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Many of you will know that I found inspiration for my bad guy Benito in pictures of John Quinlan and since I’m back to working on the follow up to Aphrodite’s Fire I thought I would tell you all a little bit about how that came about and share some of the pictures that inspired bad boy Benito as well as a picture that I happen to know is one of John’s personal favourites.

Back in May 2014 I saw pictures on Facebook of John at a convention with one of my favourite authors, Debra Anastasia and me being me I sent a cheeky friend request  never expecting him to accept. However, much to my delight the request was excepted and that was that, or so I thought 😉

After requesting a spot at Second City Signing I had a bit of a panic when I realised I was going to have to stop messing about and actually get a book written and published. So after sending a short story, which became chapter one, to my good friend AF was born and I found myself trawling the interweb looking for inspiration. On that day a picture of John appeared on my Facebook timeline and that was it.

At the time Benito did not exist at all but the second I saw the picture I knew his name and everything about him, little did I realise he was going to become such a strong and powerful voice in my head. Now I feel I need to add that at the time I hadn’t spoken to John at all, yes I’d liked a few posts and commented on a couple but I didn’t know much about him apart from he was super massively hot *blushes*. That was until I got challenged to do the five day, hottie a day challenge. I tagged John in my challenge explaining that he was the inspiration for Benito, again not expecting a response but that was the day I made a real friend and the day I began to know John a bit better.

John is one of the nicest, most inspirational guys I have had the pleasure of interacting with, so much so that sometimes I feel a bit bad about connecting him to Benito as if I’m honest Benito is the absolute polar opposite of John.

John has supported me from that day, not only with my book but also with normal day to day stuff. I’ve never actually told John but he inspires me to push myself not only with work but also with pushing myself to become healthier and fitter, he is one of the hardest working guys I know yet he was willing to take time out to help a nobody (me).

Recently he shared this pic with me as it is one of his personal favourites and let’s face it, it’s a stunning picture…

Fitness Fashion Physique Tattoo & Underwear Romance Model John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Shoot in Classic Calvin Klein Low Rise Boxer Brie

I told him I would share it but not long after I said that I began to struggle with some crap in my life which left me in a bad place, a place where I couldn’t seem to write a bloody thing and I was just about functioning as a person. Typically for me I found myself spiralling downward quickly, not only because of how I was feeling but also because I felt I was letting John down, but when I explained what was happening he was totally compassionate and understanding, for he is a true gentleman and a real good friend.

Anyhow this post is my way of thanking John for his friendship, support and inspiration. Who would have thought that pressing the friend request button would lead to me finding a true friend with a huge heart of gold.

Thank you John, from the bottom of my heart.

Much love,

S.J xxx

P.S If you want to find more about John he has a website and Wikipedia that you can peruse.

P.P.S There is much more to come from Benito so I guess I will be staring at these pictures much, much more…it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it lol 😉


Have you won any titles recently_Tattooed Fashion Model John Quinlan in Calvin Klein - Shoot 14' _ ___