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Since today is #WorldPoetryDay and #IndieBookDay I thought I would share this poem that was inspired by Benito from my book Aphrodite’s Fire.

Huge thanks must once again go to John Quinlan for being such a star allowing his image to be used for Benito.

Hope you enjoy, Cold Steel Eyes…


Stood in the dark

Waiting to see

If the vision he had

Would come to be

Would she do

As he had asked

And finally join

Him at last

Cold eyes trained

On the door

To the room

Knowing he would leave

If she didn’t come soon

Hand wrapped around

Smooth, solid shaft

Getting pleasure

From fingers

That played

Then at last

Door opened

And in she walked

Moving quickly out of sight

Blade at her throat

Breath caught

Fear poured from her

On which he feasted

Knowing it was needed

For her to be treated

Without sound

Removing blade

She fell to her knees

Legs slowly splayed

Her submission to him

The greatest gift

She was willing to learn

Ready to twist

Beneath his hand

Submitting to pain

Receiving pleasure

As she screamed his name

Then he would teach

See how she would learn

To bring others to knees

And make them burn

For him it was pleasure

For her something more

She was the perfect way

To settle his score

Looking at her

Through cold, steel eyes

Hand around throat

Smothering her sighs

No fight did she give

Just sweet submission

His little blonde pet

Lust’s sweet ignition

Forced against wall

Clothes tore from her flesh

Used without remorse

Reliving his stress

Walking away

When finally finished

Knowing she’d wait

Submission undiminished

The perfect pet

Finally found

Soon he would have her

Completely bound

To him

And his desires

Then he would see

The true glory of her fire

He could taste

The revenge

Knew she was the one

To bring everything

To a perfect end.

© S.J Warner 2015.


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S.J xxx