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Smell of smoke mixed with perfume
Crackle of the fire by our side
Carols playing low and soft
Tree is decorated, flickering in firelight
Church bells peel though the still night
You respond to gentle caress, your eyes begging for more

We have waited a long time for this
Desires taking flight and pleasures soar
I cup your cheek and neck in my hand
Your head turns to press into my palm
I look deep into your eyes and say:
“Stand up, pull up your dress! Show me!”

Standing before me, legs spread, exposed
Your breath quickens as my hand caresses your thighs
Your heady, musky scent stirs darkened thoughts
Grabbing hold with both hands I pull you closer
Inhaling deeply, my tongue flicks out
I feel the weakness in your legs and steady you

Pulling you down, legs spread
I feel your heat, I feel your wetness
You mumble words but I do not hear
Your words get in the way and I bite your lower lip
Your mouth opens, my tongue explores
Flesh warm and inviting, pulling you down

Your dress is shed as I bask in your beauty
Enjoying the desire in your eyes
Unable to resist you pinch and squeeze your breasts
Leaning forward I bite hardened nipples
You pull my head close and throw your head back
A scream escapes your lips: “YES!”

Holding back I lift you off me and hold you tight
You shudder with the pain of parting
“Not yet my pet, there is more to come. Sit and open wide”
I see desire and a flicker of fear in your eyes
Not knowing that will come next as I leave the room
Your heart races, sweat pours down sensitive thighs

I return with your special paddle dangling from my hand
Your eyes sparkle and a smile bursts across your face
You squirm knowing what is to come
“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir.”
Your flesh responds to every whack, you squirm and cry out
Delighted with each exquisite contact, asking for more

Leaning forward I kiss your reddened flesh
Caressing the hot skin, fingers exploring and probing
Your flowing wetness engulfs me as I thrust into you
With a wicked grin on your face and panting from release you say:
“Thank you Sir.”
I answer: “Merry Christmas my pet, my good girl. Merry Christmas!”

Copyright © 2015 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

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