Erotic Advent

Some women have a thing for firemen, some for male models in sharp suits. For assistant district attorney Kelly Pomelo, it was Santa Claus. She didn’t care if the guy in the costume was old and fat (as most of them were), or young and fit (rarely so, but occasionally…), hell she didn’t even care if they were good looking or not – as long as they wore the costume while they fucked her that’s all she needed.

A psychologist could’ve told her that this festive fetish probably stemmed from a childhood incident, no doubt something she’d rather forget, or that maybe she had ‘Daddy issues…’ but it wasn’t any of that crap – she just got off on fucking Santa!

She liked to think of herself as spreading a little Christmas cheer – along with her legs; kind of a Ho! Ho! – ‘ho you could say, Santa’s hot baby… Whatever… she had a kink and wasn’t ashamed to indulge it.

She knew she was good too, a real looker. Tall, blonde, bright wide set eyes that shone with intelligence, a full voluptuous mouth that promised pleasures undreamed of, magnificent breasts (the kind that sit up and say hello, her daddy used to say), a trim waist over beautifully rounded hips that led on to a pair of legs that just wouldn’t quit… Yep, she was hot; she knew what she had and how to use it.

Of course having such a particular taste in men did have its drawbacks. She had to be very careful when choosing her Santa for one thing, given her profession, and she only ever picked up guys from out of town. It also meant that she didn’t get much action throughout the rest of the year but boy, she certainly made up for it during the holiday season! Santa may only come once a year but she sure as hell cum more than that!

She was an extremely sexual woman and no doubt could’ve enjoyed her pleasures more often if she wasn’t so specialised – after all, it wasn’t as if she was short of offers, but on the very rare occasions she’d tried it with a guy not dressed as Santa the whole thing had been a disaster. Try as she might, she just couldn’t get aroused and remained as dry as the Mojave Desert, laying there limp and unresponsive.

Naturally enough, word got around that she was a frigid bitch – a cock tease, whose body promised much but delivered little. She didn’t care, she knew better – just give her a Santa to sink her claws into and she was wetter than the rainforest, bucking and riding him like a rodeo star!

So here she was, along with hundreds of others, shopping in Macy’s on Herald Square. Only she wasn’t looking for gifts for others – oh no, she was here to get a present for herself… She made her way towards the kids department, following the signs for Santa’s Grotto, every step closer filling her stomach with butterflies and making her ache between her legs. God she was horny! This would be the first this season and she was hot to trot!

As she passed through the clothing section, something caught her eye that made her stop abruptly, her mouth dropping open with a gasp. Her eyes were riveted on this hunk of a man who was looking through the holiday costumes, trying to decide between an elf and Santa. He looked to be in his late forties, well over six foot and with the drop dead gorgeous body of someone who works out regularly.

Her heart was pounding and she could barely breathe as she sidled up closer to him, watching his perfectly manicured hands as he held up both costumes. She stood as near to him as she dared, close enough to smell his expensive cologne – Jean Paul Gaultier “Le Male” – How appropriate… He’s definitely all male!

He seemed to come to a decision, selecting the elf costume and placing the Santa suit back on the rack.

“NO!” she shouted, making him jump and whirl around.

“Excuse me?” he said in deep baritone that turned her insides to mush, “Can I help you with anything…?”

He had such a wicked gleam in his eyes that she was dumbstruck, standing there with her mouth open, mortified that she’d said out loud what she imagined she’d only thought.

“I… err… I…”

He smiled warmly and she felt her legs turn to jelly.

“Take your time young lady. I believe you were expressing an opinion as to my choice of costume…”

She laughed nervously, blushing from her toes right up to the roots of her hair.

“I was going to say you’d look much better as Santa…” she finally managed to stammer out.

Now it was his turn to laugh, a deep throaty laugh that vibrated in her chest and sent tingles straight to her clit.

“Well I’ve never been one to argue with the opinion of a beautiful woman… Santa it is then!” he said as he swapped the costumes over.

“I’m so sorry” she said quietly, “You must think I’m terribly rude… a perfect stranger presuming to give you advice… I should leave… I’m sorry…”

She made to go but he caught her arm, the heat of his hand burning into her through her coat. She let out a moan, a sound halfway between embarrassment and pleasure.

“No please… wait… I’ll buy the Santa suit if you’ll agree to come and have coffee with me and that way we can get to know each other. Then you won’t feel so bad about giving advice to a perfect stranger.”

He held his arm out for her and she swallowed deeply, hesitating for the briefest of moments before snaking hers through. They made their way to the cash desk with her leaning against him for fear that her legs would give out and betray her mounting excitement.

In the coffee shop she watched him as he ordered from the barista, admiring his powerful physique, his broad back, the way he perfectly filled his immaculate suit. She squirmed in her seat, rubbing her thighs tightly together as she imagined raking that back with her nails as his weight crushed her into the bed – in his Santa suit… God, she almost came on the spot!

He must have noticed how flushed she was and the strange look on her face as he sat down, because he raised his eyebrow quizzically.

“Something up…?”

“No… no… Just daydreaming for a moment… sorry”

“No problem. It looked like it was a nice dream anyway… you were smiling…”

“Was I?” she said a little guiltily, blushing again as she avoided his gaze – God this guy was having such an effect on her! He chuckled softly and began stirring his cup, never once taking his eyes from her.

“So… care to tell me why you were so vehemently opposed to the elf costume…?”

She quickly looked down, feeling herself yet again turning crimson.

“Umm… I…” What IS the matter with me? Why can’t I just make something up? Just laugh it off…

He took her hand gently in his and she looked up into his piercing blue eyes – eyes that seemed to penetrate straight to her soul.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you” he said softly, “If you’d rather not say…”

He spoke so kindly, with such understanding that when he rubbed his thumb slowly across the back of her knuckles she was lost.

“I’ve got this thing for Santa…!” she blurted and then the words came tumbling out, tripping over themselves in their rush to escape. “I can’t help it… I just love fucking Santa! And I don’t mean “fucking Santa”, I mean FUCKING Santa… you know… getting jiggy with it! Anyway, when I saw you in Macy’s looking at that costume and you looked so fucking hot and I thought of you in it… taking me… using me… and then you decided not to buy it… I… I…” she trailed off as she saw the bemused look on his face. “And now you probably think I’m some sort of crazy pervert who needs psychiatric help!”

She tried to pull her hand from his, intending to get up and leave – put this whole embarrassing mess behind her, but he tightened his grip and pinned her in place with the intensity of his gaze.

“Well young lady… that’s quite the confession!”

The corners of his mouth raised in a smile and she immediately felt humiliated, trying once again to leave.

“Don’t be embarrassed” he said, then lowered his voice so that she unconsciously leant forward to catch his next words. “I find the whole idea very arousing…”

“You… you do…?”

“Yes I do! In fact…” He reached into the bag and pulled out the Santa hat, popping it onto his head, “If you’d like to do something about it, I have an apartment nearby… are you interested…?”

He gave her a wink and a huge grin – she came there and then, almost sliding from her chair with a loud groan.

“I’ll take that as a yes then…” he said with a wolfish smile.

The walk to his apartment passed in a blur of excitement and mounting lust and she soon found herself in a very tastefully decorated, though obviously single male, studio.

“The bathroom’s through there if you’d like to freshen up” he said, indicating a door to her right, “I’ll fix us some drinks. What’ll you have?”

“Bourbon please… straight up, on the rocks”

She made her way into the plush bathroom, taking in the huge double shower and massive free-standing tub. Wow! Needs a woman’s touch though… Mmmm, just like its owner…!

She was so excited and turned on that she decided she’d surprise him, quickly stripping off her clothes down to her corset and barely-there panties. She left her stockings on as well as her heels, because they just made her legs look so long and enticing…

She re-applied her lipstick and took a long look at herself in the mirror, cupping her breasts and then running her hands down over her hips. I hope you’re ready for this Santa!

She heard music coming from the main room and smiled to herself – Santa Baby, perfect!

With a deep breath she turned the handle and opened the door…

She expected to see him waiting for her, drinks in hand; she wanted to see the look of surprise and desire on his face when he saw her; he wasn’t there. Her drink was on a small table by the sofa and she felt slightly crestfallen as she walked over to retrieve it. She picked up the glass and was letting the smooth liquid slide down her throat when she heard a polite cough from behind her. Turning, she gasped aloud as she saw him standing there in full costume, watching her.

Oh my word…! She swallowed hard, her whole body trembling with anticipation as he slowly walked towards her; she could barely breathe she was so excited… He smiled and took the glass from her before she shook the contents onto the floor, placing it on the table before standing up so close to her that she could feel his breath on her flushed cheek. She moaned as he whispered in her ear, “Have you been a good girl for Santa…?”

All she could manage was a nod before his mouth closed on hers in a kiss of such passionate intensity that she melted against him, only his strong arms keeping her from falling. His tongue flicked across her lips and she opened to him, moaning into his mouth as his tongue slid inside. He increased the depth of the kiss and she returned with equal vigour, her body vibrating with need as they devoured each other. He moved one of his legs between hers and she ground herself shamelessly on it, panting and moaning as she broke the kiss and threw her head back.

He pushed her backwards until she fell onto the sofa, then leaning over her body, his hand cupping her mound, he attacked her neck with fevered kisses. She ripped open the front of her corset and grabbed his head, forcing his mouth to her hard nipple, crying out as he sucked deeply, drawing her ripe flesh into him. His fingers played between her silken lips before sliding slowly in, making her groan and clutch at him. She bucked her hips up to drive his fingers deeper, trying to sate the overwhelming urge to be filled. When his thumb began to rub and press on her clitty she sobbed and jerked uncontrollably, humping his hand until with a cry of ecstasy she came hard, her pussy clamping so tightly on him that he couldn’t move.

She collapsed back with a contented sigh and released his fingers while he softly kissed her tender nipple. She moaned quietly as he kissed his way down her chest, over her stomach, then on down between her splayed legs. She giggled as his fake beard tickled the inside of her thighs, her laughter turning to sighs of pleasure as his tongue began to swirl and lick her most intimate parts. With skilful fingers and a very clever tongue he brought her to orgasm again and again before she finally grabbed the shoulders of his costume and pulled his face up to hers.

“Fuck me Santa!” she snarled, snapping her teeth at him, “Fuck me NOW!”

He stood up, his eyes blazing with desire as he undid his belt and let the trousers fall to the floor. She felt a sudden flutter of panic as she saw how hugely endowed he was – at least nine inches of very engorged, very thick and very hard looking meat! She licked her lips lasciviously, curling her index finger in a ‘come here’ motion before she reached down and held herself open for him. He needed no further encouragement. Kneeling between her legs, he gripped the base of his cock and rubbed the head up and down between her swollen lips causing little cries of pleasure to escape her mouth each time he brushed across her clit.

She could take no more. With a feral growl of pure lust she encircled him with her legs and pulled. He thrust into her so hard, so completely filling and stretching her that she threw her head back and screamed! They were both so excited, so utterly turned on by each other, that it didn’t take many strokes before they came together for the first time that night amidst cries and growls and murmured ‘Ohhhh Santa’s…!’

So began a night and the best part of the following day of ‘no holes’ barred debauchery, only complete exhaustion – and some pleasant soreness – finally calling a halt to this festive fuck-fest!

She had intended this to be no more than a one night stand… she ended up staying a whole week…


A new year arrived and with it a return to the routine of court appearances; of cases won and a few lost. She sat in her office, preparing her notes for tomorrow morning’s case, letting her mind wander back to that fantastic week when she’d very nearly slayed Santa – and herself – with their fucking! In all those wild days and nights, they’d never enquired as to each other’s professions and she wondered what he was doing now…

Her reverie was interrupted by a young clerk named Sandy who had brought some additional files she’d asked for earlier in the day.

“Here you are Ms Pomelo. The documents for the Miller case”

“Thank you Sandy, put them with those others and I’ll have a read of them after I’ve had a coffee. Would you mind…?”

“Fetching you a coffee? Sure Ms Pomelo!”

She’s such a sweet girl… “Thanks Sandy, I don’t know what I’d do without you!”

“By the way Ms Pomelo” Sandy called back over her shoulder as she was leaving, “I heard Judge Parker won’t be sitting tomorrow, he’s been called away… some sort of family emergency. We’ve got a circuit judge instead.”

“Oh great!” She called after her, “D’you know who it is?”

“No Ms Pomelo. Just some guy is all I heard…” and with that she was off to the kitchen. Kelly’s mood dropped like a stone. Swell! I really like Judge Parker, he’s a no-nonsense kinda guy… I wonder who’ll turn up now. Some half-baked, touchy feely, go easy on ‘em… Grrr!

The next day, Kelly sat at her desk in court, getting her papers and notes in order as everyone waited for the judge to arrive. She glanced at her watch and then quickly scanned the courtroom, taking in the sea of faces behind her.

“All rise! Court is in-session the honorable Judge Stephens now presiding.”

Kelly stood, glancing down once more at her notes before looking up at the judge.

“Thank you. Please be seated.”

Everyone sat down except Kelly. She stood rooted to the spot, her heart racing as she stared at him.

“Santa…!” she gasped…


2014 © Steve Richards