Erotic Advent

The cold and crisp air drifted into Henry’s cabin, as the old train hurtled through the early evening on its way to Lake Bled. Henry, determined to enjoy himself on this trip, brushed his hair into place with his comb. Frowning at his reflection in the mirror, he wasn’t happy with tufts that wouldn’t behave. He had been accused of being a recluse and unsociable. His accusers spoke the truth, but he had good reason. However, the time had come to adorn his party clothes and enjoy the company of others.

This party had its excesses that didn’t match his tastes, but he deemed them normal for the company he worked for. Working in the computer security department gave him his much-needed privacy. He liked to work alone and had very little patience for people.

Straightening his jacket in the mirror he wished that he had learned how to tie a bowtie. Too late, he stood in a train cabin, travelling through the night, in the middle of nowhere. In any case, it would all be over in a couple of hours and he would be back safely in his couchette, away from all the prying eyes and whispered gossip.

One last look at his reflection and then Henry pulled the latch of the door and stepped out into the corridor. He locked the door and navigated the narrow space to the end of the car that housed the living quarters. The winter’s night had chilled his surroundings, the draft leaking through the unsealed windows. The company had hired the whole train for a long weekend. It started at Waterloo in London and ended at Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Staggering along to the next coach corridor like a drunk, he held on tight. The train took a sharp curve on the tracks to the left and he slammed against someone’s cabin door. The dark sky gave no clues to the terrain outside. The night had an eerie quietness about it, all that sounded was the staccato repetition of the train wheels on the tracks.

Half way down the dark corridor a flash of light shone out from one of the doors. A pair of sparkling blue eyes narrowed and stared straight at him. Mesmerised by the blonde mess of hair on top of her head, Henry lost his footing.

The beauty stood with her hands on her hips, four feet away, sniggering at his clumsiness.

“You’ll do, come here.” The stranger said, in a tone that gave him little choice.

He stepped closer and she grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled him into her cabin. Clothing draped over every piece of furniture. The woman wore very little in the way of clothing on her body. Her black blouse, sheer, displayed her lace black bra underneath. Her long black skirt flared out and the hem swept at her feet.

“What is it you need Miss?” Henry asked her, closing the door behind him.

“Miss? Blimey, you’re a bit formal, it’s Francine. What’s your name?”


He absorbed his surroundings, her basin covered in make-up pots and creams. The window opened a crack letting in the cold December air. The bunk beds were unmade with the coverings crumbled at one end.

“Hello Henry, nice to meet you. I’ve never seen you at the company outings before. Have you recently joined?”

“No. What do you want me to do?” He said impatiently.

“No small talk, fine, help me on with this corset. I bought it for tonight and I didn’t realise I needed help. I’m here on my own, so you’ll have to help me.”

Francine held up a scarlet corset, the ribbons fell from the back. The beauty of the restraints sent blood to his cock. He wanted to tie Francine up and fuck her hard.

“All right, where do I start?”

“I’m going to clip the corset loosely around my torso and then you can pull on the ribbons on the back until I can’t breathe.”

Henry, fascinated with the ribbons, fiddled with the end of one of her ties. Francine clipped the metal hooks in place and straightened the garment. She had positioned the corset under her ample breasts. Holding the corset at the front.

“Ok, Henry I’m ready for you to start pulling.”

Henry tried to work out how they were going to achieve this feat.

“Put your hands on the basin and bend over slightly, hold on.” Henry instructed her.

“You sound like you know what you are doing Henry, have you strapped up women before?”

“You’re my first.”

Francine stepped in front of the basin and tidied her messy hair using the reflection of the mirror. She caught him watching her and smiled warmly, her blue eyes mischievous. Deliberately and slowly she placed her left hand and then her right hand on the basin and gripped hard. The whites of Francine’s knuckles shone like beacons on her hand, the skin stretched to its limit.

Francine arched an eyebrow and communicated to Henry through the reflection of the mirror. She swayed her derrière once and then twice, inches away from his crotch. Henry’s stiff cock, teased to life, strained to be let out.

Ignoring what his cock wanted, Henry drew in a breath and concentrated at fixing her underwear. Tightening the top of the corset, he pulled in the ribbons, row by row. Pulling them in tight, Francine’s body moved with his hands. Each sharp tug brought her body closer to his. Lacing up a beautiful stranger fully clothed turned Henry on.

After pulling on all the ribbons, he took the four strips of loose material that trailed down her skirt and pulled hard. Francine let out a yelp but stayed perfectly still. Her eyes didn’t leave Henry’s face.

“Am I pulling too tight Francine?”

“Not tight enough, I can still breathe.” She joked. “You’re doing great, honestly.”

“Good, I need to tie these ends, should I do a bow or a knot?”

“No idea, make it up, see what looks pretty.”

The frown lines between his eyebrows deepened when the ribbons fell from his hands. He picked them up again and tied a bow, pulling hard again. Glancing to the mirror, he liked the round shape Francine’s mouth made. He wondered if her lips would look like that if he slid his cock in her mouth.

“What are you thinking about Henry?”

Flustered, Henry stepped back and hit the bunk beds, he had nowhere to go and distance from Francine wasn’t an option.

“I was thinking that you’re a gorgeous woman.”

Francine turned around and stood straight, her breasts had elevated with the corset sitting underneath them. Smoothing down the side of the garment and placing a hand on her stomach, she admired her new figure. There wasn’t an awful lot to see, with her cleavage in the way.

“It’s an amazing corset isn’t it?” She said not giving him time to answer. “So, Henry, you have me tied up what are you going to do with me.”

“Excuse me?” He said confused.

“Oh, come now, I saw how you looked at me, you want me. You’re a handsome man, so why not?”

Henry took three seconds to decide.

“Turn back around and hold on to the basin, this is going to be quick.”

A smile spread across her face.

Henry lifted the copious amount of material that made up her skirt and placed them over her body and head. He didn’t want her to see anything, just feel the sensations. Dropping to his knees, he breathed her aroma in. The knickers she wore held her curvaceous derriere. He wanted to bite it.

She voiced her surprise when he nipped her cheek with his teeth. Pulling her knickers down to her ankles, he carried on biting lightly on each bottom cheek, leaving temporary red marks as he went along. The rosier her cheeks were becoming the harder his cock became. Spreading her cheeks, he licked her once, to taste her.

“Keep still Francine, I won’t take long.”

A few more licks and then Henry plunged his tongue inside her, a low moan coming from Francine thrilled him. Standing and undoing his trousers, he freed his cock from his trousers. Taking himself in hand, he stroked the tip of his cock up and down the cleft of her bottom, teasing her. The noises of approval coming from Francine urged him to fuck her immediately.

Finding her pussy entrance, he pushed in an inch. The warm wet welcome he received weakened his knees momentarily and he regained his balance with a hand on her back. He needed and wanted to push all the way in.

“Are you sure Francine?”

“Hurry up and fuck me, I’m half way there, fuck me hard Henry.”

He slid in slowly, enjoying the sensation of being inside a woman after so long. The warmth that enveloped his cock almost tipped him over the edge. He knew it wouldn’t take long as he hadn’t fucked a woman in years. He missed sex and had avoided the act at the same time.

Picking up the pace he held onto her hips. Watching her knuckles turn white as he hit her bottom with his hips thrilled him further. The loud slapping of flesh against flesh hardened him further still. She pushed back to meet him to get more friction, her walls were tightening around him and his balls were becoming painful, he wanted to come.

Francine pushed him away and turned around and dropped to her knees. Kneeling in front of him, she opened her mouth and wrapped her plump lips around his cock. Closing her eyes, she sucked hard and pumped his length as she licked around his head. His warm liquid shot out and down her throat, her mouth, as inviting as her pussy.

He couldn’t care that she hadn’t orgasmed at that moment, he could only concentrate on her magical tongue.

“You’re fun Henry.”

Francine stood and pecked his lips and turned her back to him, she spoke to him through the reflection once again.

“You need to go Henry, I have to get to the party and I need to clean up, thanks for tying me up.”

Henry continued to look at her reflection, attempting to work out her motives. She wanted to be fucked but didn’t seem bothered that she hadn’t had an orgasm. He gave up working it out and zipped up his trousers. Turning the handle of the door, he paused for a minute to give her another chance to speak. Francine didn’t say a word and cleaned her teeth. He left her room and closed the door.

Moving down the corridor to the party coach, he attempted to forget the encounter. Sliding open the door, the noise of the chattering and laughing party goers smacked him in the face. The evening appeared to be in full swing and he had some catching up to do.

“Ah, there you are Henry, I thought you’d never come out of your couchette.” His boss said. “Have you seen my daughter anywhere? She’s having difficulty with her outfit. I’d hoped she would have been here by now.”

2014 © Olivia Purley

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