Erotic Advent

On the first day of Xmas

my true love summoned me

a message from a white dove


On the second day of Xmas

My true love prepared for me

a plush bed of pillows

and a bowl of fresh creamy milk


On the third day of Xmas

my true love said to me

I shall expect you in the dungeon

on the strike of midnight

not a minute before


On the fourth day of Xmas

my true love presented me

with a black lace corset

fine hose stocking

silver handcuffs

and a thick leather studded collar


On the fifth day of Xmas

my true love gave to me




hands cuffed and tied

to a high beam

legs spread apart

toes barely touching the ground


On the sixth day of Xmas

my true love abandoned me

suspended from the ceiling




muscles stretched and stinging

throat dry and burning

blindfolded and gagged

all alone in the empty silent dark


 On the seventh day of Xmas

my true love returned to me

desperate sips of water

from his open palms

licking every drop, wasting not,

thirst unsatisfied

choking sobs

as his footsteps

slowly walked away


On the eighth day of Xmas

my true love fed to me

tiny mouthfuls of

warm apple pie

with whipped cream

gulping greedily

dripping down my chin

he licked my lips clean

then granted me

a deep tongue tied kiss


On the ninth day of Xmas

my true love appeared to me

am I dreaming

I can no longer tell

mind is hazy

fingertips are grazing

body twisting

hips are raising, damp thighs,

fingers probing with ease

nipples clamped

in a merciless pinch


On the tenth day of Xmas

My true love said to me

little pet

you are pleasing

so obedient

voice in my ear

breath on my neck

cooling strokes head to toe

with the leather crop

then harder strikes

slowly building welts

in tender shades of pink


 On the eleventh day of Xmas

my true love watched over me

crying with exhaustion

weakened by hunger

trembling with desire

pushed beyond endurance

limbs are on fire

bitterness and despair




unanswered, unheard,

left alone again

to contemplate my fate and

slip away into an altered state


On the twelfth day of Xmas

my true love came to me

all bonds released

lips gently kissed

gathered in his arms

passionate embrace

delicate caresses

carried to our bed

bound wrists and feet

with thick rope

sharp canines, a knowing smile,

twinkle in his eye

now it’s time for the feasting to begin

2014 © Magenta Nero