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Hi there everyone.

Recently my good friend John Quinlan has been sharing fabulous photos that have sent little sparks throughout my brain, sparks that I hope will turn into more from my favourite character ever, Benito. Now whether these sparks turn into a full length novel or just a series of short stories that I will share on here I don’t know but either way it is good to hear his voice again.

Now it would be unfair of me to speak of the fab pictures that John has been sharing but not share them with you so here you go…

I hope you enjoy the visuals that gave me back my Benito šŸ˜‰
If you would like more information about John and his work then please click on the following link


Oh and before I go, thanks John, you rock!

Much love 

S.J xxx

P.S if you have no idea who Benito is you can find him in my novel Aphrodite’s Fire available now from Amazon.