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The other day I was approached by a lovely young lady, in her hand was a poem that she had to write as a project and I was so touched by what she shared with me I asked for permission to share with you all. She said yes and copied it out for me. I have had it in my hand since then but because of the topic I decided to hold it until now.

Why? Well today is the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme and the first whistles sounded at approx this time (7.30am) I will leave you with the words of G. Birkett, if you enjoy could you please show your support of this young poet by liking and commenting, thank you…


One friend down

Many people underestimated her strength

however her stamina could reach all of its length

her eyes wide open – ears pinned back

she carried the soldier along the muddy track

the bangs and the thuds made her pace so much faster

with the voice shouting “forward” from her master.

But one stray bullet that an enemy triggered

he shouted “one friend down” and proudly sniggered.

She tried to stay steady with all her might

but she knew herself she wouldn’t last one more fight

her legs gave way and she fell to the ground

her life slipped away knowing her soldier was still around

the soldier knelt down beside her bloody mane

he whispered in her ear “till we meet again”.

© G. Birkett 2016