Erotic Advent

A light dusting of snow

blankets the ground

shopping bags in tow

we scurry from store to store

finally reaching the exclusive apparel boutique

your bright eyes twinkle as you lead the way inside

racks of beautiful corsets, stockings, garters, ropes, cuffs, and an array of wonderful play items line the walls & racks

“I want to give you an early present but I want you to try it on first”

you whisper in my ear

as you hold up a delicate corset

the sales clerk smiles knowingly leading us to the fitting room

I walk inside the spacious mirrored room and undress

slipping the corset on I begin to fasten the front hooks

I hear a click snapping my head up

I look into the mirror to see you behind me

you slide your hands on my hips

“Beautiful” you whisper as you lick & bite my ear

I feel the rush of heat in my stomach and pool of wetness in my sex just from your voice

Slowly you guide your hands across my ass gently touching my curves

moving lower you slip two fingers inside my wet core and I gasp from the contact

all the while we watch in the mirrors in front of us

you whisper “Be quiet kitten”

as a soft moan escapes my lips

just knowing we could be discovered at any time has me drenched

your fingers pumping harder as my head falls back onto your chest

I’m waiting for your command to let go

“Cum” you growl in my ear

my orgasm rips through me hard and fast

“I think this outfit will do” you say with a laugh

you remove your fingers and I shudder at the loss

bringing them up to your mouth you suck on both of them and say “Mine” I am wet again from that one word

I can’t wait to give you your presents

2014 © Caroline Juliette

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