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I’d resolved to spend my Christmas

with the homeless and the poor.

The girl I’d chose to help

didn’t say she was a whore.

I took her from the street

with the thought to get her warm.

She borrowed my pc

and searched the net for porn.

As the film clip loaded

she said she’d been a star,

then across 24 inches

she appeared in just a bra.

It was what I saw her doing,

in her swimming cosy,

that should have been a hint,

she may just be a prozzy.

I was a little shocked

where I saw the marrow go,

maybe I was naïve

but still, I didn’t know!

Then she turned to face me

and she told me her name.

She was called Cinnamon

and life will never be the same.

I paid her a twenty

though she’d only asked for ten.

She grinned and said that after

I would get to go again.

I thought I was her hero

with charity in mind.

Doing the right thing,

only being kind.

That was when she pounced

and shoved me to the bed,

ripping of my trousers

and roughly giving head.

Shock turned to pleasure,

I responded (as you would).

Bless the girl, she swallowed,

climbed off me and stood.

Still I didn’t realise

my pleasure was her pay,

but maybe I shouldn’t have asked

If she was willing to stay.

She wriggled on the bed

and sat down on my face,

my licking of her flesh

may not have helped my case.

Okay, I’ll admit it

this was all new to me.

I was nineteen and a virgin

and so tempted to flee.

After a short time,

(we let five hours pass),

The exhausted girl changed tack

and started probing at my arse.

She opened up her bag,

withdrew rubber and leather,

a scary looking strapon

fastened with a tether.

So I’m bent over the bed,

my butt-cheeks held apart,

I’m told to relax,

and she asked if she could start.

I couldn’t really answer

with her ballgag ‘tween my lips,

though I knew she wouldn’t listen

as she firmly grabbed my hips.

My ankles were tied

as tightly as my wrists,

Cinamon reached around me,

grasped me with her fists.

Both her hands abused me

as her stomach slapped my back,

the rubber based dildo

bouncing on my sack.

Bruised and battered inside,

my arse-cheeks red and sore,

tears ran down my cheeks

but still she fed me more.

I just adjusted my position!

I wasn’t pushing back!

I didn’t have a need

for 10” in my crack!

Well okay, it wasn’t nasty,

it was better than I thought,

but this wasn’t what I wanted,

this wasn’t what I sought.

So many lies

passed through my head

with my arse in the air

and my forehead on the bed.

It’s true I knew of Cinnamon

when I went to help the poor.

It wasn’t simple chance

that I came home with a whore.

And I didn’t pay her twenty,

I handed her a grand;

freshly printed

and fastened with a band.

I knew what I was doing,

knew who it was I’d meet.

She was my present,

my Christmas treat.

What happened next

wasn’t part of my plan.

My apartment door opened,

in walked my friend Stan.

He stared at us and gawked

but she didn’t lose her stride,

ploughing on regardless,

she roughly thrust inside.

Stan tapped her shoulder

and whispered in her ear.

The pair then swapped places

and HE slipped into my rear!

My gag was removed

and rubber took its place

I coughed and choked

as Cinnamon roughly fucked my face.

So there I was,

impaled at either end;

a whore gripping my hair

and getting buggered by my friend.

So that was my Christmas;

one day from my life,

or that was the plan

but now Cinnamon’s my wife.

I had no say in it,

I’m her sissy, I’m her bitch.

And Stan is on standby

for when he has an itch.

I had to leave my job

so I could better serve my queen.

She dressed me as her maid,

Oh! The sights that I have seen!

When her punters leave

her attention turns to me.

What once I had paid for

now I get for free!

© CJ Heath 2015.

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