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Assistant district attorney, Kelly Pomelo sat on the edge of the bed and sighed.

She’d just got off the phone with Judge Stephens, the guy she’d met last year and with whom she’d spent a whole week fucking. They hadn’t seen much of each other since then, “A conflict of interests” he’d said, but they’d arranged to meet up again this year at a New York hotel for a weekend of fucking Santa; because that was her kink – she adored fucking guys dressed as Santa.

Only he’d just phoned to cancel.

Right at the last, fucking minute! She thought despondently. Shit!

She looked around the sumptuous room, really hacked off that she wasn’t gonna get to share it – and her body – with him. Fuck him! It’s his loss! She called room service and ordered a bottle of champagne then went to run herself a nice bath, stripping off and wrapping herself in a gorgeously soft robe. There was a knock at the door and she opened it to let the room service guy in with the drink.

“Put it over by the bed please” she said, admiring his tight ass as he walked across the room.

He was cute, no doubt about it, and the way his eyes lingered over her when he asked if there was anything else she wanted was certainly tempting, but she was still pissed off by being let down.

“Not for now, thank you. But I’ll be sure to ask for…?”

“Angelo, ma’am.”

“I’ll ask for you personally, Angelo, if I need anything later…”

She tipped him handsomely and gave him a seductive smile, chuckling to herself as he blushed and swallowed hard.

She returned to the bathroom and poured some scented oil into the hot water before casting off her robe and climbing in, sinking below the surface with a contented sigh. After a long relaxing soak, she got out and padded naked into the room, walking over to the huge window to look out at the bright lights of the teaming city. Her suite was on the 36th floor of the Intercontinental on Times Square and the views were spectacular. She turned on the wall lights and sat on the bed, popping the cork on the champagne and pouring herself a large glass.

Here’s to you Judge Stephens and to you not getting any Pomelo pussy this year!

She downed it and poured herself another, drinking that just as quickly. It was good stuff and it went straight to her head making her feel a little woozy. She put the glass down and lay back, her feet still on the floor. Her mind wandered back to the fun she’d had last year and she felt her pussy tingle so she gave it a gentle stroke with her middle finger, just to calm it.

That feels nice… Really nice!

She closed her eyes and spread her legs, letting her fingers wander over her pouting lips. She started to breathe deeply as ripples of pleasure began to radiate from her vagina, spreading warmth and good vibes throughout her body. She slowly slid a finger into herself and drew out some honey, gasping as she rubbed it over her swollen clit. She undulated her hips and pushed two fingers up into herself, circling her thumb over her nub, groaning and panting as her excitement built. She was so close… so close… Suddenly her phone rang, the strident ringtone shattering the moment.

She growled in frustration and grabbed the thing off the nightstand, looking at the screen to see who was calling.

Number withheld! I bet that’s him, the bastard…!

She slid the arrow to answer.

“What?” she snarled, readying herself to launch into a tirade of abuse if it was the judge.

She gasped as a woman’s sultry voice answered.

“I can see you Ms Pomelo… I can see what you’re doing all alone in your room…”

“What? How? Who the fuck is this?” she shouted, panic rising in her chest.

“Don’t be afraid… Kelly… I’m in a hotel across the way and I’m watching you play with yourself… It’s very exciting… You’ve made me ever so wet…”

“Who is this?” she demanded, her initial fear turning into anger, “And how did you get this number?”

“I work in the same building as you Kelly, in the same office as a matter of fact…”

“What…? The same… Are you fucking stalking me? Who are you?”

“Now if I told you that, it would spoil the fun…”

“What fun? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Why don’t you have another glass of champagne and relax? I’m not going to hurt you and we can have some fun together… I’m playing with myself right now…”

She heard a soft sigh over the line.

“Mmmm, I’m sliding my fingers in and out Kelly… I’m all wet for you…”

She poured herself another glass and swallowed it, the bubbles making the alcohol rush to her head.

“Ohhh… I’m pretending these are your fingers inside me Kelly… They feel sooo good…!”

The champagne quickly affected her and despite the bizarreness of the situation she began to feel turned on. She spread her legs wide and waited for the voice.

“Mmmm, that’s better! I can see you now… I can see your gorgeous pussy… Play with it… Let me see you finger yourself…!”

She began to rub her pussy, closing her eyes and laying back with a sigh.

“Oh yes…! That’s it Kelly! Mmmm… can you feel my fingers touching you…?”

“Yes…” she whispered, pushing one then two deep inside herself.

“Ohhh… I’m inside you Kelly…! You feel so hot and so wet and so fucking tight…!”

She arched her back and dug her fingers in deeper, her pussy clenching around them as the woman’s voice urged her on.

“Mmmm… I’m finger fucking you Kelly! I’m pushing them right into you… Now my thumb is circling your clitty…”

She reacted immediately to the suggestion, her thumb pressing and rubbing over her sensitive spot.

“Can you feel how wet I am for you Kelly?”

“Yesss…!” she gasped.

“D’you like fingering me…?”

“Yesss… Oh God yesss…!”

“I’ve never been with a man you know… Never been stretched by one… Can you feel how tight I am for you…?”

She started to moan and writhe on the bed, her fingers thrusting in and out vigorously.

“I’m pushing something else into my pussy now Kelly… Something special… Something just for you… It’s making me come… Will you come with me…?”

She could hear ragged gasps of pleasure and felt her own release hovering just on the edge. She bucked her hips and fingered herself frantically as the disembodied voice panted and whimpered in her ear.

“Yesss! That’s it my beautiful kitten…! Come with me…! Come… With… Me… NOW!”

She heard the voice cry out in ecstasy and went rigid as her own orgasm ripped through her, their cries and sobs of pleasure mingling over the airwaves.

When the last ripples had left her shattered body, she picked up the phone to thank her mystery lover. A faint hiss of static greeted her and she knew the woman had gone. She turned her phone off and gazed out of the window at countless others, wondering which one held her sexy seductress and whether she was still watching.

A wicked grin spread over her face as she had an idea. One she hoped the other woman would enjoy.

She dialled room service and asked for Angelo, telling him that she needed his help with something when he came on the line. A few minutes later and there was a quiet tap on the door.

His eyes almost popped out of his head as she opened the door completely naked.

“Please come in Angelo, I’ve got something I need you to take care of…”


Kelly Pomelo breezed into her office on Monday morning, flashing a beaming smile as she greeted her colleagues.

“Looks like someone got laid on the weekend!” sniggered two of the clerks, chatting by the water cooler.

“I did thank you! And it was fucking marvellous!” she called back as she entered her private office.

She closed the door and sat down behind her desk, putting her briefcase on the floor and turning to begin sorting through her latest casefiles. She stopped short and looked at the large takeaway cup of coffee sitting on top of the paperwork.

‘My treat!’ said the post-it note attached to the side.

There was a stick of cinnamon, her favourite spice, standing in the steaming, black liquid. She inhaled the gorgeous aroma and then dropped a couple of sweeteners in, swirling the cinnamon around to help them dissolve. Someone’s bucking for promotion! She thought as she sipped the delicious nectar.

Just then her phone pinged and she picked it up.

Someone had sent her a picture.

She pressed on the gallery icon and then on the received files folder, gasping as she saw the image.

On the screen was a close up of a woman’s vagina, the lips a deep red and all swollen with excitement.

Poking out from between those glistening lips was a stick of cinnamon…

© Steve Richards 2015

(Picture sourced from the internet).

Steve is currently working on his next novel Promethean but if you want more from him you can find it here…