I was honoured to be asked to take part in this challenge and even more so to be the opening piece. There are so many more fabulous pieces to come so please give Debs blog a follow.
Much love,
S.J xxx

Words across the Oceans


Mind clouded by a cloak of pitch darkness
Shrouding her every thought
In obsidian black
No light breaking through the veil of despair
Gone was the laughter
The joy and the pleasure
All that was left was pain
Loneliness and heart break
Her body so numb
Unable to fight
That was why she was there that night
In the dark, misty moorland
Sat in the dark
The cold blanket of night
Wrapped all around
Black that lived deep in her heart
As frigid cold seeped throughout
Her body and mind
Her heart faltered
Bitter chill taking a hold
She knew then her time
Would soon be over
Her mind closing to all thoughts
Instantly a shaft of light
Breaks through the dark
Almost as if heavy obsidian curtains part
Light becoming stronger
Almost quite blinding
Yet she felt no fear
Felt no pain or anguish

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