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He had watched as the fool he worked for drove away, returning to his apartment only when the fancy car was no longer in sight. Sitting down on his couch he picked up his laptop. Looking at the information that appeared on the screen a smile played on his lips.

He really hadn’t expected to find anything with the small amount of information he had found in her purse but he had stumbled across a veritable gold mine. As his fingers tapped across the keys more and more information appeared before him.

He was sick of being a skivvy to Luca Bellomi. Don Armeo really needed to find out just how pathetic his nephew was but not just yet. It would soon be time but first he needed the love sick fool to use his looks and money to trap the little slut.

When the time was right he would play his hand but for now he would hold the information he had close to his chest. Soon the sexy little slut would be willing to do anything for him; he would make her beg for both hers and Luca’s lives.

Oh yes he was going to have so much fun playing with the little slut in front of the love struck fool that was going to hand her to him on a plate. The thought of what he would do to her out there in the barn made his cock harder than it had ever been.

Closing his eyes he popped the buttons on his pants, his hand wrapping tightly around his pulsing length, slowly and firmly he squeezed and stroked, images of her chained up and screaming flashed before his eyes, visions of the ordeal he would subject her to adding to his pleasure…

© S.J Warner 2014.

Huge thanks to John Quinlan for not only being the visual inspiration for Benito but also for being a true gentleman (unlike Benito lol). Having his support means the world to me and I will be forever grateful.

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