to show her he could. Why he felt the need to impress her he had no clue but he was damned sure going to.

You know the old saying, I hate to see you leave but I love to watch you walk away, well, watching her walk was hypnotic. Her curvy hips rotated like Marilyn Monroe’s and her long, long legs were lean and shapely and went all the way up to….stop it! he thought and shook his head. He had to get hold of himself. Still watching her walk down the long hall he couldn’t help think that this Christmas was going to be a whole lot different to the ones before. Maybe this year he would get the perfect gift. The gift of forgetfulness! He had no idea that this night would change his idea of Christmas forever.






Chapter Two

At precisely eight, as she said, her driver buzzed Corey’s apartment. He was, as she requested, ready to go. He had made sure he was wearing his most expensive Armani suit and his Berlutti’s were shined to perfection. He adjusted his tie and, taking one last look in the mirror left the apartment. He had been lucky to find an apartment in this building as it was one of the most sought after, not to mention expensive, blocks in the city. It was only because of his family name and money, something he did not normally fall back on, that he had the wherewithal to live there. The Marshall name had always been synonymous with wealth and power and, above all, influence even with the scandal of what happened to his parents. No-one ever said no to a Marshall. Yet!

He exited the building to find a gleaming limo waiting at the sidewalk and the Chauffeur holding the door open. He climbed in and sat back in true automotive luxury. She sure knew how to pick a car, he thought, unless her advisors chose it for its shock value. He didn’t think she would let others choose anything for her but he would have to wait and find out. The driver eased away from the sidewalk with not the slightest bump and the ride continued smoothly all the way to their destination. Soon enough they arrived at what he took to be her office building. He supposed they would be picking her up before carrying on to wherever they were going.

A lift that ran just as smoothly as the car, took him to the top of the building where, when it was opened by what he assumed was an assistant or housekeeper, he found himself in a penthouse apartment. Stepping out into an enormous living area he was caught off guard by what he saw. He seemed to have stepped into his worst Christmas Nightmare. It was literally wall to wall Christmas chintz. Baubles, lights, tinsel, the lot! A huge tree stood in the corner laden with decorations and, on top, a silver and white angel. Parcels lay beneath and each one was wrapped in silver paper to match the décor and then tied up with a red velvet bow. His stomach turned over and he almost threw up on the white thick pile carpet that spread, almost like snow, across the apartment floor. It was by sheer force of will that he didn’t. How was he going to get through this without disgracing himself? He needed a distraction and he found it in the view.

The apartment windows were, it seemed floor to ceiling glass with no apparent seams or frames. They gave the observer a view that looked out over the city without the distraction of metal or wooden lines. He felt, for an instant, a bit acrophobic though he had never been scared of heights before. This view seemed almost as though he were looking down from heaven. The illusion was compounded when she entered the room. He didn’t hear her because he was busy looking at the lights of the city as seen from way up here. He knew that this was not the tallest building yet it gave that illusion because of the simple vastness of the view.

“Impressive isn’t it?” she said.

Startled he turned and was again caught off guard by her. She stood before him dressed all in white and looking almost like that Christmas angel had stepped down off that huge Christmas tree. Her hair, which had been pinned up at the meeting, was now flowing loosely around her shoulders in a golden cloud and her alabaster skin glowed in the light from the fire. He had, yet again, lost the power of speech.

“Good Evening Corey?” she said in that sexy voice.

It took him a moment to regain his power of speech.

“Good Evening Leah. You look amazing!” he wasn’t lying because she did look amazing. The white dress was cut in such a way as to accentuate her amazing figure in all the right places. He hadn’t realized that her hair was long because, at the meeting, she had worn it pinned up and business-like. Tonight it flowed like molten gold down over her shoulders and full and, he assumed, firm breasts. She looked almost like a rampantly sexy version of that angel atop that god-awful tree. Then, she almost undid all his careful plans for wooing her with his mind. She walked past him towards the window. Oh my fucking god, the way she moved was killing him.

“What do you think of the view from here Corey? Amazing isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is. It is a spectacular view indeed”

“I loved the view when I first moved in but now, well, I suppose I have become used to it. So, you think the view of the city is spectacular from here! I think I like it is better at this time of the year”

“I wasn’t talking about that view, Leah” he said.

“I know!” she replied. She walked over to stand close, very close. Too close almost. He could feel his body responding. She knew he was excited by her and, just before he could take her in his arms, she backed away running her hand along his chin as she did.

“Are you hungry, Corey?” she asked him in a voice that was both flirtatious and suggestive and obviously meant to be, Yet again his body responded. The double entendre was obviously meant to tease him and it worked. But, he didn’t want to move too fast and, if he cared to admit it to himself, he was kind of enjoying this little game she had started.

“Yes, Leah, I am ravenous”

“Then we had better get going. The reservation is for nine and, if we are not there on time the Maître’D will give the table to someone else” she moved to the elevator doors and stopped to put on her coat.

Corey moved to help her and she leaned back just enough for him to smell her musky, sensual perfume. He knew that only part of that smell was artificial. Part was the smell of her. It was the most intoxicating aroma he had ever smelt. Again, his move to engulf her in his embrace was thwarted. This time it was by the doors to the elevator opening.








Chapter Three


Once inside the elevator it was almost impossible not to simply gather her to him and kiss her senseless but, again instinctively, he knew this would end the evening before it really began. Instead, he simply stood back and took her all in with his eyes. He doubted that he would ever get tired of looking at her. And suddenly, for some inexplicable reason he felt, deep in his soul that she was about to become the most important person in his life. For whatever reason, life had brought here to him and now, he vowed to himself, he would never let her go.

“So, Corey, I get the feeling that Christmas is not your favorite holiday! Why is that?”

She caught him off guard by this question. The story of how he had come to hate Christmas was one he did not often care to remind himself. It was one of pain and great sorrow. But he wanted, for some reason unknown to him, to tell her. He had not spoken of it to anyone for many years. Not since it happened really. It was all so long ago yet so very clear in his mind.

“It is not that I hate Christmas so much as it brings back memories I would rather not have stirred up. It all happened so very long ago” he paused to gather his thoughts, “I keep thinking that I will get over it someday but, try as I might, I can’t forget it and the bad memories always manage to color the season grey for me”

Laura turned and looked at his face. She could see a great deal of pain in those beautiful blue eyes. Something very bad must have happened. Not only pain was visible but what looked to be a great deal of anger and despair. She saw that to push right now would be a bad move on her part. Later, there would be plenty of time to ask what had happened to cause him so much sorrow.

“I am so sorry that the Season causes you pain. Let’s not talk of it now. Let’s just have dinner and get to know each other better, shall we?”

Corey was grateful for her understanding and nodded his head in agreement. She was proving to be less and less the woman he had thought she would be and more and more like someone he could fall in love with forever. He had not expected to feel this way so quickly. He had found her incredibly desirable from the moment he met her but, had not thought to feel an emotional attachment so rapidly. They seemed to be forming a bond and he was somewhat unprepared for it. Somehow, he knew, this Christmas was indeed going to be special. Maybe, just maybe, he could learn to appreciate the holiday again as he had once done.








Chapter Four


They rode the remaining floors down in silence. It was not a silence of unease but, rather, a silence of reverie. Reaching the lobby of the hotel he took her arm and, in a gentlemanly way surprising to her, led her through the doors. Outside her limousine waited at the sidewalk. He helped her in and joined her on the spacious back seat. Not wanting to crowd her he sat far enough apart that she had to reach across an arms-length to clasp his hand. Turning to face him she said,

“I know this will sound quite odd, Corey, but I feel that a bond is growing between us and I am a little nervous about it happening so rapidly” she blushed which he found charming.

“It doesn’t sound odd at all. In fact, I feel the same way. I don’t know where this will take us but, and of this I am positive, I am quite happy to take the journey with you, Leah” he squeezed her hand to emphasize his strength of belief. “Wherever this road we are on takes us we will travel it together”

Leah looked deep into his eyes and, seeing no guile there, squeezed his hand in response. They both knew that, rapid as it may be, this was heading for something deep and rare. Cory’s heart was pounding in his chest and he wanted to tell the driver to turn back to the hotel. He didn’t because they needed to take this slowly or, he feared, he would scare her off and that was something he could not bear to happen. Instead, he sat quietly with her hand in his until they reached the restaurant. Ever the true gentleman he got out first and, going around to her side, offered her his hand to help her out of the car. She looked up at him and smiled that gorgeous, open smile and his heart did a flip-flop in response.

“Well, an honest to god gentleman. I didn’t think there were any left. Thank you, Corey” she said half teasing.

“You are welcome, my Lady” he replied with a little bow.

Leah couldn’t help laughing. Corey loved the sound. Like music played on a fine piano. He could, and hoped he would, listen to it for a long time to come. Helping her out of the car he placed her arm through his and walked her into the restaurant. The Maître D’ greeted them and showed them to their table. They had been given one that was in a quiet alcove away from the main dining room. Corey noticed that this table was, unlike the others, lit only by candlelight. It made their corner even more private and secluded.

Leah had wanted them to be able to talk and this was the perfect table to allow them enough peace to get to know each other. As soon as they were seated the waiter assigned to them handed them the menu’s and, as he should, melted back into the shadows to await their signal that they were ready to order. While they both perused the menu’s they took surreptitious looks at each other until, when they caught each other peeking, they laughed.

“So, what do you fancy?” Corey asked not thinking about his words until they were out.

Leah raised an elegantly shaped eyebrow and grinned lasciviously. Corey realized how it had sounded and, spluttering, tried to amend his question.

“Well! For starters” said Leah in a suggestive voice, “How about a stiff one…?” she let the words trail off and then, seeing his chagrined expression, laughed uproariously at his obvious discomfort. Looking at his reddening face she decided to take pity on him and said,

“Don’t worry, Corey, I am only joking. You will have to get used to my sense of humor if we are to spend any significant amount of time together”

Cocking his head to one side he replied,

“Are we going to spend significant time together, Leah?”

“Well, I certainly think so! Don’t you?”

“I certainly hope so, Leah. I am beginning to think that we are going to enjoy a lot of time in each other’s company. And, I hope you think so too”

“Oh, I do, Corey, I do. We seem to be getting along quite nicely right now” and she laughed that musical laugh again. Corey wanted to listen to that laugh forever.






Chapter Five


They finally decided on their choices and he signaled the Waiter over and, after giving him the order sat back and took a good look at Leah. Yes, she was beautiful in any light but, the flickering candle-light emphasized the high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes to perfection. He was enchanted by so many things about her. Her face, her long gleaming hair, her laugh and, most importantly, her humor and intelligence! Could he have met the woman of his dreams? He was beginning to think he had indeed. For so long he had thought this paragon of female perfection did not exist. Now, although he realized that Leah, like all humans, would prove to have her faults, he was thinking that he had come as close as he could have ever wished.

For a few moments he simply watched her. Then she raised those luminous eyes and looked straight into his.

“What are you thinking?” she asked.

“To be honest, I was thinking how utterly gorgeous you are” he replied with candor.

Her face pinked a little and she said,

“You’re not too hard to look at yourself”

He had the grace to drop his eyes and blush fully which made her laugh again.

“So, the man is capable of being embarrassed by a returned compliment. I like that in you, Corey. It shows you have the ability to be emotionally open”

Corey looked at her and was surprised to see she was being serious. He was also surprised to find that he appreciated her serious side as much as her flippancy.

“Yes, I can be emotional. Why does that surprise you?”

Leah paused before answering.

“It surprises me because, in my world, most men spend their lives trying to prove how masculine they are by pretending they are too strong to have emotions. It makes for a life filled with coldness and deceit. I am tired of men like this and, to be honest, I assumed you would fall into the same category.”

“Well, I can assure you that I do not. I am not afraid to let you know how I feel because, for some reason, I feel that you will never take advantage of that fact. As you may have guessed I have had some disappointments and hurt in my life too. This is one of the reasons I have hated Christmas so much. All I can remember of Christmas in my past is pain and grief”

Leah’s heart swelled with sorrow at the thought that he had been so badly hurt.

“You don’t have to tell me if you feel in the least reticent about it” she told him while reaching out to touch his hand which was balled into a fist on the table. She could tell that the memories were very close to the surface right now.

Feeling her hand on his, Corey looked at her and seeing nothing but pure sympathy, decided that she, of all people, seemed to understand. Not wanting to become overly emotional in such a public place he clasped Leah’s hand and said,

“No, I want to tell you, Leah. Just not here and not now! Let’s enjoy this, our first meal together and later, when I take you home, I will tell you the whole sorry story, okay” and he clasped her hand in his as he forced himself to push it out of his mind. “

Leah agreed and changed the subject. They spent the rest of the meal discussing the business that was the excuse she had used to get to know him better. The hours sped by and, by the end they had come to realize that they were indeed both falling for each other and rapidly. They left the restaurant to find that it had begun to snow. Taking a moment to watch the flakes fall they then made their way to the car. They rode back to her apartment still chatting and learning about each other.









Chapter Six


Back at her place they tumbled out of the elevator laughing and swatting each other playfully. Once inside they removed their coats and, without thinking, Corey wiped a stray flake from her face. She almost melted faster than that very snowflake. He was proving to be all that she had ever wanted but, she knew, he needed to talk about the reason for his hatred of Christmas before he could let go, in a way, and learn to enjoy all his heart could desire and all she could offer him.

The apartment was warm thanks to the roaring fire that had been lit in their absence and drinks were waiting on the side table. Leah had given her house-keeper the night off to visit family so they were completely alone. As his fingers brushed her face gently she felt her heart stutter and she, automatically, leaned towards him. Pulling herself up she looked up into his impossibly blue eyes and saw, to her utter surprise, what looked like tears.

“Corey, what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing is wrong! It is just that you are so beautiful and I can’t help feeling like this is all a dream from which I will awake from and find you gone”

“Oh, Corey, it is not a dream unless I am dreaming it too. There is no doubting that there is something very special happing between us but, I think we need to talk about what has made you doubt that Christmas is a time of miracles and love, don’t you?”

He knew she was right but, in his heart, he was worried that once she learned about his family tragedy, or disgrace, as his Uncle termed it, she would not see him the same way. Yet, he knew that he had to tell her. There could be no secrets between them.

“Yes, I do. Let’s sit and I will tell you everything”

He took her by the hand and led her to the sofa. Getting them drinks gave him the time to gather his thoughts and, returning to her, he sat opposite her and began his sad story. Taking a deep breath he began to tell her of the Christmas that it had all gone so badly wrong. It began when he was a small boy of ten and it occurred on Christmas Eve. This event had colored his view of the holiday so deeply that, no matter who or what had followed, it simply continued to grow and fester. Until now!










Chapter Seven


Corey leaned back on the sofa and, with Leah watching from across the table said,

“Do you recall the murder suicide of the husband and wife back in 1993? The husband shot the wife and then himself while their son was in his bedroom. It happened in Lakeshore Hills?”

“Yes, I do recall that case. Why?” Leah said.

“I was that boy. My father killed my Mother because he thought she was having an affair. He was unstable at the time and suffering from delusions. Though, at the time, I was unaware of this fact. I knew that he had changed over the previous months but not why”

Leah gasped but said nothing just held his hands tighter.

“I need to tell you this but, in the third person, or I will not get through it. I want you to understand that I am not being dramatic or something like that it is just that if I talk about it as though it were me then I will probably break down before I finish. Is that okay with you?”

“Of course it is, darling. Tell it any way you please”

So, Corey began his tale of the murder of his Mother and the suicide of his Father.

He began with,

“The boy could hear the fighting from where he sat huddled in fear on his bed. Back and forth the voices went. Accusations and recriminations flowed like verbal vomit. It went on and on for what seemed like hours. This had been happening more and more lately. His Mother told him not to worry that it was just that Dad had a lot of things on his mind. Still, Corey couldn’t understand why, if his parents loved each other, they fought so much. He had seen the bruises on his Mothers face and knew, instinctively, that this was more than she was telling him. His Father had been such a loving man but, lately, he was far from it.

Sitting there listening to them scream at each other he knew that this time it was different. He didn’t know in what way or why but, and this scared him to the core, they seemed to be working up to something really bad. Suddenly the voices stopped. Maybe, he thought, just maybe, they are finished and Dad will go to bed and sleep off the drunken rampage he seemed to be on. Then, he heard his Mother scream,

“No, John, no, please don’t do it. Everything will get better. I promise. No, no, put it away. You don’t want to do this. Think of Corey” then she screamed again.

His heart stopped then as the silence that had descended was shattered by the sound of one gunshot followed then another. Corey screamed. No, no, no….over and over again. When he had screamed himself hoarse and could scream no more. The servants had been given the night off to celebrate the holiday with their families so there was no-one to hear the gun-shots or his screams of terror. After what seemed an interminable amount of time he staggered out of bed and, fearing what he would find would match his dreaded premonition, he made his way down the festively decorated stairs. Silently, bare feet on carpet, afraid of what he would find yet compelled to find out what had happened he crept into the living-room. What he saw there was to mark him for life. Both his parents lay on the carpet with blood streaming from their heads. He wanted to scream some more but there was nothing. Instead, he calmly walked to the phone and called 911. Placing the phone down he returned to where the bodies of his parents lay. Sitting down between them in a puddle of their blood he began to rock to and fro. This was how the Police found him when they arrived just fifteen minutes later.

They tried to keep it quiet but, of course, the media got wind of it and were outside the house, baying like a pack of hyenas, when the boy was led out. Even though he was wrapped in a blanket blood could be seen on his face and hands. His eyes were blank, showing no emotion whatever, and he seemed to be in shock. Ambulance Attendants helped him into the back of the bus and, without waiting, took him to the hospital. Doctors checked him over, pronounced him physically fit though traumatized, and allowed him to be taken to the Police Station. There he remained until the next day when, finally, his Uncle arrived. After conferring with the cops he took Corey to his home. The boy then lived there until he graduated High School”

When Corey told Leah he would be telling this as though recounting the story of another child, she understood his need to distance himself from the shattered child he was and could still feel. Her heart bled for him both as the child and the man. Crossing the small space between them she knelt down in front of him and, now up close, saw that tears were coursing down his cheeks. Saying nothing she simply knelt there and waited. Eventually he stopped crying and looked at her. She reached out her hands and, gently cupping his face, said,

“I am so very sorry, Corey. I am so, so very sorry. I should not have asked you about this terrible experience”

“No, Leah, it was time. You have given me a gift like no other. I am suddenly lighter. I have never told anyone about this that they didn’t already know from the media. I have been bottling it all up for too many years. You made me feel comfortable enough to tell the story. Now, I can let it go and begin to heal. Thank you, Leah”

“You don’t need to thank me, Corey! You obviously needed to get it out. Maybe now you can move on and be free. You did nothing wrong. You were an innocent child. Nothing you could have done would have changed the outcome”

“Logically, I know this, Leah, but some things you just carry with you regardless of your involvement. This hatred of Christmas and what it stands for has grown from that one particular event. With today being the anniversary of it well, I was feeling the weight of it. I simply tried to forget it for this one night so as not to spoil our time together. Yet, here we are talking about it and, I must admit, a weight has been lifted from my heart. And, it is all thanks to you and your simple sweetness and the feelings I am already developing for you. Fast, I know, but inevitable, I think”

Leah sat for a moment just looking at his beautiful, and now softer, face.

“You are not the only one who feels that way. I know, without doubt, that even after just these few hours together we have something so strong between us that neither of us can deny the pull. I don’t know where this will lead us but I want to follow and see where it goes. I want to help you learn to love Christmas and all it represents. Love, joy and the giving of gifts to show that we truly care for the ones we love. I want to show you that not all relationships end in pain and sorrow. That some are forever filled with respect and tenderness. Will you let me give you my heart as my Christmas Gift to you, Corey?”

His eyes filled with tears again and he leaned forward and kissed her so tenderly and with such love she thought her heart would burst.

“My darling Leah. I thought you had already given me the greatest gift by allowing me to unburden myself to you but, yet again you surprise me. This is the most precious gift anyone has ever given me and, I promise with all my heart and soul, that I will treat it as though it were more precious than all the diamonds in the world. In return, as my gift to you, I swear that I will always love you with every fiber of my being. I will hold your heart next to mine because they will always beat as one”

By now Leah was crying too. Corey stood and, as he did so, he helped her to her feet also. Taking her gently into his strong arms, he lowered his face to hers and, with all the love he genuinely felt for her, kissed her deeply and passionately. When the kiss finally ended he drew back and, without a word, he lifted her and walked towards the bedroom. Once inside he laid her on the bed and then lay beside her. She pulled him to her and kissed him deeply and with longing to feel every inch of this beautiful man. She knew he had a beautiful body even though she had not seen it unclothed. Now she simply wanted to see him naked and aroused. She could feel his erection and it felt huge. She didn’t want to rush it though. She wanted this, their first time, to be special and memorable for them both.

She looked up at his beautiful face and drank in its perfection. Those eyes as blue as a winter sky that were surrounded by thick black lashes any woman would be jealous of were looking at her with a combination of tenderness and desire. Her eyes moved down past his aquiline nose to the most gorgeously kissable lips she had ever seen. They were shaped into the most perfect cupids bow and that full bottom lip was one you wanted to bite on forever. He leaned forward and plated those lips on hers and kissed her with all the passion he felt and her body responded to the kiss by arching towards him.

The longer the kiss went on the more feverish their movements became. He had begun to remove her dress as soon as they had lain on the bed and now, aroused fully and wanting to be inside her, he practically ripped it from her body. She had worn the tiniest of G-strings and this sliver of material proved no impediment to his exploring fingers. She gasped as his fingers explored her pussy. She now began some exploration of her own. Her hands grabbed at his pants and fairly ripped open the zipper to free his cock. Then her hand gripped it and began to move up and down the long, thick shaft. He groaned with pleasure as she had at his touch. He ripped the flimsy material that was all that lay between him and her and tossed it across the room.

Leah lay back and opened herself to him then guided his rampant hard-on into her depths. She lost the ability to breathe as she felt his hardness slide inside her wetness. He responded with his own groans at the feeling of her engulfing him. She was hot and wet and felt like no other woman he had ever had. After pausing his thrust because he was close to cumming already and didn’t want to explode quickly like a teenage boy on his first fuck, he began to move in and out of her and she began to meet his rhythmic thrusts with intensity equal to his own. He raised himself up so as to go as deep as was possible and she raised her hips to meet him.

Her hands were holding his perfectly formed ass and they pulled him ever deeper. She could feel herself building to her climax too quickly so she pushed him off and forced him to roll onto his back. Then she mounted him and began to rise up and down his swollen shaft. Faster and faster she rode him as though her life depended upon it. And, in a way, it did. She felt as though if she didn’t cum soon and bring him to explosion also, then she would simply die from the absolute pleasure she was experiencing with him. He was a superlative lover who knew exactly where to touch her and when to do so. Right now, as he lifted his hips to penetrate her hard and fast, he was rubbing her clit with his thumb. She felt like she was about to explode and she could feel that he was also reaching the point of no return.

Then, when she felt like she could take no more, she felt him tremble and push up hard. This is it, she thought, we are cumming together in perfect unison. Wave after wave of tremors shook her to the very core as he and she reached their climaxes. He was shuddering and growling even as she screamed his name. Their bucking and writhing went on for what seemed like forever until, finally, their bodies collapsed together utterly spent. Nothing could be heard from them but gasping as they tried to regain their breath. She collapsed onto his broad muscular chest her breasts rising and heaving as she felt the final quivers of her orgasm. His cock was still hard and pumping ever smaller bursts of cum within her. Finally, they both caught their breath and began to relax.

Leah had never had such an intense orgasm in her life. She was stunned and speechless. Corey felt the same. He was totally spent. Never before had he cum so hard or so relentlessly. She had, quite literally, squeezed the very last drop from his now truly empty balls. His heart was pounding from the sheer emotion of their union. It swelled with the joy of it. He truly wanted to make love to this woman for eternity. This was exactly what he had needed to drive the sorrow from his heart.

Corey rolled onto his side and then rose to his knees on the bed. He leaned down and kissed her not with passion but with a tenderness born of love. Then he took her face in his hands and said in a voice full of all the emotion he was feeling,

“Now I know the true meaning of Christmas and what it is to be so beautifully gifted by love. Yes, I said love. I know it is only hours since we first met but, in my heart of hearts, I know that I will love you until my last breath. I can only hope that you feel the same”

Leah’s eyes filled with tears not of sadness but of joy,

“My darling man!” she replied, “Of course I feel the same. Love has no time limits. Whether we met hours, days or years ago I know without doubt that I was meant to meet and love you this Christmas. It was out destiny. Fate brought us together for a reason and I truly believe that. We were meant to be. We are a Christmas gift to each other. A gift that heals wounds and brings hope! Merry Christmas my darling. Merry Christmas”

“And a Merry Christmas to you my love. Now and forever”

The End

© Tara Devaney-Thompson 2016