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mark me

Good evening my pet

Did I tell you the best

Is Yet to come

A little wine

Some warm up time

We’ll get to know

Each other a little more

Tell me who you are

How you travelled far?

I know your needs

How your mind feeds

Your wants and desires

Your Mistress requires

Will you sit at my feet?

Will that make you feel complete?

So come here

Sit my pet nice and near

Please have no fear

I’m a good Mistress

Will cause you no distress

So get naked my pet

I wanna see you sweat

With anticipation

Making a proclamation

Saying my name

Playing my game

We’ll enter that forbidden zone

You and me heading home

That place where pain

Arouses you all the same

My crop will hit its mark

You haven’t told me to stop

I see that bliss upon your face

One that’s hard to erase

Nipples clipped and red

Mmm I see how you’re fed

You told me and you said

I wasn’t what you want-ed

One hour with me my boy

Is no nonsense but all joy

Did I tell you Santa’s on his way

He’s coming to join in the play

He’ll smell sweet like cinnamon

Slick and oiled a sensuous one

He’s been a very bad elf

He’s not sitting on the shelf

He’s a Dom and a merry man

Oh this Santa has a plan

He has with him some sexy treats

Makes your heart skip a few beats

Christmas wishes do come true

Surprise my pet, for me and you

A very merry kinky holiday

Ho ho ho this Santa says

Have a naughty sexy holiday

Ethan Radcliff © 2015

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