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A Connected Series Christmas extra

featuring Harry & Megan


KA Hobbs

Two days before Christmas


Does it really matter?” I huff, blowing hair out of my face.

Of course it matters!” Harry exclaims. “Do you really think Abigail’s Auntie and Uncle can get her the wrong ones?”

Then phone Sophie or Doug and ask you big moron!”

I am so hot and grumpy right now. Too many people are shopping at this time of year and I hate it. Why does Harry insist on doing this today? I drop my bag in the middle of the floor and sit down, crossing my legs and folding my arms over my chest.

What are you doing?” Harry asks, trying to hide his grin.

What does it look like? I’m staging a protest!”

About what exactly?” he crouches in front of me and looks at me with those sapphire eyes that can melt snow and me, I’m sure of it.

This,” I wave my hand around. “It’s one of the biggest department stores in London, Harry. And it’s two days before Christmas. Why are we shopping now? We have loads of presents, for everyone!”

Because beautiful,” he reaches out and traces my pouting bottom lip with his thumb and I have to remember I’m mad. “Abigail really would like them, so I want to make sure she has them.”

I can’t even argue with him, he’s being the best Uncle in the world right now, going out of his way to spoil our niece. And she deserves it. She never asks for anything, literally. Trying to get out of her what she wants for Christmas is like trying to get Harry to stop pawing all over me every time we are near each other. Impossible.

I’ll phone Sophie and ask which ones she’d like.” I smile, reaching into my bag for my phone.

While I wait for Sophie to answer, I watch as Harry takes one of every colour in her size off the shelf and puts them in his basket. Then he walks over to the dresses and looks through them all, picking up a purple sparkly one with a big bow on it, he puts that into his basket too then walks back over and sits down on the floor with me.

 “Hey Megs! You okay?” Sophie answers happily. 

Hey, we’re shopping

Two days before Christmas?” she almost yells.

Yes.. For Abigail. Look, Harry would like to know what colour Converse she wanted.”

Tell Harry, she has enough and not to buy her anything else. I already know what you two have her.” I look over at Harry who raises his eyebrows at me and waits for an answer. I shake my head. He holds out his hand and I hand him the phone.


I watch with a small smile on my face. He looks particularly gorgeous today. Wearing his black winter coat and beanie, one curl just refusing to stay under his hat. He has his usual beard and his sapphire eyes just look brighter than usual today. There’s a hint of something naughty in them.

I know that, but it’s the only thing she has asked for. Everything else we just guessed, so please, Loafy, what colour?” he looks at me and winks.

I know what will happen, she’ll tell him, because no one says no to Harry. It’s half his trouble. He’s the baby of the family, he’s Sophie’s baby brother and he’s used to getting what he wants. Spoilt gorgeous bastard.

Thank you. And with the sparkles?” he reaches into the basket and takes every colour out except the purple ones. I knew it would be purple.

Thank you, Loafy. I’ll see you Christmas Day!” he hangs up, hands the phone back to me then stands.

A little help?” I groan.

Come here lazy!” he grins, pulling me up and into his arms.

We just have to get the shoes and we can go home, light the fire and have sex on the rug in front of it.” he grins wickedly at me, pushing into me.

And the dress.” I remind him.

The what?” his eyes are darker and a little glazed. I know that look.

The dress. You put a dress in the basket too.”

Yes. And the dress.” he smiles.

We put the other shoes back and head to the tills. As we make our way around people I spot something I just have to buy. I pull Harry over to the little display and point to them.

Not my thing.” he tells me.

Did I say they were for you?” I sigh. “Noah and Vivien.” I pick up three and put them in the basket. Harry smiles and then looks down a little confused.

Noah and Vivien are two, why are you getting three?”

I want one too,” I grin. “Come on, let’s go pay for these.”

We pay for everything and head back home. Harry makes me a hot chocolate, lights the fire then carries me over to the rug in front of it. Then he removes his clothes and mine before making good on his promise of sex in front of the fire.

See what I mean? Pawing.

Christmas Day


I wake up before Megs and slide out of bed without waking her. I pad downstairs and switch on the Christmas tree lights before walking into the kitchen to put the kettle on to make us both a coffee. I put the oven on to warm up and get the croissants out of the cupboard. When the kettle is boiled, I make us both a coffee and take them into the lounge, putting them on the coffee table before heading back upstairs to our bedroom. She’s still fast asleep on her tummy, her gorgeous back on show, her long blonde hair over the pillows. The duvet is resting low on her back and I can just see the top of her arse. My cock decides it’s ready for its Christmas present and thickens at the sight of her. I slip into the bed and pull her to me, inhaling her scent and absorbing her body heat. I know when she’s awake as she rubs herself against my morning erection. I let her, it is Christmas after all, the season of giving.

Happy Christmas, husband.” she whispers.

Happy Christmas, wife.” I grin.

Fifty-three days. It has been fifty-three days since I married my penguin and I still haven’t got used to the fact she is now my wife and I am her husband. Not even the ring on my finger makes it seem real. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I thank whoever sent her to me every single day.

Are you ready for presents?”

I’m ready for coffee.” she groans, the vibration from her throat traveling all the way down my chest and straight to my cock.

Downstairs. All ready and waiting to slip past your perfect lips and into your hot inviting mouth.” I tell her, my voice husky.

Harry, are you getting turned on talking about coffee?” she grins against my chest.

I think we both know, I was already turned on and that I’m not just talking about coffee.”

Well, that will have to wait,” she removes herself from my arms and stands up, reaching for her dressing gown. “I need to pee. Like, so bad!”

I’ll be downstairs. You can’t miss me, I’ll be the one naked with a bauble hanging off my cock.” I call laughing.

You’re disgusting!” she tuts as she closes the bathroom door.

I head downstairs and make sure everything is perfect. I don’t need presents today, I just need Megan. I had my whole life’s worth of presents on November third when Megan became my wife. I hear water and know she’s on her way. Being the soppy, romantic husband that I am, I have all Megan’s favourite Christmas songs ready to play as we spend our first Christmas together as a married couple. When I hear her feet on the stairs I press play, she grins at me as she steps around the corner and into the lounge. She’s wrapped up in her dressing gown, but I know she’s naked underneath.

You hate Michael Bublé.” she smiles as she takes the coffee I hand her.

I don’t hate Michael Bublé, he just isn’t in my top ten.”

Right. Presents?” she looks at me excitedly and I can’t help but lean in and kiss her.

You are the most beautiful woman in the world, you know that, don’t you?” I say a little breathlessly.

Yes. Now get me a present!” she laughs running her hand over my cheek.

I take her coffee from her, pick her up and walk over to the Christmas tree, sitting her on the bed of pillows and blankets I made last night before we went up to bed, it was Doug’s idea and I have to admit, the twat does know a thing or two about being romantic. I lean over and pick a present from under the tree and hand it to her.

What is it?” she grins.

Open it and find out.”

She unwraps the box and her eyes go wide. After Josie and Jack officially got it together and Josie moved to the States with him, Megan missed her so much, there were so many tears when they both left a week after the wedding. It broke my heart seeing how much she missed her best friend. So inside that box is two tickets to Chicago, open tickets so we can go whenever she wants to.

Oh, Harry.” she says tearily.

I know you miss her, gorgeous.” I reach out and wipe a tear that is traveling down her cheek.

I do miss her.”

And we can go see her soon. I promise.”

Thank you, so much.” she leans over and presses a kiss to my lips.

At the feel of her soft lips on mine, my body takes over and I pull her to me, slipping my hands inside her dressing gown and seeking out her nipples. I brush my thumb back and forth over them until she groans into my mouth. Then she pulls back panting.

Let’s get the presents out the way first. We have to leave to be at Sophie and Doug’s at ten, and I know if we start now… We’ll never get there.”

Okay.” I nod. Not happy about it, but knowing she’s right.

She hands me a box and I take it in my hands. Her face looks so happy I can’t wait to open it. I rip off the paper, chucking it over my shoulder and take off the lid of the red box. Nestled inside in red tissue paper is a black frame, and inside the frame are the lyrics of our song. A song we both have tattooed on our bodies. Cut out in hearts, with our names at the top, along with the date of our wedding and two penguins.

Where did you get this?” I whisper, my voice full of emotion.

Sophie found it actually. It’s this incredible lady online. I sent her the name of the song and she created it. Do you like it?”

Like it? It’s the most amazing present ever. Thank you, Megs.”

I’m so glad you like it.”

I think the rest of the presents can wait don’t you think?” I grin pulling her on top of me as I lay back.

I think so,” she groans as I take one nipple into my mouth and swipe my tongue over it. “They can definitely wait.”

Christmas Day


His sledge landed on the roof of the first house, and Father Christmas squeezed down the chimney. He crept softly into the children’s bedroom and carefully tucked presents into their stockings.” I read and turn the page.

Does Father Christmas sound a bit… you know, dodgy to you?” I hear Doug whisper to Harry and Jonathan.

I have all the babies surrounding me as I read them my favourite Christmas book from my childhood. I look up and scowl at the men and they soon stop talking.

I don’t know. Creeping into children’s room and tucking presents into their stockings, he’ll be going into the wives rooms next.” Jonathan whispers back when he thinks I’m not listening.

I continue reading and the men continue whispering about how they’d like to be the ones to slipping something into their wives stockings and giving them naughty treats. Honestly, can they not stop it for ten minutes? I look down and into the eyes of all the little ones sat around me. They are all so gorgeous and perfect. I feel a tap on my shoulder and look round to see Sophie.

Megs, can you help me for a minute?” she has a look in her eyes and I know exactly what she wants.

Sure, Uncle Harry, please come and finish reading the story.” I call over.

Why do I have to read it?” he huffs dramatically.

Because you are the only one over there who can read.” I tease.

Some of us have other talents!” Doug calls, winking at Sophie.

Enough, Dude, Not another word!” Harry calls back, walking over to take my seat.

And be careful, Father Christmas may or may not show his bare bottom towards the end!” I smile at Abigail.

I’ve seen Daddy’s bare bottom,” she pipes up grinning. “And his boy bits!” she whispers, covering her eyes.

Abigail,” Doug calls not looking embarrassed at all, “They don’t want to hear about that!”

But Daddy, Mommy says you have a lovely bottom.” she grins at Sophie.

Mummy does say that.” Sophie winks.

Okay… I can help with whatever you need me to help with.”

Sophie takes my hand and leads me to the huge kitchen. Miley is standing at the counter chopping carrots for the dinner along with Evelyn and Elizabeth who are putting the finishing touches to a stack of delicious looking cinnamon cookies. Sophie walks past them and towards the downstairs toilet.

Everything you need is in the second drawer. I’m going to stand right here make sure you’re not interrupted, okay?” she kisses my cheek then opens the door.

Thank you, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

I’ll be right here.” she smiles right before I close the door.

I turn on the light and open the drawer, pulling out what I need, I sit on the toilet and pee. Then I wait. It has to be the longest wait in the world, but when I look at the stick in my hand I have my answer. Tears well in my eyes and I brush them away quickly. Hiding the test in my dress I flush the toilet, wash my hands and unlock the door. Sophie is standing there like she promised she would be.

Well?” she whispers, I nod my head and she pulls me in for a hug. I hear laughter coming from the lounge and smile too. “Go upstairs, I’ll send my brother up. Congratulations Megs.” she whispers, wiping a stray tear from my face.

Thank you.” I whisper back smiling, still a little in shock.

I climb the stairs and go into our room for the night. Out of the suitcase I take the stuffed penguin we bought only two days before. I sit on the bed and wait for Harry to come in. When he appears a few minutes later with a naughty grin on his face, I know exactly what he thinks we’re up here for.

Have I died and gone to Heaven?” he asks closing the door. “Because I could have sworn we already had our festive fuck this morning.”

Harry, your mouth, it needs to be washed out with something stronger than soap!” I tell him, rolling my eyes.

Any suggestions?” he growls at me, dropping to his knees in front of me and reaching for the hem of my dress.

No. Not that. I need to give you your Christmas present.”

I’ve had my Christmas presents, I’m wearing one of them.” he shakes his wrist and shows me the watch I bought him.

Well… as it turns out, you have another one. One even I didn’t bank on.”

What is it?” he looks excited.

I hand him the penguin. He takes it, turns it over and then frowns, looking at me.

I don’t get it.”

What is it, Harry? What are you holding?”

A penguin?”

What kind of penguin?”

A little baby pengu

His eyes dart to mine as realisation hits. He drops the penguin and rests his hand on my stomach. His eyes are filled with tears and the most beautiful smile fills his face.

You’re pregnant?” he whispers. “We’re pregnant?”

I pull the test out from my dress and hand it to him. He looks at it for a full minute before he says anything.

We made a little penguin.” he chokes out.

The first one to fill our nest.” I smile, taking his face in my hands.


Happy Christmas, Daddy.” I whisper before I press my lips to his.

Happy Christmas, Mummy.”

After the news has sunk in a little, Harry pulls me to my feet and fishes his mobile out of his pocket. He scrolls through his phone and selects a song. The opening lines of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas fills the room and he pulls me to him, moving us both to the music. I sing the words to him softly as we stay locked together.

I thought I had the best Christmas present I could ever have in marrying you. It turns out I was wrong,” he presses his forehead to mine. “It turns out, I have two. You and our little penguin.” he rests his hands on my stomach again as we dance.

You’re going to be an amazing Daddy, Harry.” I tell him.

And you’ll be the most amazing Mummy. I’m so in love with you right now. More than I ever have been. So much more. I have everything I could ever want in life right now.” he smiles.

I love you. So much.”

I love you more.”

We stay like that for another half an hour, letting the happiness we feel surround us.

All three of us.

© KA Hobbs 2015.

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