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A merry christmas all around
Lots of laughter to be found
Children playing everywhere
Some other people should be there
The ones looking from above
The ones who we still love
Isn’t the same without them here
Gone is some of christmas cheer

A child all alone looking up at the sky
Grandad this year, you won’t come by
Looking on is a mother full of love
Darling they see us from above
You may even miss them a lot
Trust me though they haven’t forgot

See the stars twinkling up high
That is him watching you with pride
He’s in your heart so he’ll always be near
There with your joys and your fears

The child looks up and smiles
So full of love and so fragile
The mother pats him on the head
Time for you to go to bed

Sweet dreams my child and dont you fret
Lots of toys in the morning you’ll get
The child turned around and said
Just before I go off to bed
I hope that the morning comes quick
Tonight I may get a glimpse of old saint nick

I would tell him I dont need many toys
I would rather give to other girls and boys
The mother smiled and said goodnight
Santa will soon be here then take up flight

Later on that starry night
The boy woke with a fright
There was a noise from down the stairs
He had to be careful and to beware
Overhead he heard bells, and a loud ho ho ho!
Under the tree was a gift tied with a red velvet bow

The gift had a small silver locket inside
With a note that simply said wear me with pride
For it contained a picture of grandad and a star
So that he would be with him wherever they are


© Amanda Williams 2016.

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