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            “My stomach is in knots, Avery.” I sigh, voicing my inner feelings to my best friend over the phone. “I’m so damn nervous.”

            “Really Lillia?” She sounds shocked. “How many times have you guys had sex over the years?” She laughs a little.

            “Lots, but it’s different now. It feels different.”

            “You love him right?” She questions me.

            “Of course I do. More than anything.” I look to the picture that hangs on the wall in our room. Blake is napping right now so I’m making the most of the quiet and sorting out my plans for Tristan tonight.

            “Well then, just take a deep breath and do some yoga or something to calm your nervous and clear your mind.”

            “Yoga?” I squeak. “I’d rather drink my body weight in vodka right now to calm my nerves.”

            “No alcohol, Lillia.” She scolds me. “You need a clear mind for this. You want to remember it don’t you?”

            I sigh. “Fine, but I’m having a glass of wine at least.”

            “One glass, Lillia.”

            “Okay, Mom.” I roll my eyes at her. Ever since she had the twins, Layken and Lilly. she’s gone all mother hen on me.

            “Look, Lillia. You’ve been miserable for so long without him only seeing him to drop off Blake or to pick him up. I’ve watched you stare off into the distance and look so sad. I just want you to be happy.” Her voice quivers. “It’s time to pull on your big girl panties, or you thin lacy ones in your case tonight. Take him by the balls, show him how much you’ve missed him. Make yourself happy for once. You deserve it and so does Tristan.”

            Tears leak from the corner of my eyes. She’s right, we deserve to be happy. I hear a squeal in the background followed by crying. “Lillia, I need to go. Layken has just pulled Lilly’s pigtails.” She sighs. I have no idea how she manages two toddlers at the same time. I struggle with just Blake, never mind having two of him. Just thinking about that make me scared.

            “Okay,” I giggle. “Talk later. Love you.”

            “Love you too.” She replies and hangs up.

            Just as I place the surprise back in my bedside drawer, I hear Blake starting to babble through the monitor.

            “Hey baby,” His little face lights up when he sees me. “Let’s get you fed huh?” I drop the safety barrier on the side of his bed, he may be three years old, but I still don’t feel safe him not having that in place. Tristan laughs at how safety cautious I am with him, but it’s all within reason. Blake is clumsy, much like his Uncle Lennon was when he was younger. I’m not wanting his childhood spent in the emergency room.

            I’m busy preparing Blake’s dinner when the doorbell rings. “Dada.” Blake’s eyes light up like Christmas at the thought of his Dad coming home.

            “No, baby. Daddy won’t be home for a while.” I run after him when he runs towards the door as fast as his little legs can carry him. Opening the door I’m faced with a smiling delivery man holding a small package and clipboard.

            “Miss Lillia Kennedy?” He asks. Looking up from the box to the delivery guy, my brows pinched together. He hands me the clipboard to sign for this mysterious package, I sign my name in nothing more than a scribble. “Happy holidays.” He gives me a bright smile and walks away.

            Blake is busy playing with his cars when I sit to open up the gift that’s just been delivered to me. Opening it carefully I see a beautifully wrapped black and red rectangular box. Tearing open the wrapping, I open the box to reveal a charm bracelet. Running my fingers over each charm mist descends over my vision, I notice a note attached to the top of the box. Lifting it a sob escapes me.

Lillia, you’re my life, my light. My love.

I love you,

Tristan xxx

            Blake walks over to me and points to my bracelet. “Corn.” Pointing to the unicorn making me giggle. “Your daddy is a big softy.” I hug him close and kiss his head. “Come on, lets get you fed and ready for Grandpa.”


            “Thank you for doing this, Emmett.” I help him with Blake’s bag and strap Blake into his car seat. His face beaming with happiness with spending time with Grandpa.

            “If it means you and that son of mine get to spend some quality time together, then I will take him any day of the week.” He smirks at me. The way he looks at me, is like looking at Tristan in twenty odd years, if he looks this good in his late fifties then I’m going to be an extremely lucky girl. You’re crushing on your son’s Grandpa! I shake my head clear.

            “I know, I just don’t like to ask. You have your own life to lead.”

            “I’ll always make time for my grandson.” Sadness flashes across his face. “Besides, Sally loves spending time with him too.” He beams at the mention of her name.

            “Well thank you anyway. Just let us know what time to come by and pick Blake up.”

            “Come by for dinner, I’ll cook.” A slow smile plays on my lips.

            “Will you cook your lasagne?” I look at him innocently making him chuckle.

            “For you, I will. Aiden’s coming home tomorrow for a few days, tell your brother and Avery to come by too, it’ll be nice for all of us to be in the one place for a change.”

            “Sounds like fun.” I grin. I reach up and kiss his cheek and say goodbye to Blake who’s patiently waiting to go have some playtime with Grandpa. After waving them off I head inside to get ready for my man coming home.


            Starring at myself in the mirror, I run my clammy hands down my stomach trying to calm my nerves. Stop being nervous. You got this. “You can do this. You’ve done it a million times.” I give myself a pep talk.

            Walking down to the family room I light the fire and some candles. While the fire crackles away I go to the kitchen to check on Tristan’s favourite meal, BBQ chicken wings and rice, that’s cooking slowly. The smell makes my stomach rumble. I check the time and see that he’ll be home soon. Grabbing the wine glasses and the bottle of Araujo Sauvignon Blanc 2010 I got for my twenty-first birthday from Mom and Dad. My heart twists thinking about them, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. “I miss you guys.” I whisper.

            Pouring the wine and place some strawberries on the side of the glasses too. I lay on the sofa trying to get comfortable, I can’t I start to fidget as I wait what feels like a lifetime for Tristan to walk in. It’s not even been five minutes I’ve been waiting. Get a hold of yourself, Lillia! I grab my glass and drain it, then refill it again. I don’t have to wait much longer when I hear keys jingling and the door clicking shut.

            “Babe.” His voice sends shivers down my spine right down to between my legs. His voice sounds tired, he’s been working tirelessly on a huge project for a big client that could get his name out there like it should already be. I know I’m biased but he’s the best architect in the states, some of his designs are amazing. My favourite is my walk in wardrobe. I hear his foot falls coming closer, “Babe?” his voice louder. His tall, broad silhouette fills the door frame. He stops dead looking at me from my feet all the way to my eyes as he takes in the scene before him. His mouth pops open, his tongue poking out to lick those lips that I crave to kiss every inch of my body. My heart pounds with in my chest, my breathing harsh as he walks slowly towards me.

            Shit, he’s so fucking hot. And he’s all mine.


            When I walked into the house I expected Blake to come sprinting towards me and when that didn’t happen my mind started to think all kinds of things. The main one being that Lillia left me, again. Not going to happen. Not again. I take a cleansing breath and walked further into the house, the aroma hitting me. A slow smile tugs at my lips as I start to walk towards the kitchen only for something to catch the corner of my eye in the family room. My mouth dries taking in the vision before me. Lillia dressed in red lace baby doll, I know I’m a man but I’ve been in enough lingerie shops to know what she’s wearing. My eyes travel the length of her body, from the tips of her toes, her long stocking covered legs, sweet Jesus she’s wearing a suspender belt. My pants growing tighter with every inch I take in of her. I swear my dick will burst through the fabric and detach itself from my body just to get in between her legs. My eyes stop at her full tits, ever since having Blake, her boobs have gotten bigger much to Lillia’s disappointment, she was hoping she would go down a size. She’s perfect with any sized tits but this size, they fit perfectly in my hands. My eyes finally land on hers. I walk leisurely towards her unbuttoning my cuffs throwing my cuff links with a clatter on the floor, Lillia sits up straighter bringing her legs down so she’s in a sitting position. Her eyes darken the closer I get to her, I unbutton the first few buttons on my shirt and kneel in front of her. She spreads her legs making room for me to slide in, placing my hands on the sides of her thighs I keep my eyes connected with hers, my lips impossible close to hers I can feel her hot breath in short bursts mixing with mine. My hands move further up her legs to the sides of her panties, pulling the red velvet bows free that’s holding the flimsy pieces of lace together to cover her most treasured possession. I hear her gasp when I yank the material from under her and throw them somewhere behind me, hoping they don’t land in the fire.

            I pull her legs forward, the heat from her pussy seeping through the material of my pants, my dick jerks in response like it knows its mate is ready and waiting for them to join. Her hands move to the remaining buttons of my shirt, delicately unbuttoning them pulling the shirt free from my pants her hands brush my stomach making me tense with pleasure. She’s barely touched me and I almost came in my boxers like an adolescent kid about to get his first hand job. Pushing the shirt off of my shoulders she moves to the front of my pants, we never lose the intense eye contact, my heart thundering within my chest in anticipation. Two and a half years it’s been since I’ve been inside of a woman. My woman. My Lillia. I could have gone out and fucked a whole load of women in that time, but I decided I wanted to get better and be the father to Blake, and hopefully future husband that Lillia deserves, even if we weren’t together and she was with someone else. No, don’t think about that! She’s with you now.

            “Tristan.” Her hands either side of my face. She’s looking at me with a worried expression marring her beautiful face.

            “I love you.” I breathe and crash my lips to hers. The kiss is anything but soft and sensual, it’s more animalistic. I want to devour her, make her see how much I’ve missed her touch, her kiss, her everything. I’ve just fucking missed her.

            She lets out a little moan and lifts her hips rubbing her pussy on my pants trying to get some much needed friction. My hands leave her hair to push down my pants and boxers, my cock springing free. I break the kiss but only so I can pull the other red velvet bow at the front of the baby doll, it’s like I have my Christmas present early, tied with a red velvet bow. Her nipples pebble when the cool air hits them, bringing one into my mouth, I roll it around between my teeth and pinch the other with my fingers. I start peppering kisses over the mound of her breast down the clavicle to her belly button. I lick, suck and kiss from one hip to the next, I tease her by kissing and caressing her inner thighs, bringing my kisses to her outer lips. She lets out a pleasurable moan, I risk a look at her she’s fondling her breasts with her eyes closed and biting her red stained lip. She notices that I’ve stopped and lets out an annoyed groan and lifts her effect ass, her pussy inches from my face, I can’t take it anymore my mouth descends onto her clit, my tongue dragging up the seam, teasing her open. My teeth scrap against her clit making her mewl out loud, urging me on. My tongue penetrates her opening once, twice, three times. Moving my attention back to her clit, I insert my middle finger and start to finger fuck her. I can feel her walls clenching, removing my finger only earns me a disgruntled moan and what can only be described as a death stare making me laugh.

            “Baby, I’ll let you come. Just not on my fingers.” I push my cock into her, surprising her judging by the gasp that escapes her. “Shit, you’re so fucking tight.” I gran. I had forgotten how tight she was, it doesn’t take her long to get accustomed to my size. We start moving in sync like we’ve never been apart. Just like old times, only this time, no regrets, no jealousy. Just love and trust.

            “Oh god! Tristan!” She screams as she comes. Two more thrusts and I come inside her.

            “I fucking missed you.” I collapse on top of her and kiss her shoulder lightly.

            “I missed you too.”

            We catch our breaths and sit in front of the fire sipping the wine she poured. Her head on my lap, she sits up quickly almost head-butting me.


            “The dinner.” She shouts and runs butt naked to the kitchen. I follow her through into a cloud of smoke. “Shit!”

            “Hey. Baby, it’s okay. We’ll just order pizza or Chinese.” I walk up behind her placing my hands on her shoulders and kiss the back of her head.

            “I wanted to cook you your favourite meal.” She turns and looks up at me with sadness.

            “I have everything I could ever want here. It’s just chicken.” I place a peck on her lips. Desire floods into her eyes as quick as I’ve blinked she’s on me again. Legs wrapped around my waist, kissing me like her life depended on it. Time for round two I guess.

            After round two we decided it would be wise to eat something. “Where’s Blake?” Lillia giggles. I look at her curious as to what I said was so funny.

            “You’ve been home for almost three hours and you’re just now asking where Blake is.” Amusement glittering in her eyes.

            “Well, I was kind of distracted.” I smirk and kiss her shoulder.

            “He’s with your Dad and Sally.” It occurs to me that she had to have had this all planned for a few weeks, there’s no way Dad could take a day off on a whim. “We’re going there for dinner tomorrow, your Dads cooking lasagne.” She smiles like a little kid getting a toy they’ve been begging for weeks.

            “You have my Dad wrapped around your little finger.” I shake my head.

            “I seem to have that effect on you Hunt men.” She winks and straddles my hips.

            “Hmm, yeah I beginning to see where Blake gets it from.”

            “I don’t want to think about anything other than your Dick in me, fucking me fast and hard all night.” She grazes her teeth against me neck.

            “Fuck.” I hiss. “What happened to the nice, quiet and shy sixteen year old girl?” I chuckle as she kisses across my collar bone.

            “She’s long gone.” A mischievous glint sparkles in her eye. “Heartbreak does that to a girl.” She raises an eyebrow looking into my eyes.

            Shame washes over me at the thought of everything I put her through. “I’m sorry for everything I put you through.” I reach up and tuck a piece of hair behind her ear.

            “It’s the past, Tristan.” She smiles softly. “I’m not looking to the past anymore. It’s the future I’m looking toward now. Our future. You, me and Blake.” She kisses my lips softly.

            I stare into her eyes, a wave of emotions crash over me like a tsunami. “I fucking love you.” I swallow looking into her eyes.

            “Ask me again.” She whispers. I turn my head to the side. “Ask me to marry you again.” My eyes widen a fraction.

            “Hold that thought.” I lift her off of my lap and sprint up to our room and into my bedside drawer and grab what I came for.

            Walking back into the room I see Lillia staring into the fire. I let out a breath I had no idea I was holding and walk towards her. Getting down on one knee I take her hand in mine and ask her once more. “Lillia, will you marry me?” I hold out the ring I had bought three years ago, the same ring I proposed to her with at Blake’s christening. I don’t have to wait long when she throws her arms around me screaming, “YES!”

            I finally place the ring on her finger. I may have taken three years to get it there, but it’s there and it’s never coming off.

© Allana Walker 2016.

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