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Hello there everyone!

Just thought I’d pop by and share with you the awesome line up for this event (yes there will be a lot of fan girl moments for me lol) and to let you know that there are still tickets available if you haven’t got yours yet. Even better weekend tickets have 10% off throughout the whole of March! Don’t forget that if you are coming to see me (I really hope some of you do lol) then I will only be at the signing on the Saturday and at the party on Saturday night so why not book for that and come and have a drink with all the truly fabulous authors.

Anyhow here’s the link for tickets…


And here’s the line up…cue more fan girl moments from me 😉



Oh and if you are coming to join me there you can pre-order my books by clicking the following link…


Really looking forward to seeing you there!

Much love

S.J xxx