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The warm rays of late summer sun pushed through the white lace covered balcony door, warming the room and gently waking Sara from her sleep. Reaching out for her husband across the king size bed she found the other side cold and empty as usual, her husband having already left for the office. A sad sigh escaped from Sara’s lips as she thought about all the times in the past when he had woken her to make love before he left for work but that had been before the business had taken off and he had become a success. Now she was lucky if she saw him at all, not just in the morning but in the evening as well.

People looking in on their life would be envious as Sara knew they were lucky compared to some people. Before the business had taken off they had lived in a poky one bedroom flat on the outskirts of London now she slept in the master bedroom of their five bedroom traditional farmhouse in the middle of the Yorkshire moors. Others would be envious of her lifestyle, the clothes, the jewels and all the other trappings of her husband’s success but she wondered if they would be so envious if they knew of the crippling loneliness she felt or if they knew of the many nights she had cried herself to sleep alone in the beautiful dark wood four poster bed.

Yes her life was good and she was lucky that she didn’t have to worry about where the money was coming from to pay the bills or to buy food to eat or the pretty things in life that all women enjoyed, but she knew that with that ease of mind came the loss of the love that she and Charles had shared because he was working late at the office or on some business trip or another. She had begged him to work from home on more than one occasion but her requests had fallen on deaf ears. It wasn’t that he didn’t care, she knew he did and whilst she appreciated all his hard work building the business from a small office to a countrywide major player in security management, it didn’t stop her from wishing he had more time to spend with her.

Sighing softly once more she tried to think of happier things rather than drag herself down for the day but not even the promise of a beautiful day could push away the sad thoughts that filled her mind.

Pulling back the lightweight duvet she slipped from the bed. Walking across the room she stood in front of the intricately carved cheval mirror, naked apart from her delicate lace panties. Her hands ran across her porcelain flesh as she admired her reflection in the antique glass.

Her auburn hair was thick and shiny although she could see the occasional grey hair sneaking its way in, but for a woman in her early forties she still had the skin and figure of someone much younger but then they hadn’t been blessed with children. Sometimes she wondered if things would have been different if she had been able to conceive; would the house have been filled with noise, joy and laughter rather than the never ending silence that echoed through the walls and haunted her each and every day?

Turning from the reflection that now seemed to mock her, she picked up her cream silk robe that was draped across the back of the chair that stood next to the mirror – the chair that Charles had once sat in as she had danced naked for him. Slipping her arms into the cool fabric, she wrapped it around her slender body before fastening the belt. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she made her way to leave the room, the ankle length silk gently caressing her soft skin as she headed down the stairs.

The Welsh slate tiles were cool on her bare feet as she entered the kitchen causing a slight shiver to run throughout her body even though the room was warmed by the summer sun. It was the kind of morning that promised so much for the day ahead, the kind of day for picnics and walks in the countryside.

Picking up the kettle from the stove, she filled it before lighting the gas and resting the kettle over the flame. Walking to the window, she stood gazing at the beautiful vista as she patiently waiting for the kettle to boil.

The glorious view had been one of the main reasons she had fallen in love with the house and had begged Charles to buy it. There was nothing for miles but beautiful open moorland, the nearest village being seven miles away and hidden in a valley. As a little girl she had dreamed of living somewhere like this. Growing up on a rough housing estate she had always found city life claustrophobic; the buildings had felt as if they were closing in on her and the noise was insufferable but now the peace and openness of the countryside gave her a sense of freedom she hadn’t thought possible. Sometimes, if the weather was good, she would walk for mile upon mile with no particular destination in mind just enjoying the freedom whilst appreciating the beauty and wonderful peacefulness that seemed to seep into her soul as she wondered.

Whilst she loved all the seasons it was late summer when the moors came to life. The surrounding hillside was covered in a carpet of purple as the heather came into full bloom. The moors were a patchwork of colours, the purples and pinks of the heather mixed perfectly with the yellows and greens of the grass and moss only broken by the traditional grey stone walls which in her eyes were the stitches that held it all together.

Hearing the kettle begin to softly whistle she turned from the view. Turning off the stove she went about making her tea, a smile appearing on her face as she thought about how Charles had always joked that if ever there was a tea shortage she wouldn’t be able to cope.

Picking up her cup she turned to leave the kitchen again smiling as she thought about the way Charles had teased her and the laughing they had done and still did on the rare occasions he wasn’t bogged down by the business. As she walked along the dark wood panelled hallway to the sitting room she reached a small chest of drawers that she had lovingly restored; now it was used for keeping keys and outdoor clothes in. On top of the chest there was an exquisitely decorated glass plate and she noticed a note had been left on the plate, the paper covering the roses that decorated the glass. Picking up the crisp, white paper she slipped it in the pocket of her robe before continuing her short journey to the sitting room.

Opening the heavy, dark stained original oak door she found herself momentarily blinded by the brilliant sunlight that burst through the large sash windows and French doors, filling every inch of the oak panelled room with its glorious warmth.

Sara walked past the deep, almost blood red Chesterfield sofa towards the French doors, unwilling to stand the warmth and stuffiness that she felt in the room from the rays of the sun. Unlocking the doors she opened them as wide as she could, filling the room with the sounds and scents of the day.

She stood there for a moment breathing in the perfume of the Sweet Peas and Rose’s that George, their old gardener, had planted along the path that surrounded the house and then led out toward the more formal part of the garden. He had told her just how much she would enjoy the mix of heady perfumes from both plants and at first she had argued with him that it would be too strong but had later apologised profusely to him as he had been right. His knowledge of plants and gardening had amazed her but now he was retired and she missed him and the long conversations they had enjoyed.

Standing in the doorway she closed her eyes briefly to bask in the warmth from the sun’s rays – rays that filled her heart with joy and cheer – before turning back into the room. Ignoring the hard, stuffy Chesterfield she instead chose to sit on the window seat that she had insisted on having built just after they had moved into the house. Charles had once asked her how she could get comfortable on it as over the years she had filled it with a variety of different plump cushions. She had laughed softly at his question before responding that it was a fine art but one she had perfected.

Placing her cup on the seat next to her she carefully drew the note from her pocket. Unfolding the crisp paper she saw her husband’s familiar spider-like script. Even though she knew what the note would say she felt her heart drop as she read the familiar message explaining how he was going to be tied up in meetings all day and doubted if he would make it home in time for dinner so she was to eat without him. Sometimes she wondered why he bothered wasting the paper and ink but she knew it was his way of letting her know he was thinking of her before he left their home. Just as she was about to refold the note she noticed a post script that informed her he had secured the services of a new gardener and that he was due to begin that day so she was not to worry if she saw a strange man in the grounds, also that she didn’t have to worry about showing him around as he had already done that.

As she folded the note she wondered just when Charles had shown the gardener around and how she had managed to miss being introduced to him. She could only surmise that she had been otherwise engaged either in the house or it had happened on a day when she had driven to town to shop, either way it didn’t matter much to her as she doubted she would ever have a friendship like the one she’d had with George with the new man.

Dropping the note on the small table that stood by the seat she curled her long legs underneath her as she gazed out the window, losing herself in her thoughts as she sipped her hot, sweet tea.

She was brought out of her thoughts by movement in the garden, it was only a slight movement that she had caught out of the corner of her eye and when she twisted slightly on the seat to see what it was she found there was nothing there. Turning back to her original position she once again allowed her eyes to get lost in the view, her thoughts drifting to how the border wall seemed to be keeping the well-manicured garden safe from the wilderness that surrounded the grounds. Just as she began to giggle softly at the ridiculousness of her thoughts her attention was once again grabbed by movement by the hedge that separated the garden from the immaculate gravel driveway.

Standing there, as bold as brass, was a young man. Sara’s eyes moved up and down his body, admiring the attractive vision before her. When she saw the clippers in his hand she realised he must be the new gardener and she silently thanked her husband for hiring someone that added to the stunning vista.

She watched as he began to trim the hedgerow that had become overgrown as it had been too much for George to keep on top of. Changing position Sara moved to the opposite side of the window seat, knocking cushions carelessly to the floor in the process. Her eyes were constantly drawn to the young man, taking in every detail of his appearance from his blonde hair that was naturally bleached by the sun, to his beautiful face and muscular arms that had been tanned the colour of hazelnuts. Instantly her thoughts slipped to wondering if he was the same colour all over.

Watching the way his muscles moved beneath the tight marl grey t-shirt he wore she found herself imagining just what he would look like lying naked on her bed and how dark his tanned skin would look against her crisp, white Broderie Anglaise cover.

Sara gasped softly; shocked by her thoughts but what shocked her even more was the way her body was reacting to the vision before her. Lowering her eyes from the window she felt guilty for allowing her eyes to feast on the young man. Never before had she even looked at another man. She loved Charles with all her heart but it had been so long since her body had been stirred the way it was at that moment. Taking a deep breath she once again turned her attention out of the window. If she only looked, it wouldn’t hurt to take pleasure from the pressure she felt pooling deep within her body.

She wished she could see the colour of his eyes but they were hidden by the hair that flopped down over his face. Her mind conjured an image of him staring into her eyes as he carried her from the sitting room to her bedroom, pulling her close against his torso but holding her with care. She moved slightly, almost groaning at the power of the image in her mind. Her movement loosened the tie of her robe, the silk slipping seductively across her breasts, the combination of her thoughts and the slight pressure of the light silk making her skin tingle.

She could feel the delicate slip of lace between her legs was already wet as her body cried out for attention. With her mind made up she began to indulge in her little fantasy. Running her fingers up her leg she began to softly caress the silky smooth flesh on the inside of her thigh. Closing her eyes she allowed her imagination to completely take over.

In her mind it was his hands that loosened her belt even more, letting the silk slip fluidly across her flesh until her body was exposed to the heat of the morning sun; his hands moved over her stomach, making their way towards her breasts. Her nipples tightened as the hands caressed and stroked the underside of her heavy breasts before knowing fingers wrapped around her painfully hard buds. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps as each sensitive, puckered mound was teased. The sensations she felt as long fingers began to roll and squeeze were so intense, sending shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body to her core. The lace that held her dignity now absolutely soaked with her desire, her body crying out for more as the fingers began to work her nipples harder, pinching and tightening until it was almost painful, but a pain she found intensely pleasurable.

Her hips began to grind against the seat trying to find the friction that would tip her over the edge, her body now totally taking over as her imagination ran wild. The scent of her arousal mixed with the heady aroma of the flowers that bloomed just outside the window. A perfume that was intoxicating and hedonistic only adding to the sensations and pleasure she was feeling.

Her hands began to stroke down across her firm stomach towards the scrap of lace, choosing to move along the edge of it rather than slipping beneath, teasing her rather than indulging in the ultimate pleasure. Her hips lifted, seeming to beg for more. The slight touch of her fingers as they ran over the lace making her shiver. Slowly they moved up over her pubic mound, grasping the thin strip of elastic that kept the lace in place. Slowly she pushed it over her hips and down her long legs, exposing herself wantonly to the rays of the sun.

Now completely naked her fingers stroked the smooth velvety flesh avoiding all the areas that would bring about her crisis, teasing herself but at the same time allowing a moment to gain a bit of control, wanting to enjoy losing herself completely.

Finally in control her fingers slipped between her swollen, wet lips, her legs opening wide opening herself totally as she sank a finger into her tight heat. A small moan escaped her lips as her other hand found her exposed tender clit. Her moans became louder and more passionate as she rubbed the tender nub, slowly pushing more fingers into her heat, her hands working in time pushing her ever closer and closer to her climax…

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As he pulled into the driveway Charles still couldn’t believe he had been stupid enough to leave the file that contained all the paperwork for that day’s meeting next to the bed. Unfortunately there had been nothing for it; he’d had to return home even though he knew that Sara would probably cause a scene, begging him to stay at home when she knew how important he was to the business.

He knew he had neglected her over the past few years whilst he made the business the biggest and best in the country and would love nothing more than to spend the day how they used to. He desired his wife constantly but was either too snowed under or too exhausted to do anything about it and that was why this meeting was so important, not only to the business but to them as well. If he could just secure this contract then he would be able to take a step back and spend more time at home with Sara, which was why he had driven back to the house to retrieve the paperwork.

Slowing his Mercedes as he drove across the gravel he noticed the new gardener had arrived and was already hard at work sorting the messy hedgerow. Charles was quietly pleased he had managed to find another gardener that appeared to have the same work ethic as George.

Pulling up outside the house he exited the white saloon car, acknowledging the younger man with a nod of his head before making his way indoors, hoping Sara had gone for a walk so that he could pick up the paperwork and return to the office without any arguments.

Rushing down the hallway a noise coming from the sitting room attracted his attention, a noise that stopped him dead in his tracks, the toe of his smart black shoes slamming into the bottom step making him wince slightly.

The sound he had heard was one he hadn’t heard in a long while but one that he knew oh so well. As he stood there he tried to figure out why he could hear his wife’s passionate moans echoing throughout the house. The thought that came into his mind made him feel as if he had a rock in his stomach and anger boiled in his blood. Had he neglected her that badly that she had found another lover?

Bile rose in his throat and all thoughts of meetings and paperwork disappeared as he rushed down the hallway towards the room where the sounds were coming from. As he turned the door handle his anger increased, the thought of catching whoever was pleasuring his wife in the act making his blood boil like red hot magma.

Bursting through the door he was once again brought to a halt by the vision before him. The blood that rushed through his body now filled with desire as well as anger, a rush so intense it made him light headed as he stood watching his wife sat naked, pleasuring herself whilst being totally exposed on the window seat she loved so much, in full view of the garden and most probably the young handsome gardener he had hired.

Rushing across the room he grabbed Sara’s arm, watching the shock appear on her face as he pulled her away from the window. His arousal was evident as he pushed her hard against the back of the sofa, his anger and desire pushing away his usual quiet, composed demeanour, releasing the frustrated pent up beast from within.

“What the fuck do you think you are playing at Sara?”

The anger in his voice made Sara wince and seem to shrink before him, looking up at him he saw regret and even a touch of fear in her eyes as she began to speak.

“I-I-I… Oh God Charles I’m so sorry…”

Something about the tone of her voice made Charles step back slightly, running his fingers through his short silvering hair in frustration. He knew he had to calm down before he did something that could hurt the woman he loved with all his heart but he didn’t seem to be able to. For once his emotions had control over him and all he wanted to do was bend her over the back of the Chesterfield and teach her a lesson for her little display. He wanted to fuck her harder than ever until neither of them could take any more.

“Fuck Sara!”

Closing the gap between them his mouth covered hers, the kiss they shared was filled with anger, passion and loss. Too long it had been since they had kissed like this and the slight control Charles had dissolved as she returned his kiss with just as much force and passion. Pressing his suit covered body against her nakedness his mind raced with the vision of her fucking herself.

Suddenly kissing her just wasn’t enough anymore. Breaking away from her he grabbed her hips and spun her around, reaching for the silk gown that still hung from her shoulders he yanked it off, watching it pool around their ankles.

Placing a hand on her back he pushed her down until she was resting over the curved back of the Chesterfield, her pale flesh glowing against the blood red leather. Charles ran his hand down her back until it reached her firm derrière, a smirk reaching his lips as he lifted his hand from her flesh, pausing slightly before bringing it back down hard on her left cheek. Her scream echoed around the room before turning into a slow moan as he caressed the red mark that appeared on her white flesh.

“Do you like that?”

Slipping his hand between her legs he could feel the small trickle of her essence as it ran down her inner thigh. Without waiting for her reply he began to speak again.

“Oh hell baby it appears you do. Fuck I need you so bad Sara.”

“Fuck me then Charles… Fuck me hard!”

Shock coursed through his body as he heard his wife of seventeen years swear for the first time but it was shock that didn’t last long. The scent of her arousal forcing all thoughts of shock, work and decorum far from his mind as his hand reached for his belt, releasing his hard length from the tight confines of his navy work trousers. Parting her legs he once again brought his hand down hard on her ass just as the fingers of his other hand plunged deep into her core. Her muscles contracted hard around his fingers as her screams once again echoed around the room. Pulling his fingers from her body he pushed his hard length deep inside until he had no more to give, the ripples of her orgasm almost pushing him over the edge.

Leaning forward he wrapped her hair around his hand, pulling her back until he had complete control. Slowly he began to move, pulling out to his tip before slamming back in. His free hand reached around her body until he had a firm hold on her breast, squeezing and caressing as his movements increased. Over and over he sank into her body, pressing her hard against the solid sofa all the time torturing her breast and nipple with hard attention. Her breathing was short and sharp as her moans and cries increased; moans that were joined by his grunts as he used her body to release his anger. Never had their joining been like this, he knew he should be gentle, should take care not to bruise her but there was no way he could stop and from the way her body was reacting he knew she didn’t want him to stop either.

The harder he pushed the more she cried out – the more she cried out the closer he came to release. His hand twisted harder in her hair as he fucked her mercilessly. As he thrust deeper than before he twisted her nipple hard her muscles clamping down hard on his length as they both exploded in screams of pure lusty ecstasy, the spasms of her climax milking him until he was totally spent.

Releasing his tight grip on her hair Charles noticed a movement out the corner of his eye. Looking around he saw the gardener standing by the window with a smile on his face. Making a mental note to discharge him and begin the search for a new gardener, preferably one that wasn’t as young or good looking.

Quickly he lowered them both to the floor, wrapping Sara carefully in his arms as they fought to recover. Her breathing was just as erratic as his and he could feel her heart racing in her chest but she had yet to look at him. Regret coursed through his body at the thought of hurting her. He was just about to apologise when he felt her head shake against his chest.

“Don’t you dare Charles…”

Her words were whispered and breathless, yet he heard the power in them.

“How do you do that?”

“I know you Charles and don’t you dare apologise for what just happened. I needed it and it’s obvious you did too so don’t you dare.”

A smile stretched across his face as he softly kissed the top of her head. He had been such a fool neglecting this woman for so long, they both had so much to give each other, to share with each other.

Feeling her begin to soften against him he saw her hand move to her mouth to stifle a yawn. Moving her slightly to one side he redressed himself before pulling her back against his chest.

“Come baby let’s get you to bed.”

Lifting her slight body he rose from the floor, carrying her reverently from the sitting room. As he walked he kissed her tenderly, whispering words about how things were going to change and how much he loved her, watching as she snuggled against his chest, sighing softly before smiling.

“It’s okay love I know you need to work, I just wish…”

“Just wish what baby?”

Looking up at him she smiled sleepily before shaking her head.

“Nothing… I love you.”

Even half asleep she had the ability to floor him. All this time she thought he needed to work, supported him through everything without complaining much at all. All this time he had been working to give her everything her heart desired but he now realised the thing she desired more than anything wasn’t available in stores it was what he held in his heart, his love for her was all she really desired.

Laying her gently on the bed he covered her tenderly with the quilt before sitting next to her, softly he stroked her face as she settled down. As he stood to leave he heard her softly whisper.

“I’m sorry Charles.”

He watched a lone tear run down her face, his heart twisting in pain at the sight. Removing his tie he walked back to the bed. Lying down next to her he pulled her into his arms, holding her tightly as she slipped into sleep.

Listening to Sara’s breathing waiting patiently for it to become deep and steady, Charles lay thinking about how he could change things if he could get the contract signed. Negotiations had been going good so far and up until that morning he hadn’t been worried but now he knew that whatever happened in the meeting he needed that contract signed. Too many years they had lost, too many years when he should have been home in the evening and weekends. All the times she had begged him to work from home but he had brushed her off… well no more.

Gently he moved from her side, brushing her hair from her face before kissing her softly on the forehead and whispering a promise to his sleeping love.

“I promise baby, things will be different from now on.”

Walking around to his side of the bed Charles collected the papers from his bedside table. Turning at the doorway he paused to look at her one more time, his heart filling with pride and love before heading down the stairs.

As he passed the chest of drawers in the hallway he stopped, sliding open a drawer he pulled a piece of paper and pen out and quickly wrote another note, folding it and leaving it on the decorative plate.

A simple note but one he hoped would bring a smile to her face when she woke.


My darling Sara,

            Please set the table for two tonight I promise I will be home for dinner.

Love you with my entire heart baby,

Charles x


Driving away from the house he smiled, he would never forget the day he forgot the paperwork or the vision that greeted him on his return. As the sleek car ate up the miles he made plans for their evening, plans that involved much more of what he had seen in the sitting room that morning.

Turning up the volume on the stereo he sang along to the soul songs that filled the car. His heart and soul filled with joy at the thought of the rest of the day.


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