HATFM miss you Marcus x

Americana Injustica

NOT YOU!Tonight is the year’s one and only “Wolf Full Moon” that occurs each January sometime.

I have planned on beginning a new trend here on my blog in ongoing remembrance of Marcus, WordPress’ recently lost, ever-beloved Pack Leader: A collective “howl” in his name on each full moon of the year. But tonight’s will be special because it is not only the first of my attempts at collecting howls for Marcus on a full moon, but it is also the Wolf Full Moon, coincidentally.

I hope all of Marcus’ pack (as well as anyone else who has the energies to send a howl out into the Universe in remembrance of truly GOOD soul) will join me in this effort to remember someone so special and worthy…someone who will never be forgotten for his true kindness and laughter…someone any of us knew will mourn perpetually.

So here it…

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