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The wind howled and whined outside her bedroom window like a banshee, driving Kelly further under the duvet, seeking comfort from the closeness of her lover. Cat moaned in her sleep and snuggled in tight, her firm breasts squashing into Kelly’s back. The storm had been lashing the city all day but tonight seemed worse; this was the fiercest she’d heard the wind since she was a little girl, when thunder storms used to terrify Her.

Nothing frightened ADA Kelly Pomelo now though – except maybe Cat’s repeated attempts to introduce decaf into their home.

There’s a time and place for decaf, thought Kelly, and that’s never and in the bin!

She chuckled to herself and settled comfortably against Cat, sighing as her lover’s hand cupped her breast. She felt Cat’s lips brush against her shoulder in the gentlest of kisses and heard her mumble something in her sleep.

“I love you too, angel” whispered Kelly.

And with that, she slipped into the arms of Morpheus.


The sunlight streamed into the apartment and danced playfully over Cat’s nubile body, accentuating her golden curves where they peaked out from under her bathrobe. Kelly sat at the breakfast bar and watched over the rim of her mug as her PA busied herself preparing breakfast. Her eyes never left the woman. It was a sight Kelly would never tire of.

Not for the first time, Kelly silently gave thanks to the universe for bringing the pair of them together. She couldn’t believe it had been almost a year since they’d become lovers – in fact, thinking about it, it was about this time last year that she’d been in that hotel room; the one where she ended up having amazing phone sex with a mystery caller followed by a royal fucking from the room service guy!

Now what was his name…? she pondered, Angelo! Yeah that was it! Man, he had a fucking cock on him! He sure cured me of my Santa fetish…!

She smiled to herself as she mentally replayed the best bits of that lust filled night.

Of course, she didn’t know at the time that her phone lover had been her own PA, but as soon as she found out a week or so later, they’d become lovers in the flesh.

Cat had moved in with Kelly in the new year and despite the accepted wisdom of not working with one’s bedfellow, they settled into a harmonious lifestyle, keeping work and home life sensibly separate.


Cat beamed as she set the plates down and sat opposite her woman. She blushed as Kelly’s intense gaze swept over her body, the desire in them making her pussy tingle. Cat was still amazed that this gorgeous, incredibly sexy woman was hers. She’d been crushing on her from the very first day they’d started working together and now here they were, madly in lust and love!

Kelly glanced up from her breakfast and caught Cat’s eye.

“Wow you’re a great cook you know, this is gorgeous! Thank you, angel.”

“Aww you’re welcome Kelly, you know how much I love to please you…”

“Well you certainly do that alright – in work and at home. Especially at home… you know… in the bedroom part…”

Cat blushed and smiled shyly.

“Umm… about the bedroom part Kelly…?”


“Are you really happy with the way things are?”

Kelly felt an icy stab of fear in her chest.

“Yes of course! Why, aren’t you?”

“What? Yes! Yes, I am! I’m more than happy with what we have, but that’s not what I meant… I meant, is there anything else you’d like to try…?”

“Like what?”

“Oh I don’t know… Have you got any fantasies we haven’t explored?”

“What’s brought this on, angel?”

Cat smiled and caressed Kelly’s cheek.

“It’s our sort of anniversary coming up, ya know… a year since we first had sex – well, phone sex anyway – and I thought you might have something you’d like to do that we haven’t done yet… ya know? Something you’ve always fancied doing but were afraid to ask – that kinda thing!”

Now it was Kelly’s turn to blush.

“Oh. My. God! ADA Pomelo, you’ve got a secret desire! C’mon girlfriend! Spill…!”

Kelly Laughed.

“You’ll think it’s silly…!”

“No I won’t! C’mon, what is it?”

“Well…” she began hesitantly, “I know we keep our professional and private lives separate, but I’ve sort of always wanted you to have me in my office…”


“Yes…” she replied quietly, “D’you think that’s stupid…?”

“What? No! I think it’s exciting!”

“You do?”

“Hell yeah! Risky – but then that’s what makes it so fucking exciting!”

“Oh wow! I thought you’d think it was dumb and laugh at me…”

Cat stood up and leant across the breakfast bar, pulling Kelly into a passionate kiss.

“You’re not dumb and I’d never laugh at you…” she breathed, “I love you Ms. Pomelo and I think this fantasy of yours has a very good chance of becoming reality. In fact,” she placed her hand between Kelly’s legs, a thrill running down her spine as she felt just how hot and wet her lover was, “…I’m certain of it! You just leave the details to me…”

Kelly closed her legs tightly around Cat’s hand and groaned against her neck.

“God you know just how to work me…!”

“Uh-huh!” she growled, “And I’m gonna work you really good!”


The days and nights went by without either of them mentioning Kelly’s fantasy again. That wasn’t to say they didn’t indulge their pleasures – far from it – their nights were spent in a haze of orgiastic bliss.

One Friday in late December, Kelly had been in court for the morning and returned to her office shortly after midday.

“Anything for me?” she asked as she passed Cat’s desk on the way to her office.

“Yes Ms. Pomelo there’s a couple of things. I’ve put them on your desk.”

“Thanks Cat!” she called over her shoulder as she went in.

Kelly closed the door behind her and removed her coat. She hung it on the stand and crossed over to her desk, sinking into her leather chair with a contented sigh. She kicked off her shoes and regarded the white, oblong box, sitting in the middle of the table. It had been tied with a red, velvet bow but other than that, bore no label or marking – in fact there was no indication as to where it came from or what it contained.

Maybe it’s shoes, she thought. It’s about the right size…

A small, plain red envelope was propped against it.

She picked it up and opened the flap, taking out a gilt-edged card that read: For Tonight…

Kelly’s heart began to pound as, with trembling fingers, she put the card down and reached for the box.

It was heavy.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and slipped off the ribbon so’s not to disturb the exquisite bow.

She lifted the lid and gasped.

There, nestling seductively on a bed of gold satin, was a huge, shiny, black strap on! Kelly bit her lip as she gazed at the length and girth of this colossal instrument of pleasure. Cunningly constructed in such a way as to enter both the giver and the taker, it held the promise of hitherto unknown levels of carnal bliss.

Beside it, was a beautiful red velvet blindfold with a label attached: Wear me…

Kelly couldn’t believe it. She’d almost forgotten Cat’s promise to make her fantasy come true and now here it was…


She reached into the box and took out the magnificent implement, letting her fingers wander over the hard surface. She turned it this way and that, studying the intricate veins that had been moulded into the ebony material. She gulped as she tried and failed to get her fingers to close around it, imagining what it was going to feel like to have such an enormous thing pushing its way into her body.

Her pussy quivered at the thought.

Kelly yelped with surprise as the door opened and Cat entered, catching her lusting over the beast.

“Ahhh… So now you know what ya getting later!” she grinned. “What ya think? Ya like it?”

She shut the door and came over to stand in front of the desk.

“Look what else I got ya…” she smiled seductively, hitching up her skirt to reveal sheer black stockings and a total absence of panties.

Kelly swallowed hard as she drank in the sight of her lover’s slick pussy.

“Oh my God…” she whispered, “It’s gonna fucking kill me having to wait until this evening!”

Cat reached down and slid a finger along her lips.

“This’ll keep ya going…” she said hoarsely, offering the glistening finger to Kelly’s mouth.

She closed her eyes and groaned, sucking intently.

“Mmmm, that’ll do for now lover…” said Cat, withdrawing her hand.

“I’ll have this, thank you” she said, taking the strap on from Kelly’s fingers. “See ya later when the coast is clear.”

She bent forward and kissed Kelly deeply before leaving her with a breathless sigh.


It was late when the last person stuck their head around the door and wished her a good night.

About fucking time! She thought as she looked down on the city lights from her office window, I thought it would never get here!

Her phone rang, it was Cat.

“We’re the last one’s in the office. Put on the blindfold and stand by your desk…”

She made to answer but the line was dead. Kelly’s pussy flooded. She loved it when Cat was forceful.

She took the red velvet cloth and tied it around her head, covering her eyes. She stood there, trembling with anticipation, gasping when she heard the door open and close. There was a click as the lock was turned.

“Mmmm… Looking good” purred Cat’s voice, getting closer.

Kelly shuddered as she felt something hard prod into her belly. She knew Cat was wearing the dildo.

“Let’s get you out of those clothes shall we…?”

Kelly remained motionless as she was skilfully stripped down to her underwear.

“Face down over the desk, Pomelo!” barked Cat.

She turned and whimpered as she lay over the hard surface, the wood cold against her fevered flesh.

Kelly hissed as her panties were ripped forcefully from her hips and her feet were kicked apart.

She moaned as she felt the tip of that dreadful thing nestle between her lips

“Are you ready…?” whispered Cat, her voice thick with lust.

“Y…Yes…!” breathed Kelly, her heart pounding in her ears.

She cried out and raised herself on tip-toe as the ruthless invader forced its way forwards.

Kelly had never felt so full – ever! She felt as if there was nothing else in the world except her vagina and the monstrous object inside it. She panted through gritted teeth as she struggled to accommodate it, crying out with relief as she felt it begin to withdraw. There was a moment’s respite before it began to stretch her again.

She lay on the desk and concentrated on relaxing herself, letting her pussy grow accustomed to the massive size of the bludgeon as it travelled in and out.

Cat settled into a long, slow rhythm and Kelly found her initial discomfort quickly turning into pleasure. Just as she became used to the feel of it pushing and pulling her insides, the damn thing suddenly began to vibrate!

Kelly screamed as a wave of pleasure exploded outwards from her stretched pussy. Her legs began to shake uncontrollably and she would have collapsed if Cat hadn’t gripped her hips tightly as she continued to fuck her.

“Oh God… Oh God… I’m gonna come… I’m gonna come!” she gasped, her whole body vibrating as her orgasm washed over her.

Cat buried herself deep inside Kelly’s thrashing body as she waited for her lover’s climax to pass.

“And that’s just the first…” she snarled, resuming her strokes.

“I can’t… I can’t…!” breathed Kelly as she felt another release start racing hard on the heels of the first one.

This time Cat gave her no time to recover, riding her through the spasms of bliss and pushing her towards a third.

“Wait…! Wait…!” she begged, “Please…! I…” but this time Cat was chasing her own orgasm as well and had no intention of slowing down. With a shriek of pleasure, Cat collapsed onto Kelly’s back as they both came hard.

Cat was the first to recover and pulled the dildo from her lover, catching hold of her limp body and spinning her around; Kelly was like a rag doll in her hands as she pushed her onto her back across the desk. Placing a leg over each shoulder, Cat drove the ebony rod back in and started fucking.

Kelly just shuddered and moaned as her lover gave her more pleasure than she’d ever thought possible. Wave after wave of delicious sensations washed continuously over and through her, spiking with red hot jabs of ecstasy as Cat’s thumb began to strum her engorged clit. She bit her lip and arched her back when two hands began to mould and squeeze her breasts, her heart lurching as she suddenly realised that Cat’s hands were occupied elsewhere…

Her squeal of surprise was quickly muffled as a very hard and very real cock took advantage of her open mouth and pushed its way in!

Even if she hadn’t been too exhausted to resist, Kelly had reached that stage of sexual delirium where she’d let anyone do anything to her, so she opened her throat and sucked that cock down like a champ. This dual pumping was driving her mad with lust and she groaned around the thick length, reaching her hands up and back to cup the man’s buttocks. She sank her nails into the firm flesh and took him to his root.

“I want him to come in your pussy!” growled Cat, pulling herself out, “And I want you eating me while he does it…”

Kelly gasped as the hard meat withdrew from her mouth and let herself be pulled upright. She blinked as the blindfold was yanked upwards, her eyes taking a moment to adjust to the bright lights.

Strong hands took her hips and soft lips fell onto her neck and her breasts. She looked down to see Cat sucking on her nipple then turned her head towards the mystery man behind her.

She let out a small cry of surprise and melted back into the arms of Angelo, the room service guy from last year. She was about to ask how and why, but his hard cock pressing up between her cheeks drove everything but the desire to have him inside her from her mind.

He smiled possessively and turned her to face the desk just as Cat crawled along it and sat in the middle. She spread her legs wide, biting her lip and staring straight into Kelly’s eyes as she slowly pulled her end of the dildo from her swollen lips. It made a beautiful sucking noise as it came free and Kelly could see it shining with her lover’s honey.

“Mmmm… so fucking good!” sighed Cat. “Time for you to lick it baby!”

She held herself open with both hands as Angelo bent Kelly forward.

“You heard the lady, Ms Pomelo” he said, placing one hand on the back of her neck. “Eat her!”

He pushed her face into Cat’s pussy as he entered her, grunting as her tight heat engulfed him.

Angelo quickly found a steady pace, pounding her hard and fast, while Cat grabbed handfuls of blonde hair and ground her pussy against the questing mouth.

Kelly’s tongue lashing at her clit combined with the sight of Angelo’s magnificent cock thrusting in and out of her lover was driving Cat quickly towards the point of no return.

“Christ I’m gonna come!” he gasped.

“Oh…! Me too! Me too!” Cat whimpered.

Neither of them could hear what Kelly said but Cat could feel her cry vibrating through her vagina.

“Do her!” she screamed. “Come inside her fucking…!” The next word was lost in a garbled shriek of ecstasy.

Angelo gave one final thrust and buried himself deep in the wildly pulsating pussy. He gritted his teeth as he emptied his balls, sinking over her and biting her shoulder. Cat collapsed back onto the desk, releasing Kelly’s hair, while she lay her face against Cat’s quivering belly and tried to catch her breath.


Later, when they’d recovered enough to get dressed, they all sat together on the office sofa and had drinks.

Cat took hold of Kelly’s hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the back as she gazed lovingly into her sparkling eyes.

“I love you Cat” Kelly whispered, “Tonight was fucking amazing, thank you!”

“My pleasure and I love you too…”

“But how on earth did you come up with Angelo…?”

Cat chuckled.

“Well I’d watched the two of you fucking last year so I knew you really dug his cock and of course I knew where he worked, but I didn’t know his name until you murmured it your sleep one time…”

“In my sleep?”

“Yeah. You were making all sorts of mewling noises so I guessed you were having a horny dream and I kinda reached over and helped you along… ya know…?”

“Wait! You mean you…?”

“Yeah – I rubbed one out for ya! You seemed to enjoy it! And that’s when you called out his name. So, the other day when you told me about your fantasy I got the idea of looking him up and, voila!”

Kelly looked at her lover and smiled warmly.

“You’re the greatest. You know that?”

“Yeah… I do!”

They both laughed and leant against each other.

Angelo downed his whisky and put the glass on the desk.

“Well thank you ladies! It’s been a fantastic evening but I guess I better be on my way now so you two can get on home.”

He bent down and kissed them, then turned to leave.

“And where d’you think you’re going mister?” asked Cat.

“I umm… I…” he looked confused.

“Uh-uh! You’re coming home with us big boy! My fantasy is to get royally fucked by some hung stud while she’s tied up and forced to watch!” Cat hooked her thumb at a very surprised Kelly.

“And don’t worry kitten” she purred, caressing Kelly’s face, “I’m gonna give you a vibrator to keep yourself company…”

Kelly gulped.


“Yes Ms Pomelo?”

“You better call us a cab.”

“Ok Ms Pomelo.”

“And then you better phone in sick for the weekend…”

“Yes ma’am!” he grinned.




Office Angel

©Steve Richards 2016

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Published works, both available as paperback or Kindle version:


Opus Angelicus (published as Stephen Richards)


Promethean (published as Steve Richards)