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It had been a long day at the hospital. Fay kicked off her heels and turned on the water, letting it run and steam up the bathroom as she did. She unbuttoned her silk blouse, let it fall to the floor, then undid the zip on her dress trousers and shimmied out of them. She stood there with her hands on her waist, in her lacy bra and knickers, and let her eyes roam over her reflection in the full-length mirror. Not bad for forty-six, she thought to herself. Her skin was still soft and supple with few signs of her age; her breasts were still full and relatively firm. She worked hard in the gym to maintain her neat figure, keeping her curves in rounded perfection. She let her hand wander upwards from her waist, cupping her breast as she did, her nipples stiffening against the lace, straining for further attention. She closed her eyes, just for a moment, and let herself imagine it was that younger man she had seen watching her while she was working out so many times. A soft sigh slipped from her lips and she allowed one hand caress her skin down towards her pussy, knowing that if she were to touch herself, she would  find herself wet and ready.

The heat of the steam prickled her skin and brought her out of her daydream. She unfastened her bra, stepped out of her knickers, and pulled back the shower curtain to plunge herself under the warm water.

She let the heat slowly soothe her muscles and relaxed as the water washed away the day’s stress and grime. She grabbed her expensive body wash, squeezing some into her hands, and began to lather it over her body. Her mind again wandered to the hot young guy from the gym. She thought about his eyes roaming over her, and she let her soapy hands do the same thing.

She cupped her breasts in her hands, squeezing their fullness, letting her fingertips settle on her peaked nipples. She rubbed them, sighing at the contact, and then rolled them between her fingers and thumbs as a moan escaped from her lips.

Turned on, and lost deep in her thoughts, one of Fay’s hands slipped over her stomach and skimmed over her thigh as she adjusted her feet to allow her hand to get between her thighs.

She let one finger slip between her slick pussy lips, knowing that it wasn’t just the shower and the body wash that had her soaked. Her finger grazed over her clit, causing Fay to hiss at the sensation; she could feel her whole-body sizzling with a need for climax. She hadn’t realised just how much the gym guy watching her had been turning her on. She let her fingertips rub over her sensitive little bundle of nerves again.

A long moan escaped from her as she pinched her nipple harder, circled her clit, seeking release, wanting more, needing to come apart, all the while wishing it was at the hands of her would-be admirer.

Frantically, Fay’s fingers worked her to climax. Her moans of ecstasy echoed around the bathroom, and she slumped back against the cool tiles panting. “FUCK!” she exclaimed to the empty house. She hadn’t climaxed that hard for some time. It was rare that Fay felt lonely, but busy as her life was, in that instant, she couldn’t help but feel the pang of sorrow at the lack of someone in her life, even if that person’s sole purpose was to help her achieve orgasm.

Fay rinsed herself off, got out of the shower, and wrapped herself tightly in her fluffy robe before heading downstairs to the kitchen. She needed her habitual cup of tea, while she sat on the sofa and read the latest book from her favourite author.

As she waited for the kettle to boil, she glanced outside to see the first of the season’s snow finally beginning to fall. She made her tea, and was making her way to the sofa, when there was a knock at the front door. Fay set her cup on the coffee table and headed for the entrance. She glanced through the peephole to find no one there. She opened the door carefully, to make sure, and was surprised to discover a simple white box on the doorstep, tied with a red velvet bow. A small tag dangled from the ribbon and she lifted the box to get a better look. She closed the front door and carried the box back to the coffee table.

Fay sat for a moment, her cup in hand, taking sips of tea, and stared at the box. She hadn’t seen anyone outside to know who had sent it to her, and she tried to convince herself that they might have gotten the wrong door to leave it at, until she looked at the tag that is.


To the gorgeous Fay,

I’ve admired you from afar. Soon I want to admire you close up! Have this gift and think of me!

Secret Santa xoxo


Fay let her fingers run delicately over the outside of the box, as if testing to see if something inside would jump out at her. Her mind raced at two mysteries. What was in the box? And, who had left it on her doorstep?

She lifted the velvet ribbon and let it slip between her fingers, catching it just before it fell, pulling the bow free, so she could open it and find out what was inside. Fay held her breath as she lifted the lid on the gift box, excited to discover the contents. She eased back the red tissue paper, her eyes falling upon the red lacy bra and thong. She carefully lifted the delicate underwear from the box to find more hidden beneath.

She raised the little drawstring bag from the bottom of the box and the small envelope that lay beneath. She thought about which one she should open first. Squeezing the contents of the bag, finding it hard, it piqued her curiosity first. She pulled on the drawstring, opened the neck of the bag wider and poured the contents onto her palm.

A small bullet vibrator fell from the velvet pocket. Fay felt her nipples tighten. Who the hell was sending her such an intimate gift? Maybe the card will tell me? she thought to herself. Ripping open the envelope, she read the card, hoping for more of a clue.

I hope you’ll be wearing this underwear the next time I see you! But for now, I want you to go to bed, take the vibe with you, and think of me.

I’ll see you tomorrow after the gym. Xx

Fay flipped the card over to see if there was anything on the back. To her disappointment, it was blank. She was still no wiser as to who her Secret Santa was. He, however, clearly knew a lot about her: her exact size for the underwear, not to mention her habits and home address. She should have been alarmed by it, but instead, strangely she found herself getting aroused again.

She was getting off on the idea of being watched, realising the rational thing to do was worry about a stranger knowing so much about her in that way, but there was just something about it that was getting her wet, instead. The risk, the unknown, it was all so thrilling.

She gathered up the contents of the box and abandoned her now cooled tea, heading for bed, flicking the extra locks on the front door as she passed by.

Once in her bedroom, Fay stripped out of her robe and held the underwear against her. Even without fastening the bra, she could see how it would lift her tits and show off some great curves, the thong would do the same, flashing the ass that she had been doing all those squats for.

She left the bra and thong in the box, on top of her dresser, and took the bullet vibe with her as she climbed into bed.

She lay there, naked in the darkness, thinking about who could have sent her the gift. With no clear ‘suspect’ coming to mind, she turned on the vibrations and rolled the vibe over her clit. A tall, strong, yet faceless man, taking great pleasure in watching her from afar came to mind. Spying on her, perving over her, and within moments Fay could feel the signs of an impending tsunami of climax.


Fay had looked around her the entire time she was at the gym, but she didn’t see any trace of the younger man she thought the gifts were from. She couldn’t help but feel a sense of despondency. She had spent most of her workout drenched, not only from sweat, but the anticipation of what was to come, so far finding who she thought would turn out to be her suitor seemed unlikely. Her weary muscles demanded that she stop, and she finally gave in and headed for the showers.

Refreshed, she emerged in a towel, pulled her bag from the locker, and put her gifted red underwear on. She put on the rest of her clothes, packed up her bag, and headed for the locker room door. Fay was concentrating on getting her bag over her shoulder, and hadn’t noticed the form coming around the corner to meet her, colliding straight into the chest of the younger man she had fantasised about the night before. “Whoa, there!” he said, catching her as he knocked her off balance. His large hands moved over her back, one of them settling between her shoulders, the other molding against the small of her back. Fay could feel the heat coming off him; it was already starting to melt her into a pool of lust from just that few moments of contact.

“Sorry,” she murmured, looking up at him. She went to step back, but his hands kept her firmly pressed against him in the empty hallway.

“My fault,” his low voice rumbled. “Sorry, I’ve made you blush,” he remarked. “You should wear red more often, it suits you,” he breathed.

Fay’s breath caught in her throat, as she stared up into his eyes, and realised just how much they looked like two pools of almost black  ink. She didn’t have time to think of anything beyond that as his lips crashed down onto hers, his hands pulling her even tighter against him. In the split second it took for her brain to catch up with what was happening, he already had the door of the locker room open again and was pushing her back inside.

Fay’s fantasy turning into reality overwhelmed her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him back hard, opening her mouth to his tongue when it demanded entry. Before she knew it, she was lifted onto the countertop between sinks, with him standing between her legs.

His mouth moved from hers, along her jaw, to her neck. “You are stunning…” he breathed against her skin as he moved down her neck and back to her ear. Fay moaned and let her head fall back, exposing her throat to her suitor. “Sweet Fay,” he called to her, nibbling more of her neck. “How I’ve loved watching you, thinking about this moment,” he told her.

“I don’t even know your name!” she whispered in mounting pleasure.

“It’s Drew,” he confirmed to her, as he cupped her breast and pulled her closer to him. “And I intend to make you call it out a lot!” He reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing the red lace bra that he had left at her house the night before.

“Oh fuck, you wear red better than I could have imagined!” Drew moaned in excitement. before burying his face between Fay’s breasts. Her hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him in tighter against her.

“You feel better on my skin that I imagined,” she moaned, as he freed one of her breasts from the bra and wrapped his lips around her nipple, sucking it into his mouth as he circled it with his tongue.

Drew grinned at her, letting her nipple drop from his mouth. “Gorgeous, Fay, I can’t wait to get inside your pretty pussy.”

Fay’s pussy clenched at the thought. Drew pulled her hips against his erection, letting her feel all of him, in his rock hard glory. Suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted for Christmas, and she had a funny feeling that she might just get it, too.

© Leigh Stone 2016.

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