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Male Physique Model & Actor John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Photo Shoot 5 by Ms. XI first came across John Quinlan whilst stalking my fellow author Debra Anastasia. As soon as I saw him I was drawn to how he looked and so when I sat down to write Aphrodite’s Fire I knew instantly who would be the inspiration for my bad guy, Benito. After releasing the book I happened to tag John in a photo comment on Facebook and we began talking. Thankfully John is nothing at all like Benito, John is a truly lovely guy with a heart of gold. During a post Birmingham signing chat with John he agreed to be my very first interviewee (brave man lol) and this post is the result, enjoy…



Male Physique Model & Actor John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Photo Shoot 9 by Ms. XJohn Quinlan (born John Joseph Quinlan October 30, 1974) in Winchester, Massachusetts, is a former American bodybuilder and professional wrestler who now works as a fitness model, fashion model, art model, and romance cover model. He is also a male underwear model. Quinlan has appeared in a variety of publications, including World Physique and Planet Muscle Magazine. Quinlan has appeared in gym video shoots and his image has been used online in many features and interviews. Quinlan has been referred to as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world. In May 2013, John appeared as a newly featured Cover Model at the Romantic Times (RT) Convention in Kansas City, MO. John has since been featured on many book covers since his introduction to the world of Romance Novel Cover Modelling. In May 2015, Quinlan was a featured cover model at the RT Book Lovers Convention in Dallas, Texas.

Questions and Answers.Male Physique Model & Actor John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Photo Shoot 3

S.J – Hi John, thank you for agreeing to do this, as you know this is a huge step outside my comfort zone so lets just jump right in with the first question. What drew you to male physique modelling and when did you know this was the right career for you? 

J  had always been involved with fitness and modeling over the years so this was an extension of that. When I look back on my life years from now it will be great to say I did some pretty cool things as a result of hard work I put into my body.

S.J – Well all that hard work has definitely been worth it in my opinion 😉 Ok I’m not going to lie I’m pretty nervous about asking this next question, I’ve seen your Playgirl shots, but here goes… What runs through your mind whilst you are taking part in photo shoots?

J – SJ, it all depends on the type of shoot. If it’s more a physique and body shoot I have to concentrate a bit more on holding the right poses and taking my time a bit more to conserve energy. Those type of shoots require holding the poses and in very hot weather they can definitely wear a guy out. The ideal shoot is more of a fashion themed shoot in either a studio or outdoors where the temperature is just right wearing a jacket or top with jeans and doesn’t require the constant holding of poses like the kind I just mentioned.

Male Physique Model & Actor John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Photo Shoot 1S.J – *releases held breath* It sounds like a fascinating experience John. Whist we are on the subject of image how do you feel about book characters being inspired by your image?

J – I am always honoured when my image inspires a book character. I always try and give it my best because if any great author out there, such as yourself SJ, creates a character for his/her book based on John Quinlan it is special to me. The way I see it, if an author takes the time to base a character on my they should get my best to bring out the best in the character.

S.J – Aww you’ve just made me blush! Thank you John… Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

J I don’t think at this point I can say one individual person as so many people have influenced me along my journey. So many people from around the world have shown me so much love and support that I just want to thank all those now for doing that. They really gave me strength and allowed me to continue and really feel good about what I was doing.

S.J – This question is from my little girl, Megan. Do you like to read and if so what type of books do you enjoy reading?

J – Well Megan this is a great question, I do love reading autobiographies because they allow me to get inside a person’s head and see how they went about being successful throughout their journey in whatever field they happened to be in. I love reading about the rags to riches stories about actors like Sylvester Stallone who was so poor he had to sell his dog because he couldn’t afford to feed him only to later on buy the dog back after the movie Rocky, which he wrote, took off. Truly inspiring to say the least.

Fitness Fashion Physique Tattoo & Underwear Model John Joseph Quinlan June 2015 Shoot in Classic Calvin Klein Low Rise Boxer Briefs by Ms. X

S.J – Thank you for answering Meg’s question. On a similar theme what do you do to relax after a long day working out/shooting?

JOne thing is for sure, I rest! Shoots can really zap your energy, especially the ones in high heat or the workouts that were cardio based that day. Nothing feels better than an air conditioned room or even my car with the AC cranked up after a challenging shoot or workout. Just give me some water and a cool room to relax in after one of these adventures and I’m happy. Yes SJ, I might very well also fall asleep but I can fall asleep knowing I just gave it my best so I earned it.

S.J – Whilst we are talking about work, what piece of advice would you give to someone who was looking to step into the modelling world?

J – Be open minded and realize that success doesn’t come over night. Be open to constructive criticism as there is plenty of that which will be thrown your way as a model. Use what other people tell you to become better and take what they say as the tools which will keep you moving in the right direction towards success. Be consistant and never give up. Keep your goals fresh in your mind at all times because like I always say, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.”

S.J – If you could only choose six words to describe you, what would they be?

J – Focused, Driven, Caring, Emotional, Intense, Dependable

S.J – Finally, what does the future hold for you?

J Only God knows that SJ, but I was selected by producer Jillian Bullock for a role in her 2016 film, ‘A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives’ in Philadelphia. I play the role of Army Captain Nixon. Making the transition into acting is very exciting for me and I look forward to make a career out of this in the near future.

S.J – Oh wow that sounds good, I shall have to keep an eye out for the film and go see it on release. Well that’s it, thank you so much John for taking time out to chat with me and for agreeing to be my interview guinea pig 😉

J SJ, thanks so much for interviewing me today. I was honoured to sit down here with such an amazing author as yourself. Much love & respect for you always.

S.J – Much love back to you John.


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