Thank you’s…

To everyone that has taken the time to read, like, comment, reblog and share the posts, thank you so much! I know that this time of year is one crazy ass blur at the best of times and I can not thank you all enough, just knowing that you have taken time out of your busy lives means such a lot to me and my guest authors…thank you.

To all the other authors and poets that dropped everything to produce all the fabulous poems and stories I say a huge thank you, without you all this event would never have happened…

Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Ethan Radcliff

Raven Anxo

Pen name K


Khul Waters

Zoey Hart

Cameron Lincoln

KA Hobbs

CJ Heath

KB Mallion

Olivia Purley

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

C.R Lemons

Steve Richards

Caroline Juliette

Jamie B

Magenta Nero

Callen Wright

Carrie Anne Ward

Angel Poet

Laurie Schmidt Lee

Der Erzahler


Each and everyone of you rocks big time!


One final thank you to a special lady that came flying to my rescue when I was just about to crack up. Without this lovely lady there would be no links or fancy headers and I am eternally grateful to the beautiful Tammy-Louise Wilkins for saving my ass… I owe you big time beautiful xxx

Finally (Promise this is the last bit, I know it’s Christmas eve and you all have presents to sort and liquor to drink lol) if you have found an author in this event that you enjoyed can I ask that you support them, all authors and poets need support from readers as without readers their voice stays silent. So follow their pages, say hi on social media and buy their books, that way they will continue to produce fabulous work.

This Christmas take the time to hold your love ones tight and enjoy this special day. Merry Christmas all.

Much love,

S.J xxx