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cinnamonIt’s nearly that time of year again, you know the C word, *whispers* Christmas is sneaking up on us rather quickly so I’ve been doing a bit of planning.

Last year I hosted the erotic advent event and wanted to do something similar again this year but instead of limiting it to erotic poets and authors I have opened this years event up to all genres.

So what’s the catch? Well, this year I have asked the participating authors and poets to include the words Cinnamon and Treats in their entries, hence the Cinnamon Treats Advent.

I have to say I have some truly wonderful authors and poets that have already agreed to take part, these cover many genres including romance, erotica and even horror! Personally I can not wait to start receiving the entries and even more sharing them with you all. This will all be kicking off December 1st at 10am GMT, I’m just giving you all a very early heads up 😉

If there is anyone reading this that is interested in taking part in this advent then please feel free to contact me (info on my contact page) for more details, the more the merrier in my opinion.

Much love,

S.J xxx