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image one
the wind shifts
and the breathtaking crispness of autumn
then fades
beneath the savageness
of winter’s biting embrace.
the burning embers of life
forever muted
in the end of an insurmountable fight.
for nothing evades
the icy pervasiveness
that strips the trees
and bares one’s soul.
not even the gentle dusting
of freshly fallen snow
can soften the cruel beauty
in such skeletal remains.
blues extinguish
the warmth
of brandished reds and golds
as death greets the year
and the months to come.
and the cacophony of scavenging
are silenced
in the blanket
of such eerie stillness.
cheeks burn
against the wind’s
abrasive touch
and yet,
she cannot turn towards
the wooden warmth
in but the world behind.
there is no comfort
to be found
in the joviality:
treats of remembered laughter
and long forgotten song.
for them
it is a beginning
drenched in reflection
as they each embark
on the freshest of starts.
but such hollowed wishes
drown in the depths
of a sorrow
that impedes her path
without hope
of renewal
of peace.
with the cold,
comes the reminder
of all that has been lost.
twinkling fairy lights
dance along the untouched horizon
as she can no longer
fight the invasion of tears.
closing her eyes,
she gives in
to the agony
of once whispered tomorrows
and the phantom taste of cinnamon
that forever plagues
her waking thoughts
and eviscerating dreams.
image twoc. 2015  b.l. ronan
image one via of hearth and home