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Christmas is a time for giving

A time for sharing

A time to get together

And a time for caring

Go this way

And go that

To party and eat

And hopefully not get fat

Presents aplenty

All in a row

Every one you open

You have to show

The cider is ready

With cinnamon sticks

So tasty on your lips

Lots of juices to lick

The treats are lined up

For everyone to try

Need to get in line

Before they all go bye

All ready for dinner

Turkey, stuffing and gravy

Let’s all give thanks

For all that is tasty

The cinnamon candle burns

What a treat it is

Relaxing after eating

And time to reminisce

Now it’s time to say goodbye

It was oh so much fun

Got to get to bed

So Santa can come

Hope you all stay safe

And love one another

Have a wonderful holiday

And be kind to others.

© Laurie Lee 2015.

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