Erotic Advent - Christmas Party

Snow falling outside
White, fluffy and flowing
Fire crackling inside
So warm and glowing
Tree is green and huge
Just smelling divine
Such a wonderful sight
It is a glorious pine
All decorated with ornaments
And lots of sparkling lights
They are all beautiful and shiny
And make it all look so bright
You then take me in your arms
And hold me so tight
As you look at me with lustful eyes
That feel so right
You take my hand
And lead me into our room
I strip down slowly
For my handsome groom
You place me on the bed
And stare at me mesmerized
As you move across me
And lower your head
You find my clit
With your talented tongue
What a wondrous feeling it is
And so much fun
You suck and lick
And then fuck me with that tongue
I am not sure how much longer
Until I cum
I scream your name
With such delight
As you drink all my juices
Up so right
You suck harder
As I start to see stars
You make me climax
And make me dream afar
You are the best my love
And I have to say
Happy Holidays to you
On our wonderful day
2014 © Laurie Schmidt Lee