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“How many more?” he asked.

“Just one before lunch. If you can manage to squeeze in a quickie?” she replied, disappearing behind the wall of tinsel.

He could hear muffled sounds from the queue waiting expectantly outside the grotto that had been built in the middle of the toy department. It was his first week as Santa and whilst he was arguably too young and physically not built for the role, he had taken to the job like a duck to water. It had taken a while to get used to the incessant stream of wide-eyed children being coaxed and pushed in front of him but the eventual joy on their faces made it all worthwhile. Well, that and the cheeky smile of his ever-present and appropriately named assistant, Holly.

The final child was soon on his way, a wrapped present clutched tightly to his chest as he headed out to rejoin his waiting parents. Holly stepped out with him and announced to the waiting line that the grotto was closed for the next hour as even Father Christmas had to eat occasionally. The queue began to disperse as Holly stepped back inside, closing the door behind her.

“Peace at last” She said

“Bliss” he sighed “I’m exhausted”.


“It’s Peter, if you prefer?”

“Not just yet” she said with a wink. “Santa, I wanted to ask if you have any treats in your sack for me?”

“Well that depends” he said, reverting to the familiar script “Have you been a good girl?”

“I could say yes, but what happens If I say no? I’ve been very naughty.”

“Then you’ll have to tell me what you’ve done and I’ll see if you deserve a reward or not.”

He remained seated on the oversized chair in the middle of the grotto as he watched Holly bashfully walk towards him. As she neared, she fiddled with the buttons on her dress, perfectly imitating the young children who nervously approached him.

“Well Santa” She purred as she perched on his knee “Normally I’m a good girl, but some days, like today, I feel like being naughty and I’m not sure my clothing is entirely appropriate”.

His eyes opened wide and he found himself looking at her with excited interest. The bright green costume she wore was covered in tinsel and sat just above her knees. Her legs were clad in red and white stripes that mimicked the hanging candy canes and there was no hint of anything inappropriate in her appearance.

“You look silly, but perfectly dressed to me” he said.

Her eyes twinkled. “Let me show you”.

Without moving from his knee she lifted the hem of her dress to her waist revealing her stocking tops, beautifully smooth thighs, and a tiny Father-Christmas-adorned thong. Somewhat taken aback, he stared at the hidden delights on show.

“Well that’s somewhere I didn’t expect to see my face today!” he said

“Strange, that’s exactly where I hoped to see it” She said “Do I still qualify as good?” she asked “Or do I need to be punished like a naughty girl?”

“I think you are little of both” He said, a firmness creeping into his voice and his underwear at the same time. “If you’re a good girl and accept your punishment, I definitely have something in my sack for you”

“Excellent” she said as she lifted herself from his lap and stepped to the corner of the room to turn the music up so that the annoyingly cheerful Christmas tunes just blotted out the excited squeals of children in the store around the grotto.

“Now where do you want me Santa?”

“Over my knee” he said

Holly walked eagerly back and lay down over his legs, placing her hands on the floor for support. Lifting the hem of her dress he admired her bare, pert buttocks before beginning to massage them.

“Have you been naughty in any other ways?” He asked, kneading the flesh of her firm arse, warming it in preparation.

“Oh no Santa, I’m normally a good girl” She said

“I see” he said, bringing the flat of his palm down smartly on her round cheek, the slapping sound masked by the music. “Then this shouldn’t take too long”.

He continued to rub, slap and caress her thighs and reddening bottom, each stroke getting nearer to the damp triangle of material that passed for underwear. She parted her legs, allowing him to ease it aside and touch the already slick entrance of her pussy. Teasing his thumb along the sensitive flesh, he gently pushed until the digit sank deep into the moist heat.

His thumb remained pressed inside her as his fingers explored the deliciously damp flesh, parting her lips as he sought her clit. A squeal emanated from below his knees the moment he touched it and began to play. Holly began to moan louder, clearly enjoying the sensations his fingers and thumb were creating as they simultaneously worked their magic inside and out of her. Afraid they’d be heard through the thin walls of the makeshift grotto, he leant over and picked up a thick candy cane from the table and passed it to Holly.

“Suck on this” he said “It’s not as good as a gag but it will do”

“Thank you Santa” She said and obediently placed the thick, sweet cinnamon rod between her lips clenching it with her teeth.

“You’re clearly a very naughty girl” he said, lightly slapping her buttocks with his free hand. His thumb moved deeper inside her, pressing against her inner walls whilst his fingers danced across her clit in rapid, circular motions. She writhed across his lap, thighs clamping around his hand in response to his efforts. Holly’s breathing became faster and deeper, the taste of cinnamon growing stronger as the sugary sweet slowly softened in her mouth. He was teasing her, keeping her close to climax but not allowing it to happen until he suddenly stopped and withdrew his hand.

“What!?” She exclaimed. “I was nearly there!”

“I know.” he said with a smile “I was punishing you, remember? Naughty girls have to earn their treats.”

Holly manoeuvred herself from his lap and looked at him, watching as he slowly, deliberately, licked his fingers clean.

“You really do taste very good you know” he said, winking at her. “You’ve earned a treat from Santa’s sack now”

Holly didn’t reply. She dropped to her knees in front of him and reached under his clothing for the button that held his trousers together. As she released the fixing, she couldn’t help but feel his excitement. She pressed her hands against him, rubbing his swollen member through the bright red fabric.

“You’re going to have to help me here” she said tugging at his clothing.

He responded by lifting himself from the chair just enough for her eager hands to pull his trousers and underwear down as far as his boots would allow. She placed her hands on his knees and pushed them apart, easing herself forward so that she knelt on the clothing around his ankles, pinning him in place. Lowering her head to one knee she began lightly kissing her way towards his crotch.

“I can see some Christmas balls” she said between kisses.

“Ho ho ho” he laughed, in character.

She reached out and took his shaft in her hand. The rock-hard flesh was hot and she could feel it throbbing. She would have to be gentle if she wanted him to last any time at all. Her other hand lifted the foam-padded belly and absurdly large belt buckle out of the way to give her more room. Her lips reached the base of his cock and she wrapped them around the side of his shaft, the same way she’d placed the candy cane in her mouth, teeth pressing gently into him just enough that she could hear his breath hiss through clenched teeth.

“Careful! or you’ll be getting a much harder spanking in a minute”

“Would you like me to stop?” She asked, before running her tongue up the length of his erection from base to glistening tip.

She didn’t wait for an answer before plunging and taking him entirely into her mouth. He took a sharp intake of breath as she slowly lifted her head, lips forming a seal around his shaft and hollows forming in her cheeks whilst she sucked. Her tongue pressed against his hot flesh as she moved, leaving a trail of saliva that was still sticky from the sweet candy. She focused on him entirely, no longer aware of her surroundings or anything but the feel of his throbbing cock in her mouth and the sound of his pleasure as she devoured it. She looked up and found him watching her intently as if memorising the sight for later. Their eyes locked and he sat, utterly mesmerised by the combination of the sight and sensations racing from his groin.

“Your turn.” Holly said lifting her head

She stood and moved to the table beside the chair. It was half covered in wrapped presents but there was enough space for her to perch on the edge. He stood and tripped as he tried to walk, forgetting his trousers were round his ankles. He caught a grip on the edge of the table as he fell and ended up knelt on the floor staring at the smiling Santa looking out from Holly’s thong.

“This has to come off” he said, hooking his fingers into the string that served as a waistband and tugged it down her legs, removing the thong and throwing it behind him. He began to kiss her legs, working his way up her inner thigh towards the glistening and inviting attraction waiting above her stocking tops. Holly writhed away from him and giggled.

“I hate to say it but the beard has to go.” she said “It tickles! and you don’t want to make it sticky”

“I’d love to take it off, but it’s glued on and I can’t put it back on in a hurry” He said. “I’ll just have to skip lunch and go straight for dessert”

He stood and stepped forward, grasping her knees and pulled her to the edge of the table. Lacing her hands behind his head she pulled him towards her. Their lips met and she abruptly pushed him away, sputtering and spitting out a mouthful of nylon fibres. Shrugging, as there wasn’t much he could do about the beard, he pressed ahead and eased his cock towards her only to find that the prosthetic belly was getting in the way. Holly was being smothered by the padded red costume and he couldn’t support her legs and hold the damned thing out of the way.

With that, he pulled her from the table and into his arms. She looked bemused, briefly, before he span her around and nudged her shoulders forwards.

“Let’s try it this way instead” he said, lifting his costume upwards and pressing his groin against her rosy buttocks. Placing her face a few inches from the table, Holly arched her back, standing on the tips of her toes to help him gain access. Bending his knees, he slid the tip of his erection down the crack of her arse until he felt the heat of her slick entrance against the tip of his cock. He moved slowly until it slipped inside, revelling in the sheer pleasure of her tight pussy sucking him in as he filled it.

Holly offered herself towards him, loving the feeling of his hard shaft stretching her. They moved gently at first, rocking against each other, relishing the slow slide of flesh in flesh. Grabbing her hips, he began to thrust harder. Holly gripped the table, holding herself as steady as she could whilst pushing back against his cock. The packages on the table began to rock in time with the action with each movement shifting them closer to the edge. Oblivious to anything but the exquisite sensations from his groin, he increased his pace, the rapid thrusting caused his balls to slap against her swollen clitoris. Holly, who was still teetering on the edge of a climax, found the combination of deep thrusts and the added stimulation to her sensitive clit an irresistible pleasure. She supressed the urge to cry out as her pussy clenched tightly around him and the orgasm ripped through her. Waves of ecstasy cascaded through her entire body as his pace began to slow. She felt his cock stiffen inside her, impossibly firm and swollen before pulsing hard, shooting his hot load into her sated pussy. They stayed that way, catching their breath, half stood, leaning across the table until he began to deflate inside her and the telltale oozing of their combined juices started to seep down her thighs.

“Did you see where my thong went?” Holly asked as they re-adjusted their clothing and prepared themselves for the next onslaught of excited parents and their offspring.

“I threw it behind me. Sorry”

“I can’t see it. It doesn’t matter, I’ll just have to go without” She replied. “Are you ready?”

“I was born ready” Santa said, winking as she went to re-open the grotto.

As Holly walked back in with the first child, he spotted something hanging from the tree behind her. Amongst the other decorations and just above a large pair of golden balls was a small triangle of material with the image of Santa grinning back at him.

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