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Found For Christmas



Pulling up at the restaurant I take a deep breath, I turn the ignition off and check myself in the rear view mirror. Fuck it. I look good no matter what I do. Climbing out of my Audi, I close the door and lock and walk towards the restaurant, my feet crunching on the snow beneath my feet. Reaching for the brass handle the cold stings my already cold hands. The heat and the smell from inside hit’s my body, and my stomach grows, reminding me that I missed lunch today thanks to the stupid arse that decided he wanted to go over his new contract today rather them next week because the lucky fucker is flying to Hawaii for the Christmas period. Walking towards the hostess table, I see the very hot blonde smile at me, and I return her smile.

“Good evening, Mr. Smith, your party are already seated. Let me show you to the table,” she gives me a seductive smile. Well, I know how I am going home with tonight if this blind date is a bust. My brother Thomas set me up on this stupid arse date with a girl that his wife Rebecca works with. Don’t get me wrong I love my brother and his wife but they need to stay out of my love life. I do not need my big brother setting me up because I can get any woman I want when I want her. Not cocky just confident.

I follow behind the blonde admiring her pert little arse in that tight black skirt she is wearing. Damn, I bet feels nice and tight. I tear my eyes away from the hostess, and I see my brother Tom grinning at me. Bastard knows what I am thinking. He stands and walks to greet me.

“About time you bloody got here. Becs didn’t think you would turn up,” he says, taking me in a crushing hug. I pull back and smile at my big brother. We look alike with dark hair, tall with broad shoulders. There are only 19-months between us.

“Sorry. I got caught at the office, and I needed to take the call.” I say. Turning to the table, I smile at my sister-in-law. “Becs, how are you darling?” I ask, bending down to lay a kiss on her head.

“Well, I am good except for the fact that I am bloody starving, and we had to wait for you to arrive before we order. So let me introduce you to my friend so we can order food,” she states. I finally look at the other person sitting at the table. I take in her face and my breath catches.

Well, fuck me sideways.

“Holly?” Her names came out breathy.

“Richard? Oh my god.” Holly says standing up and makes her way to me. I take in her forest green dress that hugs her body like a glove. She looked beautiful; she always did.

“Wow. Look at you, beautiful as ever, Holls.” I say as I take her in a big hug. Holding onto her just a little longer that I normally would so I can take in her scent. Cinnamon. Damn she smelled like Cinnamon.

She pulls back slightly and smiles at me and shit if it doesn’t make my heart skip a beat. “Handsome as ever, Rich. Damn you aged well,” she winks at me.

“Wait, hang on you two know each other?” Tom asks, looking confused.

“Yeah. We went to school together. Holly started in our school the year you left.”I tell him and guild Holly back to her chair.

“Wait you mean this is Holly Willows, as in the Holly Willows?” his eyes wide with his question.

“Yeah, mate. The one in the same.! He mutters damn under his breath. He knew I had a huge crush on Holly in school, but he never saw her or met her. After taking the seat next to Holly, we all make small talk about old times and what we have been up to over the years. I learn that after school, Holly moved away and started college in Northern Ireland because her father got a promotion with his job. She is now a teacher and teaches year seven in a high school. What did shock me is that she has a nine-year-old daughter.

“Wow, well look at you, being a mum. I bet your daughter is just like you. Sweet, caring and beautiful. What’s her name?” I ask. I am genuinely interested I love kids I have just never had the time to settle down and start my own family. Thomas and Rebecca have two kids. Anja, who is four and Jane, who is two. My two darling nieces.

“Her name is Lowri. And yes she is a mini me. My mum always says that I was exactly like Lowri when I was her age,” she smiles proudly.

“Pretty name. Can I ask where her dad is? I mean you are here on a date with me so I can only assume that you are not in a relationship with him.” I pray that I haven’t overstepped. Holly smiles at me and I can’t help but smile back.

“Her dad is not in the picture. He left as soon as I told him I was pregnant and the last I heard he was in Scotland somewhere. She knows about him but she is a strong little girl, and she knows that she does not need a father to be herself.”

“Strong and beautiful like her mother.”

“Thank you, Rich,” she says. Tom clears his throat and says.

“How about we order food, I’m starved.” We all laugh at him.

“Fine. Can you flag down a waiter so we can order.”

We all ordered our meals and the drink start flowing along with the conversation again. I explain how my life as been since we left school and lost contact. I explain that I own a large shipment company. I have never been married or even engaged; I have had a handful of girlfriends but nothing serious and no kids. But seeing Holly again had brought more than a few desires to the surface.



The evening was winding down, and the four of us were making our way to our cars. Talking to Holly and seeing her face light up whenever she talked about her daughter or her job was a beautiful sight to see. My hand was on her lower back guiding her to my car.

“Um, Rich I came with Becca and Tom, they can drive me home,” she says smiles at me. Even in her high heels her head still only came to my chin.

“I know darling, but it is me that is taking you home.” She gasps a little and that little sound makes my dick hard. “Nothing will happen tonight, Holly but mark my words it will happen. I have waited for years to be buried deep inside you, and I plan on doing it very fucking soon, babe,” I whisper in her ear. I brush my lips over her ear ever so lightly, and I love her reaction as her body shivers next to me. Years fucking years I have waited to have Holly Willows and I plan on having her soon, just not tonight. We sat in a comfortable silence, on the drive to her house. I tighten my grip on the steering wheel stopping myself from reaching over and touching her bare leg. She dress has slid higher up her creamy thighs, and they are screaming to be touched. My trouser tightens between my thighs as my cock hardens at the thought of having those perfect things wrapped around me waist as I slam into her. Shit.

“It is the third house on the left.” Her voice brings me out of my dirty thoughts. I smile at her and pull over to the curb and turn the engine off.

“Nice place.”

“Thank you. Umm would you like to come in for a coffee?” she says while holding eye contact.

“I would love nothing more than to come in and have a drink, but I don’t think I can control myself around tonight. You look sexy as fuck, and I need to take this slow.” I say with a husky voice.

“Oh. Oh, okay then. Well, thank you for the lift home, Richard.” She opens the car door, but I reach for her wrist stopping her.

“Let me walk you to the door.” She nods her head. I climb out and walk around to her side of the car. Placing my hand on the small of her back, I walk her to the red wooden door with a brightly lit Christmas wreath hanging on it. I remember Holly always loving Christmas when we were younger, and I guess that not much has changed. The large bay windows on either side of the door. They each have bright white lights around the edge and pretty different size Christmas presents hanging across the window. I smile at the fact the even from the outside this house feels homely. My stomach knots at the thought of how my own house is looking plain with no Christmas decorations at all. I never have had a reason or person to decorate.

I turn my head and look back to Holly, who is looking for her keys in her bag, she is muttering to herself which takes be back to our school days, she was always muttering to herself.

“Sweetheart, are you okay there?” I ask her with amusement lacing my voice.

“How can I lose my keys in a bag so bloody small. Oh there they are,” she smiles up at me and turns to open the door. The smell of burning wood assaults my senses; taking a deep breath taking in the Christmas smell.

“I had a great time tonight, Rich. Thank you. It has been so hard to go on a date with work and Lowri.”

“Well, I had a great time too. I will admit that I hated the idea of a blind date but seeing you again. Fuck, Holls.” I take a step closer to her and cup her cheek. “The old feelings have come rushing back and damn it I want you all over again. Do you know how much of a crush I had on you in school? I am not that shy boy anymore. I am a man who knows what he wants, and he gets what he wants. And by fuck I want you, Holly Willows.” I say breathlessly. My cock getting harder by the second I am around this beautiful woman and the one I lusted after for years. Even when I was sleeping with random women, I have never felt the way Holly is making me feel right now.

“Maybe we can meet up next weekend and do something together. I can get a babysitter for Lowri. I would like to see you again, Rich.” She tells me. The thought of seeing her again makes my heart race and my dick jerk. Leaning my head forward, I take her lips with mine; tasting her plump lips and feeling their softness. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her against me and deepen the kiss. My tongue is seeking entry into her warm tasty mouth. A jolt of electricity runs through me as our tongues meet. Holly wraps her hands around my neck pulling me closer and gives into the kiss as much as I am giving. We kiss for fuck knows how long but I am the one to break away. Leaning my forehead against her’s, I close my eyes and take in her scent. Our breathing is coming out in short heavy pants. Our warm breaths are visible in the cold night. I open my eyes and smile at her.

“We will most definitely do something next week. I will call you, and we can arrange something. Give me your phone,” I demand. She hands it over, and I add my number into her contacts. I call my phone so that I have her number. I hand her back her phone and lean in for one more kiss; savouring her softness and taste.

“Go on inside you are letting a the warmth out. I will call you to arrange the weekend.” She smiles at me again and bites her bottom lip. “Fucking hell. Baby, please stop biting your lip, it is not making me want to leave anytime soon, but I need to be a gentleman tonight and let you go…for now. Go, please for all that is a man having his patience tried.” I steal one more kiss and turn towards my car. As I reach my car, I turn back to make sure Holly has gone back inside her house only to see her standing there watching me. Damn, she is beautiful.

“Inside. Now. Later, sweetheart.” I watch as she closes the door behind and jump into my car and pull away from her house. Driving back to my place I think of all the way I want to take Holly. Taste Holly. Make her feel.

Note to self: driving with a hard-on is NOT a good idea.



The week dragged by and work was a pain in the arse. Three shipments got damaged, my receptionist called in sick for four days, and we had an accident on site. Fuck me running you can tell it is close to Christmas because everything is going fucking wrong. Snow has been falling again, and I am sick of the white stuff. The only thing keeping me going this week have been my daily phone calls and texts with the one and only Holly Willows. She has made me laugh when I needed it; it is like she knows what to say and when to say it. We are going out on a date tonight to a friends pub, and there will be some live music there which I know Holly loves. She isn’t a high maintenance woman, and I love that, she is more than happy to sit in a pub with a lager and a pub meal and enjoy the laid back atmosphere. My phone chimes next to me and I see Holly’s name on the screen.

Holls: Morning Handsome.

Me: Morning, beautiful. Did Lowri get off to school okay this morning with all the snow?

We have talked a lot about Lowri over the past week, and she sounds like an amazing kid, I cannot wait to meet her.

Holls: She did. She was excited because they get to build snowmen in the school yard and drink hot chocolate whenever they want it. 🙂 I almost froze waiting for the bus this morning.

Me: Maybe I can pop over and warm you up 😉

Holls: What did you have in mind? 😉

Me: Well first I would lay you out in front on the fire, and then I would peel you out of your cold clothes, and I would smother you with my hard naked body, and we could share body heat. Among other things 😉

Holls: Bloody Hell, Rich. How long?

Me: How long what?

Holls: How long will it take you to get here? 😉

Holy shit, did she really just ask me that? My cock hardens in my trousers, and I stifle a groan when I grip it in my hand and try to push it down. I quickly turn my computer off and then reach for my coat that is hanging by the door. Not stopping on the way to my car I text her back.

Me: Fuck. I am on my way. Be there in ten. You had better be ready for me Miss Willows.

Holls: I will always be ready for you Mr. Smith

Fucking hell. If these icy roads don’t kill me, I think Holly with her seductive words. I just need to take things slow with her because I haven’t had sex in like three months, and I know she will feel like silk and be nice and snug and warm. Damn it my dick is aching like it never has before. Navigating my car towards Holly’s house, I take in the snow covered roads and homes that have their Christmas decorations up, trying like crazy to tame the beast between my thighs.

After the longest ever ten minutes fucking drive, I pull into Holly’s street and park the car. Shutting the ignition off I climb out and run up the few steps to Holly’s house and quickly knock the door. It doesn’t take her long to answer the door but when she does my heart stops, as in literally fucking stops. I jerk back slightly at the sight before me.

I scan her body with very hungry, very horny eyes. She is beyond beautiful, sexy and fuck what was I thinking again…

Holly is wearing a very short and very sexy Mrs Clause outfit. The red fuck-me-heels are a killer. The shirt barely touches the top of her creamy thighs showing that she is wearing red knickers. The black belt shows her trim waist and that I cannot wait to wrap my arms around. The red material of the suit hugs her body like a glove; like it was made just for her. The red satin material runs up her torso and hugs her breasts like my hands want too. The what fluffy stuff hide the top of her perfect breasts a little but that isn’t going to stop me. And to top it off she is wearing a small Santa hat on her head.

“Holy fucking shit, woman. What the hell are you trying to do to me?” I bite my lower lip and continue to run my greedy eyes all over her sexy as sin body.

“So, I take it you like.” She smiles at me. Her voice breaks my lustful gaze, and I look around her street and see a postman eyeing my girl. Oh hell no.

“Baby, we need to get you inside before I end up spending Christmas in jail for beating the shit out of the postman for eye fucking my girl,” I say placing my hands on her slim waist and forcing her back into the house. I have no idea where I am going so I turn Holly away from me so she can lead the way. Keeping my hands on her hips, she leads me into her living room where the log fire is roaring with orange flames, adding a glow to her living room on this gloomy day in London. There are plush blankets and pillows all over the floor in front of the fire. Holly has turned on all of her Christmas lights and added candles on the mantle and along the hearth, adding that extra romantic feel. Classic Christmas music is playing softly in the background.

I pull Holly’s body back into mine and enjoy the soft moan that escapes her mouth. Her body fits perfect against me.

“Baby, you feel so fucking good. The room looks amazing. Did you do all of this just for me?” I ask lowering my head and laying a gentle kiss on her bare shoulder causing her shiver. Sliding my hands from her hips around to her stomach and press her against me more loving the feel of her. My hard cock is pressing into her arse.



“I wanted it to be perfect, and I couldn’t wait to see you. Waiting until tonight wasn’t an option for me. I need you now, Rich,” she says breathlessly.

“Well, baby, this is a real treat for me. But I am about to treat you to the best orgasms that you have ever had.” I say while biting down softly on her neck and the licking the same place. I back away from her which leaves my body feeling the loss and an instant chill. I walk over to the fireplace and turn to face my girl.

“Come here. I want you to undress me.” I state. I watch as Holly walks towards me, swaying her hips that little be more, enticing me and by the size and ache in my groin I would say that it is working. Once she is standing in front of me, I lean in and take her lips in a searing kiss, showing her that I want this. I want her. Only our lips are touching but the passion is flowing through each of us proving that we belong together. We always did but then wasn’t our time but now it is and we will make the most of each day together. Holly breaks the kiss. She takes the bottom of my knit jumper and starts slowly pulling it up my body, I raise my arms and then help her pull it off over my head. Next to pulls my shirt out of my jeans and unbuttons it, one slow agonizing button at a time. Once she has all the buttons open, she brings her head closer and lays a warm kiss on my chest making me shiver this time, and that makes Holly chuckles softly. Her laugh is hitting me directly in the dick.

This woman will be the death of my dick I shit you not.

Holly runs her hands over my abs, and I notice her lips moving as she does it.

“Baby, are you counting my abs?” I chuckle.

“Fuck, Rich, I could tell you worked out but bloody hell you have abs and this,” she runs her index fingers over the groove of my ‘special v’ as Becs calls it. She always says she loves Tom’s. “I need to run my tongue over this. I have never been with a bloke that has a body like yours. I..” I grip her wrists and pull her towards me making her stumble a little.

“How about we don’t talk about you shagging other men when we are about to make love. The thought of you with other men, pisses me off, babe.” I tell her, a little harsh sounding but like I said the thought pisses me off.

“Sorry,” She whispers.

“Carry on, sweetheart.” I wink at her, and she smiles her beautiful smile at me. Her hands continue her path up my body causing goosebumps to form on my hot skin, once she reaches my shoulders she pushing my shirt off and lets it fall to the floor, joining my jumper. Our eyes lock as I feel her hands trail back down my body and stopping at my belt. She dips her fingers into the waistband of my jeans before she unbuckles my belt. Popping open the buttons on my jeans, she hooks her thumbs in my boxer briefs and takes both items of clothes down my legs and my dick springs free as she drops to her knees still never breaking eye contact.

My breath hitches and I bite my lip. I watch as her tongue licks me from base to tip causing a shiver to run through mine. Pre-cum leaks from the head of my dick and Holly delves in and tastes me. My body is heating up, and my balls are aching for release. I run my thumb along her rosy cheek and then cup her jaw slightly pulling her closer to where I want her to be.

“Suck me, baby. Taste me. Savour me.” I command, and she doesn’t disappoint. Holly opens her lips and takes me into her wet and waiting warm mouth. Even her mouth feels like silk. I moan from the pure bliss that she is making me feel. She takes me all the way until I hit the back of her throat as she pulls back she drags her tongue along the underside of my shaft causing a jolt of pleasure shoot through me. Fucking hell, she is good at this but she needs to stop, I need to be buried deep inside her.

“Enough,” I state. “Lay down, babe. I need taste you,” I tell her. Holly complies and lays down on the plush blankets she laid out for us. The glow from the Christmas lights and the candles dance over her flushed body making me moan with delight that this woman is all mine.

“Mine. All fucking mine. No more waiting, Holly, we are doing this, and we are doing is right. Do you get me?” I ask as I slowly pull her black knickers down her thighs, past her knees and off over her ankles. Dipping my head between her thighs, I inhale her sexy scent with a hint of cinnamon. My dick jerks at the scent and is begging me to hurry the fuck up and get inside her heavenly core. I look up, and our eyes meet, her breaths are coming out in short heavy pants, and her breasts are almost falling out of her little sexy Claus outfit.

“Sit up, baby, and take your clothes off. I need to completely naked under me.” Holly does as I ask and very soon she is naked, bared to me. “Fucking beautiful. Nothing better.” I whisper as I dip my head again and run my tongue along her warm, swollen lips. Holy shit she tastes like heaven. I circle her clit with my tongue, and she squirms and moans with pleasure. My name breathy on her lips. It doesn’t take long before she is coming all over my tongue. Her cum is running into my mouth proving to me yet again that there is no way in hell that I am letting her go this time. Without waiting for her to come down from her orgasm, I rise above her and take her mouth in a searing kiss. Sitting back on my knees and reach for my jeans and take out the lucky condom. Sheathing my cock I look back at Holly and smile at her blissed face. Her cheeks flushed from her climax.

“Last chance to stop me, Holly. Do you want me? All of me?” I lay my heart out there for her.

“Yes. We have waited long enough, Rich. Make me yours. No more waiting.” She says. My heart swells with love and pride that this beautiful, smart woman wants to be mine forever and always. I am one lucky bastard. I lay my body over hers and slowly enter her. Holly moans and her back arches. Damn it she is tight, warm, wet. Pure heaven. I know I am not going to last long, but I can at least make this good for her. I move inside her with long slow strokes, building our orgasms slowly. Circling my hips, I hit her G-spot, and she gasps with pleasure. I do it again and again until she finally let’s go and cums, squeezing my dick for all it’s worth. Two more thrusts and I am climaxing with her, the orgasmic rush races through us both leaving us panting, gasping for air. I fall to the side laying on my back pulling Holly to me. Closing my eyes a feeling of peace washes over me and I know that this is where I am meant to be.

“Never letting go, Holly. Never letting go.”



It has been two weeks since I made Holly Willows mine. It is now Christmas Eve, and I am going to meet Lowri for the first time. I am both excited and nervous because I am worried that she may not like me, and I am not sure what impact that will have on Holly and me. I have invited them both to my house tonight for a little Christmas Eve party. Thomas, Rebecca and the girls are here and so is a few family and friends. Holly said that with the other children Lowri might relax a little more. Everyone is here except for my girls, and I am a nervous wreck. Me Richard Smith, owner of a world-renowned shipping company, is nervous about meeting a nine-year-old little girl. I take in the room and see the kids running around chasing Jasper, my beagle. He is only fourteen weeks old, and the only reason I got him was because I wanted him to try and get me some brownie points with Lowri but the little guy as grown on me.

The doorbell chimes and my heart leaps in my chest. I look to my left and see Tom smile and nod at me. Shit, I got this. She is only nine. What is the worst than can happen? I open the door, and my breath catches at the sight of Holly standing before me. She is stunning. She smiles at me and then looks down to her right. I follow her gaze and see a mini Holly standing next to her. Wow, she wasn’t lying when she said that her daughter looks like her.

“Hi, you must me Lowri. Nice to meet you, Lowri, I am so happy that you could come tonight.” I kneel down to that I am eye level with her. I meet her green eyes, and she smiles at me.

“Hi, Richard. My Mum has told me a lot about you. She said that you went to school together,” she says. She is such a polite child; Holly raised her good. I take her hand that she offers me, and we shake. It is funny that a little girl would want to shake hands with a man of my size.

“That we did, maybe I can tell you a few stories about her later.” I wink at her, and she giggles and it hits me right in the heart. She is going to affect me just like her mum has.

“Well come on in and get warm. Can I take your coats?” I ask them. They both remove their coats and I hang them in the cloak room. I turn to see Holly touching up Lowri’s hair, and I have to say I love seeing what kind of mother she is. The love and care emanates from her body for her daughter. I watch as they interact with each other and I take in what they are both wearing. Lowri is in a very pretty red and grey checked dress with grey tights and red flat shoes. She looks so bloody cute.

Holly, well Holly is in a whole new category. Fuck she is sexy. Slightly bending over to tidy up Lowrie’s hair she is in black fuck me heels, with black leather skin tight trousers with a white blouse on that dips between her perfect cleavage. Has had topped it off with a gold sequined blazer that makes her brown hair look like it is glowing. I stare at them both seeing my future ahead of me, and I wait for some form of panic to hit me, but it doesn’t come. I smile at them as they both turn to face me. I nod my head, and I make sure that this image in imprinted in my brain for many years to come.

“You girls ready to meet my crazy family and friends?” Holly nods but surprises me when she steps in front of me and leans on for a kiss. Her lips still cold from being outside, yet soft and tasty. I grip the back of her head pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. Our tongues play a seductive dance until a girly giggling breaks the passion between us. I turn my head to see a giggling Lowri smiling at us.

Pulling away from Holly I place my hand on Lowri’s shoulder and steer her towards the living room where my family and friends are enjoying the festivities.

“Come on, kiddo. Let’s go and introduce you and your mum to everyone so we can have some fun.” I tell her. I turn back and wink at Holly, and we all walk into the room. Lowri leaves my side and runs over to where Anja and Jane are playing with Jasper, and the three girls make a fuss of him and chat like they are old friends. Kids adapt so easily. I feel a hand slip into mine, and I turn to see Holly watching Lowri with the other kids.

“She’s an easy child to please but is so normally a little shy around new people but look at her, Rich. She seems at ease,” happy tears fill her eyes and I wipe away a stray tear.

“She knows this is family, babe. She is family, and so are you. In just a short time, I have got to know you again I have fallen in love with you, and I have come to care for Lowri so much even after only just meeting her. Everything you have said about her is true, she is simply amazing. You both are amazing, and you both belong to me. We are family. You, me and Lowri and many more babies to come.” I wink at her. She smiles a teary smile and leans in to kiss me again. After seconds, minutes or hours pass Holly breaks the kiss and looks me in the eye.

“I love you too, Richard Smith. And I belong to you, we belong to you. You coming back into my life was nothing short of a miracle. Many years wasted but no more. Merry Christmas, honey.” She says.

“Merry Christmas, baby. Many more Christmases to come.”

We both stand there wrapped in each other’s arms watching family and friends enjoying this Christmas Eve, enjoying each other company. The love and care glowing from the room making us one big happy family.

Merry Christmas

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