It was snowing with a blistering force outside that evening, as Carrie waited like an impatient child for her Christmas present to arrive. She needed to find something to take her mind off the excitement of Santa arriving at midnight. She selected one out of a hundred books in the library to read, set it down on the coffee table, and ran upstairs to get ready.

Moments later, she returned back to the cosy warmth of the living room, wearing knee high candy cane striped socks, an expensive red lace thong that knotted into bows on both sides of her sculptured hips, and a matching bra, which tied into a bow between her lusciously pert breasts. Why couldn’t Santa have a gift on Christmas day? This year, I will be his gift! she thought, nodding in agreement at the reflection of herself in the large mirror over the stone fireplace.

She placed herself down on the sheep skin rug next to the hissing fire, laying on her tummy, and kicked up her legs as she began to read her book. She struggled to read at first, as the only source of illumination she had was the fire crackling beside her, and the fireplace surrounding it was covered in Christmas fairy lights that continued onto the 6 foot Christmas tree next to it. A few candles were scattered around the living room, and the room danced and sparkled like a fairytale wonderland. However, she refused to give in, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to switch on the light and ruin the erotic romantic scene she was trying to create.

Hours went by, and as she drifted off into her imaginary world between the pages of her book, she was brought back to the here and now by the sound of someone shuffling about in the hallway. She closed her book and rested her head on her hand, as she continued to swing her legs in the air behind her. A surge of adrenaline pumped through her tiny body, and she could no longer contain her excitement.

In he walked, wearing a silly floppy Santa hat-which he quickly threw off as he strolled over to her-and a red and white Santa jacket-which hung open and exposed that beautifully moulded body of his. He wasn’t naked, though – he wore tight red briefs, which hung so low on his defined V-shaped hips. Carrie felt herself squirm with delight, and she bit down hard on her lip with want. Finally prising her eyes away from the beautiful package he had in his briefs, her eyes skated south over those strong muscular thighs, to reach those sexy black Santa boots. Never had she ever thought that Santa boots would have her panting with desire.

He stood strong and proud before her, those penetrating eyes glaring down at her, and she rapidly climbed to her feet. “I’ve been such a bad girl this year, Santa. I wasn’t sure you would come. However, I thought I would make it up to you by giving you me as a Christmas gift.” She smirked. “Would you like to unwrap your present, Santa?” she asked, and stepped forward, placing both her tiny hands on his bare rippled abdomen, skimming her fingers over the ridges and up over his pecks, round to the nape of his neck, and up into his hair. She stood on tip toes, and brushed her sweet pouting lips against his, waiting for him to make the next move.

“You have been a very bad girl this year, Carrie, and for that I will spank you as punishment. In return, as a gift to us both, I will fuck you… hard!” Anthony, also known as Santa, hissed.

“Hmmm, yes, Santa,” she hummed against his lips, and kissed him so hard and passionately that the sheer force of their lust was bruising. Santa snaked his hands around her waist, lifted her off the ground, and moved her towards the fireplace. Her legs swung beneath her, as she continued to seduce Santa by kissing and nipping at his neck, whilst he moved her into position. He placed her feet back on the floor, and grabbed at the fairy lights over the fireplace.

“Put your hands together in front of you, Carrie,” he demanded in a husky, deep voice. She smiled, put her hands together, and waited as she watched the beautiful man before her move closer. His eyes were alive with a fiery passion, and the light from the roaring fire made his skin shimmer like gold.

He took the fairy lights and wrapped them around Carrie’s wrists tightly; it hurt as the wire pinched at the delicate flesh around that area, but it looked beautiful nonetheless, as the lights created a speckled effect on her skin. She looked up through her lashes, smiled, and eagerly awaited.

Santa swept her long, dark red hair back off her shoulders, and bent forward to whisper in her ear. “Turn around, naughty little girl. Santa needs to punish you for being on the naughty list.” Excitement took control of her motor functions, and she spun on her heels with a little too much enthusiasm. She placed her hands on the shelf of the fireplace, and watched the fire dance before her, hypnotising her with the warmth of its yellow, red and blue flames. The heat was unbearable, and she wriggled with discomfort as the sweat began to dot across her skin.

Santa placed two strong hands on her hips and pulled at the ribbons on her thong. The thong fell into a red heap on the floor by her feet, revealing her extremely aroused, smooth, glistening pussy. She heard a groan of satisfaction from behind her, and pushed her hips back, teasing and enticing Santa with her Christmas gift for him. She giggled ever-so-slightly, but soon stopped when a firm hand came down on her bottom. It stung, and her flesh began to throb wildly. She sucked in a breath, but she had no time to prepare for the next 5 spanks planted across her buttocks. She panted and groaned, and was desperately wet for him. She needed to feel his cock inside her, to come so hard that the neighbours would think that Santa was killing her when she cried out in pleasure.

“Please fuck me, Santa!” she begged breathlessly.

Santa released his penis from the confinement of his tight, immensely sexy, red briefs, and rubbed the tip of his shaft at the entrance of her greedy, throbbing, wanton sex.

“Are you going to be a good girl next year, Carrie?” he murmured, still teasing her, and she grunted in frustration.

“Never, Santa!”

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear.” He chuckled, and slid his very hard erect penis into her tight warm vagina.

He filled her completely, sliding that beautifully thick cock of his teasingly slowly in and out of her, joining as one with each other’s beautiful bodies. Her heart pounded, her breath burned in her throat. It was incredible, like all of her Christmases had come at once. The muscles in her belly tightened, and she felt the familiar pull of her orgasm brewing. Just as she was about to come, with an angry force, he pulled out.

Santa spun her around, put her bound wrists over his head, grabbed her firm bottom, and lifted her up off of the ground. Instinct told Carrie to wrap her legs around his waist and, as she did so, he lowered her onto his stiff wet cock, and she gasped at the amazing feeling of him pushing into her. All of the muscles in his body tightened and flexed, and the whole of her body responded to the sexy sweat-riddled Santa fucking her. He lowered her back onto the sheep skin rug, and began to pound into her sex once more. Passion lurked in their veins, and she met him in an erotic rhythm as their bodies smacked together.

“Carrie, I need to feel you come all over me. To feel the tightness of your pussy latch onto my manhood, and watch you wriggle and writhe beneath me,” he grunted, as his large, powerful body plunged into her with a sexually charged impact.

His words were her undoing, and she unravelled under him, screaming as her body quivered from the power of the orgasm rippling through her tiny body. The undoing of his words became his own undoing, and he pulled at the ribbon between her heaving breasts with his teeth, unleashing them from their lacy prison, for Santa to suck and knead with his tongue and teeth. He kissed Carrie with an unyielding passion, moaning into her mouth, as he came hard, hissing her name through gritted teeth, and spilling his salty seed inside her silken pussy.

“The naughty list is so much more fun than the nice list, Santa,” she giggled. She couldn’t wait to see what she would get next year.

“I will never stop believing in Santa,” she whispered blissfully, and kissed him once again.

© Carrie Anne Ward 2014.