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Tied with a red velvet bow

She was his gift tonight

However, he didn’t know

Under the Christmas tree

She lay as still as can be

Of course wondering

Would he be surprised

At her sexy silly guise

The hour was oh so late

She worried about her fate

She waited all year for this

Remembering his one kiss

That turned her belly

Into a sexual bowl of jelly

Nervous on edge and taunt

Yearning with untried want

And then she heard a sound

God was he finally around

And there to see his gift

Her mind filled with bliss

Needing, wanting his kiss

She rubbed her velvet bow

Ready to give him a show

A Merry Christmas one

Full of holiday cheer and fun

But when he arrived

What an amazing surprise

It was Santa himself

And a few silly elves

He smiled at her folly

Gave a laugh so jolly

“Are you for me Sweetpea?”

He said full of holiday glee

She pulled at her red bow

Her skin rosy and all aglow

“Merry Christmas Santa

My name is Miranda

Your gift under the tree

I hope you remember me”

Santa gave her a hearty grin

“Miranda where do I begin”

She pointed to her bow

“Here Santa I’m all a glow”

And that’s how this Christmas

Story goes… Tied with a red velvet bow

Ethan Radcliff ©2016

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