Today I was sorting through the stories I had shared on my old blog when I found this. This version I am sharing is the new improved version, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed rewriting.

Much love,

S.J xxx

The drive home had been awful as always it seemed as if every idiot was on the road with her. After a couple of near misses with people who weren’t paying attention to the road, too eager to rush home to care about others she was glad to finally be home safely.

Entering the house she kicked off her stilettos leaving them lying in the middle of the hallway, too tired and stressed to bother putting them away properly even tough she knew the thought of them lying there would drive her mad later. The only thing she could think about was sinking into a deep, hot bath with a glass of red wine to relax her tense body. Making her way through the house to the kitchen she threw her bag on to the counter top before looking at the array of bottles that lay in the wine rack, finally choosing a delicious yet fresh Merlot, even before she opened it she could taste the soft red fruit flavours that would be found in the deep red liquid. Moving away from the rack she stood on her tiptoes to reach the top shelf of the cupboard for one of her crystal wine glasses. As her hand wrapped around the stem she paused realising she could smell his cologne, was it in her mind or had he been there in her house? Looking around she couldn’t see any signs of him, her heart sinking as she realised it was all in her mind, her need to see him was overwhelming, it had been too long since she last saw him.

Placing the glass on the counter he mind returned to that last night and what he had told her. “I’m going away for two months my love, it’s work and I can’t explain but I will do my best to keep in touch sweetheart.”

Even as he spoke she knew it would never happen, she knew the chances of communication were few. She didn’t understand his job, only knowing it was important and that the people he dealt with were not nice people so the less she knew the better. She remembered the feel of his arms wrapped tightly around her as she cried, not with the thought of him being away but with the fear of him not returning.

Now stood in the kitchen imaging his cologne when she hadn’t heard from him for over a month and a half, anger filled her body, anger at herself for being so maudlin. Snatching up the glass and bottle she stormed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Still all she could think about was him and how much she needed him there. He had left her before but this time apart had been painful, her feelings for him were so strong and it seemed now that only he had the ability to make her relax and forget the stressed of her job at the court.

Placing the glass on the side of the bath she ran the water, watching as steam billowed in the cool room, knowing that the small room would warm up quickly as the bath filled. Pouring a glass of wine she sipped the deep red liquid and sighed with pleasure before replacing the glass so she could undress. Reaching for a hair tie that lay on a cluttered glass shelf she pulled her blonde, waist length hair into a messy bun. Happy her hair was fastened out the way she tested the temperature of the water, finding it to her liking she stepped into the raspberry and hibicious scented water. Lowering herself slowly beneath the bubbles she sighed as the heat of the water began to soothe her exhausted body. Resting her head on the edge of the bath she closed her eyes, willing the thoughts of him away but there was no respite from the images of times together, making her miss him even more. It was then that she smelt his cologne on the air again; the warm spicy aroma making her sigh sadly, knowing it wasn’t real and that he was thousands of miles away. As the heat of the water began to make her sleepy her thoughts once again drifted to their last evening…

Soft, gentle notes of a piece of classical music drift on the air, breaking the silence that filled the house, a cool breeze brushed across her exposed flesh but it was the warm breath on her ear that made her eyes flicker open.

“Hello my love, missed me?”

The sound of his voice made her jump up, throwing her arms around his neck as the water and bubbles washed over the side of the bath, soaking his trousers.

“You’re here… You really are… I thought I could smell your cologne… Thought it was my imagination…”

Her jumbled words were silenced by his lips, his strong, muscular arms holding her tight. Gently he lowered her back into the water as they kissed, already her body was crying out for him and his touch. The heat from the water only adding to the heat that was building in her body; as always she was amazed by just how quickly she responded to his touch, the heavy feeling of lust lying low in her stomach as his hand caressed her neck. His hand wasn’t soft, instead it was covered with callouses, callouses that would never be explained but which she adored as they were part of the tough man she loved. her body relaxed totally beneath his kiss, a kisses so filled with missed love and passion it was breath taking.

Breaking the kiss she watched as he took a drink from the forgotten glass of wine before he handed the glass to her. As he licked his lips she took a sip, watching as he began unbuttoning his shirt. She almost choked on the mouthful of wine as she started laughing, seeing just how wet he was where she had thrown her arms around him. When he dropped his shirt to the sodden floor she stopped laughing, seeing the hunger and need in his eyes. Placing the glass down she sat back waiting patiently for his next move, her eyes hooded with desire for the touch she had missed and craved so much.

Tingles ran down her spine to her core as his fingertips brushed across her shoulder. A sensual smile appearing on his lips as he traced all the parts of her body that he knew would make her tingle, but at the same time avoiding all the parts that would drive her wild. Just as she was about to beg for more she saw his other hand reach for his belt buckle, dexterous fingers releasing both buckle and buttons whilst he continued his exploration of her body. She moaned softly as his hand slipped below the water to trace the hot, sensitive skin of her hip making her squirm with desire.

Pulling his hand away he quickly removed his trousers before joining her in the bath. Slipping behind her he pulled her between his legs, her back resting against his hard, muscular chest. She couldn’t help but sigh as he placed soft kisses down her neck, wrapping her tightly in his arms.

“Oh my love, I have missed you so much.”

The passion and lust was evident in his voice. Moving her hips slightly she smiled as he groaned as his hard length twitched against her spine. His hands moving swiftly to her breasts, fingers grasping her sensitive nipples, teasing them and her mercilessly, the pleasure of his touch almost too much to bear. All she could think about was how ready she was for him but she knew he wouldn’t want to rush their reunion. Leaning forward slightly she reached behind her back to run her slender fingers up and down his length, she could almost hear him grit his teeth as she gently ran her nails around his tip. gasping herself as he bit the tender flesh at the base of her neck. Her fingers wrapped around him as his hand slipped down her body and between her legs. As his shaft throbbed beneath her fingers he began slowly rubbing her clit, both of them desperate for each other, their need immense from the time apart.

Once again he wrapped his arms around her body, lifting her slightly so that she released his length, moving her hands to grip the sides of the bath, grip tightening as she felt his tip push against her heat. His strong arms controlling every movement, taking his time he lowered her on to his length, moving slightly to adjust his position her breath catching as his length pushed further into her core, inch by slow, teasing inch. Both of them stilled for a moment as he filled her completely, savouring the feel of flesh on flesh, of being finally back together in the most sensual and intimate way.

Slowly she began to move his arms still wrapped around her, holding her, controlling her every movement. He knew her body so well, each slow thrust caressing her in all the right places. Already she could feel her muscles beginning to clench as her climax began to quickly build. His muscles taut as he fought the urge to release control, their desire pushing both of them quickly towards climax. Their quickening movements making the bath water splash over the sides. Passionate cries and laboured breathing drowning out the sounds of the music and the water. Unable to hold back any longer her orgasm ripped through her body, wave after wave, her muscles gripping and releasing his length bringing him quickly to release. Feeling his release setting off another orgasmic wave as her muscles milked his length of every precious drop, their mutual, passionate cries echoing around the room, celebrating their union…

Leaning back against the bathe pulled her to rest against his chest, both of them enjoying the closeness of the moment as their hearts began to return to normal. Neither of them wanting their little bit of heaven to end but knowing that soon they would have to move.

Lost in their love as the water began to cool around them.

Soaking in Warm Water with Jets

© S.J Warner 2015.

(picture sourced from the internet).