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The night before Christmas,

She walked through the door.

Dropped all of her packages,

Right there on the floor.

She hung up her coat,

And kicked off her shoes.

Turned on some music,

The sweet sound of blues.

Made her way to the kitchen,

For a glass of red wine.

There she found his note,

It sent tingles down her spine.

Have you been a good girl?

All Sugar and spice?

Time for Santa to find out,

If you’re naughty or nice.

Bring up two glasses,

And the bottle of wine.

Leave your clothes here,

I want to see all that’s mine.

Quickly she stripped,

Her ample frame bare.

Her nipples grew hard,

from the chill in the air.

At the top of the stairs,

She entered their room.

Heart pounding her chest,

A deafening boom.

At the sight of him,

She was licking her lips.

A Santa hat on his head,

Pants hung low on his hips.

She tried not to giggle

at his choice in suits.

He had all but a shirt,

Right down to the boots.

He caught her attention

With the flick of his wrist.

She spotted the crop,

Grasped tight in his fist.

I’ll ask you again, Kitten.

Naughty or Nice?

Answer me now,

don’t make me ask thrice.

She sturdied herself,

Or at least she tried.

“That, Sir is something,

Only Santa can decide.”

“Oh sweet one,”

He said through pursed lips.

“Your wise ass remark,

Just earned clamps on those tits.”

She had known better,

but she had a quick tongue.

Two clamps bit down hard,

between, a silver chain hung.

By that chain

She was led to the bed.

“Hands flat to the mattress,

Legs wide, he said.”

“It appears that you’ve decided

to take the naughty route

Santa’s crop to your ass,

Will turn that about. “

With that first strike

Came the sting she loved to hate.

“Start counting girl,

Don’t make Santa wait.”

She counted each blow,

To her cheeks left and right.

He then pulled her chain,

Making those nipple clamps bite.

She could feel her sweet nectar,

weeping down her thighs.

When he reached out to touch

She sang a carol of sweet sighs.

“If you’re quite done,

Giving me sass,

Santa will take,

Your sweet little ass.”

She needn’t answer,

His suit hit the floor.

He slipped inside gently,

Then pushed a little more.

He knew her so well,

Body and mind.

He knew when to be stern,

Yet more importantly, kind.

They rode waves of pleasure,

He made her heart sing.

The love between them,

A most beautiful thing.

She collapsed in his arms,

Once the playing was done.

He looked in her eyes,

Whispered, “you are my one.”

He plucked a box from the table

Smiled at her with pride.

Inside was a note,

Kitten, be my Bride?

The beautiful diamond ring,

Took her by surprise.

She couldn’t control,

The tears falling from her eyes.

Yes! She said, Oh Yes!

As he slid the ring in place,

Then kissed the tears,

Streaking down her face.

Neither could be happier,

It was so hard to believe.

That anything could be better,

Than this, their first Christmas Eve.

© Sydney Taylor 2015

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