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Our day begins
As dawn arises
Upon the fluffy snow
As it glisten so

Arising from sleep
My love inside me
I realize today
Is our anniversary

It sure has been
A glorious year
Of love and sex
And passion aplenty

My one true love
And forever soulmate
Has shown me all
Without ever asking

I love him so
And will show him now
With a little gift
That he sure will enjoy

So after we climax
And settle down
I excuse myself
To get his gift

Upon emerging
His eyes open wide
As I am before him
All ready and alive

My heels upon me
So sexy and high
With nothing else on
But the bow I tied

It is sexy and lovely
A beautiful color
All that he wants
Is wrapped all under

It so reminds me
Of our wedding day
From last December
In a special way

I took it upon myself
To give him his card
Sauntering over
For him to appreciate

He reads the card
In his sexy voice
With such adoration
It is hard to believe

“To my forever love
My one and only
Please enjoy your present
Tied with a red velvet bow

Happy Anniversary
Forever more
Our love so great
From our heart and soul”

 © Laurie Lee 2016.

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