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I raise my arm bringing the flogger down harder this time, her whimpers let me know that she’s enjoying it. This one likes the gag and the flogger. Loves to be bent over the bench, while I flog her arse and tell her how naughty she is. I do this methodically now. This one has been coming to see me for 6 months. The first time I think she was embarrassed, that after a few smacks with the flogger the orgasm hit hard. I was surprised when she came back, but she wanted to just be flogged and then asked shyly for me to gag her, so that she was not tempted to answer me back. “Do you want to cum now Hailey” I ask, knowing that she can’t reply but I see her head nodding up and down frantically. “Well you have pleased me so spread your legs wider and stick that glowing arse in the air now” I command, so that she knows to respond straight away.

When I see that she immediately widens her stance and raises that shimmering arse higher in the air, I love that. I change the way I use the flogger, altering the angle so that it now slaps harder against her arse and the tops of her thighs. “Your teetering on the edge aren’t you Hailey, do you want my touch now?” I only see her head bob up and down, it brings a wicked smile to my lips knowing that she is mine to control like a puppet. I give her one more slap against the juncture of her thighs and core. Just when I know she can’t take much more, her moans and whimpers telling me she is so close, I press my finger deep inside. And it’s enough to send her over the edge, giving her that feeling that she craves, that she can only get from me.

My name is Mathew Betz, but you can call me Sir.

  I clean up the room that I used for the scene. Before heading back out to the bar to get a drink. I see Hailey at the front desk knowing full well that she will be booking in for next month.

  The club Secrets and Whispers is a grand affair, not some sleazy back alley place. Here we have high standards and rigorous background checks and random testing for members and staff alike.

The club is in a warehouse outside of town, we are only open Thursday through to Sunday every week. We have a total six Mistresses and Masters, but a new one would be joining us on Friday. It seems that people want what we have to offer. It gets a lot busier at this time of year, the club has` hung some decorations. Well a tree in the corner of the bar, that is about the only thing in here that would make you realise that it is the season of goodwill to all men.

 I order a large bottle of water at the bar, the little mouse of a girl serving did nothing but nod and walk with her head down. I would have to speak to Jenny. In this club weakness is left at home, as only the strong survive this place. Glancing down I notice the time, my last client will be here in half an hour. I have just enough time to get the room ready and myself. Taking my drink with me so I can go and get set up.

  I walk down the corridor to the last room on the left. Void of much furniture, it boasts a single black table and chair and a St Andrew’s Cross. The dark painted walls give it a warm feeling and its small size making it almost tomb like. Stripping out of my jeans, I have nothing but my tight black boxers on. Megan just likes to look at my body, while I tap her breast and clit with the riding crop. She has never touched me, but always enjoys looking at my 6ft frame. My slight tan is fading slightly, I hate that about winter, the defined pecks and tight abs, apparently fulfill that desire to have a prime specimen of a man, make her feel desired.

Her body is one I want own; I never have thoughts of clients like this, it is my job that’s all. With her though I want more, the good thing about this club is that we don’t have intercourse, it is stated in the club rules, that everyone has to sign and adhere to. We do everything else but. We bring them pleasure with toys our hands and our mouths, but never sex. I think that’s why I like working here. I pull the riding crop off the table, just as there’s a knock at the door. My heart leaps and my cock stirs knowing it’s her behind that door. It has been a couple of months since I have set my eyes upon her.

  “Come in” I said my voice a little raised, so that she will hear through the closed door. Walking in I take notice straight away the tight bun and glasses she normally wears are missing, her hair hangs loose around her shoulders, making the geek like appearance seem not so geeky. She is only 22. From the look of her then to now, she has changed. so much so that in the couple of months since she last came to see me, it feels like a lifetime.

 “Hi.” She squeaks out, as she pads softly into the room. Yet again I wish I was able to do more than what she has paid for, I want to feel her body move against mine as I pound deep inside of her, the curves that have suddenly made her sexier, well I’m not convinced this is the same Megan, granted she always had a stunning body, but wow these curves are heavenly, meant to drive a man insane with need. She sure as hell is doing that, my cock is painfully hard in my boxes now, the tip threatening to sneak out of the band at the top. She strips off her clothes down to her underwear, fuck me. She is wearing white fucking lace, I can see the rose coloured tips of her nipples peaking through the lace, what a treat. What happened to the plain beige bra and knickers she used to where to every session?

 As she climbs up on to the table, I don’t wait I head straight towards her, desperate to be close to her. I want more than this, I want to really play with her, show her what I’ve got to give her. Only her.

I work my way up from her thighs over the gentle curve of her stomach. Leaving little taps in my wake. Trying to warm her up, watching as her eyes devour my body. Megan’s nipple’s are now small and tight, I bring the crop down a little harder against the materiel of her bra, leaving a noticeable sting behind. Pulling away, I have to try and bring myself under control, my cock wants to rip the underwear from her body, see if she tastes as good as she looks. For the first time in my life I stop. I can’t continue with this scene, it feels wrong, I don’t want her paying for my services, I want to give them to her.

Get dressed please, Megan.” I say to her, my voice tight with frustration.

Why, Mathew what is wrong?” she questions me, her voice is silky smooth and flows over every inch of my body, god I have missed her voice.

Because we can’t continue, it would be unethical, to do so.” I try to hide the desire in my voice, I think I fail when she looks at me in shock.

Do you not want me Sir?” Oh fuck she called me Sir, the sound of her words bring me to tipping point. I know I shouldn’t say it but I am going to anyway, I don’t give rats arse anymore.

It’s because I want you so damn much, that I am telling you to get dressed and leave, I can’t do this with you, I want you to much. What we do is not enough for me. I think you should go to the front desk and ask them to pair you with another Dom.”

Her face falls for a second. The thought of someone else bringing pleasure to her body drives me insane with jealousy. Someone else’s hands caressing her body, someone else’s lips tasting her skin, someone else’s cock sinking deep inside her trying to find release in heaven. The thought alone is going to make me combust with rage, I would kill any of the other Dom’s in this place if they dared to touch her. Oh god what am I saying she is not mine to control. She is not mine to have her submit.

Then take me Mathew, I have wanted you since the day I saw you, I couldn’t bring myself to ask, so I stayed away. I thought you would want me looking more like some of the other women, who come here to see you.” She changed for me, wait a minute she wants me. Fuck I feel as if a weight has been lifted.

I don’t think, I just act, I close the space between us in an instant, bringing my hands up to her cheeks, lowering my head, so she knows my intent, and my lips cover hers, I hear a tiny gasp leave her mouth, I don’t wait, thrusting my tongue inside, feeling every millimeter of her mouth, she tastes like cinnamon and apple, it’s fucking hypnotic.

I pull away, looking into her hazel eyes, they are wide with desire and her lips are swollen from my kiss.

You need to get dressed.” I tell her giving more of a command to my voice.

Why? I thought you wanted me, as much as I want you?” I hold back the smile at her words.

Oh believe me Megan, I do. I will have you tonight, but not here, you are coming home with me, to my bed. You are never paying for me again and never here do you understand? My little dove.”

She just nods her head at my words and pulls away from me so that she can put her clothes on.

I tell her to go out of the club and wait for me in the car park, I tell her I will just sign out and will be thirty seconds behind her.

I have never finished a shift so quick, normally I would stay behind and have a drink with everyone after a long shift, but to be honest. I have a better treat waiting just outside, and it’s one I can’t wait to taste.

We pull up to my apartment, and I can’t wait I pull her inside quickly, and push her up against the wall. My hands grip her hips lifting her up, so she can wrap her stunning legs around me, I don’t think I am going to be able to wait, I kiss her as if she is my last meal and I’m waiting on death row. I devour her mouth hungrily. Her hands tug at my hair at the nape of my neck, and I feel her nails scraping gently at me, it sends a jolt of pleasure straight to my cock, just from her tentative touch. I carry her straight through to my bedroom and place her on the bed. I look down at her hair spread out on my bed, her body waiting for me to take her any way I want. I don’t want to be the Dom just now, that is work.

I want to make love to her, give her everything she desires and more, giving her the real me not the persona, I just hope it is enough, that I am enough. I slowly start to remove her clothing again the simple curve hugging jeans she is wearing, mold to her shape, keeping me mesmerized. I watch as the milky skin underneath is revealed to me, my mouth goes dry, with the realisation that she is mine. I peel her out of the rest of her clothes and look down with anticipation at the thought of her underwear being removed, so I can feast upon all of her for the first time. Even in the club she always kept them on, not now though. I hook my fingers into the band of her panties and slip them down her bare legs, not stopping until I throw them to the floor, she leans up on her forearms, so that I can unsnap her bra and watch as is slides down exposing her breasts to me. They are perfect, high and firm, rose coloured nipples that beg to be sucked and teased.

Pulling up off the bed, stripping down everything I’m wearing, so that she can see all of me, how hard I am for her. Knowing that she is the cause of my erection, makes it harden that little bit more. I lean back down towards her using my knee, so she can spread her legs for me, I lean down and place light kisses up her thighs inching ever closer to her core, she tries to shift close to my mouth, but I pull my kisses back down her leg towards her knee, until she gets that I am setting the pace. She stops and relaxes waiting for me to advance closer to her again, I run my fingers up her sides gently brushing her skin, feeling every inch of her.

Please,” she begs me I know what she wants, I place a tender kiss right above her clit, knowing it’s not quite what she wants. I can’t help but want to take my time, to savor all of her.

Patience my little dove.” I say using the little pet name I have for her. Finally letting my kisses touch her clit and her hips rise off the bed, I place my hands on her hips to hold her in place while I get my taste I want to feel what she tastes like when she lets go, I am going to lap up every single drop from her, only stopping, when I can finally sink inside her warm body, I use my tongue this time to tease the little nub, I drive her wild with it, only pausing briefly while I have her on the edge, just not enough pressure to let her sail off, I increase my pace a little and slip a finger inside her I feel her walls clamp around me as I push deeper inside, never letting my tongue stop its dance with her clit.

Sir. Please let me come?” she breathes and it’s with those words that I press another finger inside and gently bite down on her clit, listening to her scream my name, as pleasure takes over her body. I wait for her to come back to me before I remove my fingers, I lean up and grab the foil packet from my draw so that I can cover myself.

You ready?” I ask her, she just nods her head in affirmation, I slide up her body to meet her lips, I give her a kiss that is so hungry and desperate, that it leaves her no doubt that she is being branded as mine, I guide my tip to her entrance, I can feel the heat coming from her, I strain to hold myself back from thrusting all the way inside as much as I want to, I want to feel her surround every inch of me slowly until I meet her hips.

I push in so slowly, I fight myself to get a grip, I pull back out and push back in deeper this time, pleasure thrums through my veins, every nerve is on high alert, I can’t stand it anymore I need to feel her surrounding me fully. I pull back out and thrust all the way inside, when my hips meet hers, I gasp out load she fits me fucking perfectly, I set a pace that is teasing, wanting her to meet my hips with hers, adding more fuel to the already burning fire, I kiss her again, I know I’m not going to last much longer, the feel of her around me is just to good, I guide my hand in between us and rub her clit with my thumb as my thrusts continue, I want to feel her explode around my cock before I succumb to the pleasure. The feeling at the base of my balls tells me that I’m so close, I need to feel her, so I use my thumb and finger to give the nub a little squeeze, and she moans and thrashes with the pleasure, calling out my name as the orgasm rips through her body, it’s enough to tip me over, I cum with clenched teeth crying out her name as I explode inside the condom. I rest above her waiting to catch my breath for a second before I pull out.

Pulling her in close I wrap my arms around her, and watch as she falls asleep in my arms, looking over at the clock I see that it is 3.15am, where did the time go, it only feels like minutes ago when I brought her home.

I drift off thinking that was the best damn Christmas present. One that I’m not willing to share, swap or trade in for anyone else, Megan is always going to be my Christmas wish. I just hope I’m hers.

© Samantha Harrington 2015.

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by Samantha Harrington
#Dark #Romance #LustRevengeLove
      Faith I had it all, friends, designer everything and money. With my degree in the bag it was my time to shine, a new beginning just for me. To live my life my way and not to conform to anyone else’s plan. One day changed all of that and everything I knew was taken away from me. When It happens, that one catastrophic event, the person I was before was ripped away from me in the blink of an eye. How could I deal with the pain of betrayal? Will I ever be able to deal with what happened? To find my inner strength to get me through or will the person I once was cease to exist? After everything that happened and everything I learn, can I ever go back to who I was before? Who can you trust, when you lose yourself?
     Warning: This book contains mature themes and language. This book may contain triggers for some readers. Intended for readers 18+ only this is a dark erotic romance