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The bakery abuzz with all of the smells & sights
as the Muffin Maid anticipants her special  night
the scent of cinnamon pastry and frosting fills the air
the treats are decorated delicately with the utmost of care
“Everything must be perfect for my sexy jolly elf”
she blushes when she thinks of what they did last year on the shelf
bending at the waist she places the cookies in the oven
suddenly she feels hands on her hips
“I will take a dozen”
she gasps at the contact and shivers with delight
“Hello, Sir! I hope you’ve had a productive night”
“I’ve been all around the world…in fact, actually twice
but all I really need to know is if you’ve been naughty or nice”
She says “I’ll be whatever you want as long as I get my gift”
A jolly chuckle escapes him but his movements are swift
he lifts up her dress over the oven he bends her
pressing his erection into her wetness and rapidly enters
she cries out in climax and then screamed out his name
his orgasm descends and then he does the same
the timer on the oven gives a long loud whistle
and away he flies like the down of a thistle
but she hears him exclaim as he rides out of sight
a sexy Christmas to all and to all a naughty night!
© Caroline Juliette 2015.
(Picture sourced from the internet).
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