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Erotic Advent (2)

“Be at mine by seven, wait in the master suite.”

Why he never sent a text or picked up the phone to ring her she didn’t know and she would never have asked. The rose was his calling card and would have been romantic had it not been Christmas eve. She had so much to do and now none of it would get done. Yes she could have denied receiving the rose but that was never going to happen and he knew it, that’s why he had the blood red, long stemmed rose delivered to her door at five o’clock the night before Christmas. He knew without doubt she would follow his note to the letter.

She placed the rose in the vase with the others, all of different ages, each one kept and even dried afterwards. Each one a precious reminder to her of the time spent with him.

With the rose in water Cordelia looked down at her watch, realising she had just enough time to take a quick shower before she would have to leave her house and make her way to his. As she headed up the stairs she wondered just what he had planned for her that night.

Entering the bathroom she switched on the shower before tying her hair in a loose bun. Thankfully she had washed her hair that morning as she wouldn’t have had time to dry it… Stepping beneath the hot stream of water she washed her body in the honey scented shower cream he preferred, her preparations all to please him.

Shutting off the shower she walked into her bedroom, standing naked before her wardrobe she wondered what to wear. Not that it would matter as he wouldn’t see her wearing it, well not until she left his house anyhow.

Finally she decided on an ankle length black wool skirt and white cashmere jumper, not bothering with the luxury of underwear she dressed hastily before pulling her hair out of the bun. Sitting down at her dressing table she began to brush the thick, heavy brown locks. Once she was happy there were no tangles left she began to braid her hair into one long plait, just the way he preferred it.

Slipping on a pair of kid leather ankle boots she was finally ready. heading to the door she picked up the ribbon with the key attached and the Christmas present she had picked out for him. She had agonised for weeks over what to buy for the man that had everything he desired. Even as she held the small box in her hand she wasn’t sure whether or not to give it to him.

Shaking her head softly to clear her thoughts, knowing standing in her hallway brooding wasn’t going to help.

Stepping out into the cold air she made her way down the path towards the brilliant red Volvo S60. He had given her the car for her birthday, she had argued it was too much but he had given her ‘the look’ and she had backed down knowing there was no way he would leave with the car. As much as she had thought it was an extravagant present she now loved the car so very much and used it as often as possible.

Slipping behind the wheel she began the short drive to his house, arriving in a matter of minutes . Pulling up outside his imposing Georgian townhouse she switched off the engine, pausing before turning to look at his house. The house was usually in darkness whenever she arrived but as she looked she noticed a light coming from the room she knew to be his office.

Did that mean he was here already? If so why had he sent the key?

Looking at the clock on the dashboard she saw it was a quarter to seven. Checking her appearance for a final time she exited the car, pressing the fob to lock it behind her as she walked towards his front door.

Closing the door behind her, shutting out the cold, dark winter’s night. Taking a deep breath she was hit with the scent of Christmas tree’s and cinnamon mixed with aroma of him, a deeply masculine fragrance, clean but spicy, an aroma that drove her to distraction every time she inhaled it.

Removing her boots she placed then on his orderly shoe rack, walking barefoot towards the stairs, the original black and white tiled floor cool against her flesh. The dark wood bannister that led up the stairs was wrapped in a beautiful garland of Ivy and red velvet ribbon.

Climbing the stairs to the second floor not bothering with the lights as she could walk to his room blindfolded. A smile crept on to her face as she remembered the times she’d had to do just that.

As she reached the landing outside his room her hand wrapped around the handle, quietly opening the door to the room, the master suite in more ways than one. He had lit a fire, making the room warm for her. Using the glow from the fire to see she made her way to the table beside the bed, bending down to flip the switch that would turn on the small lamp that rested on the table.

She gasped when instead of the lamp the whole bed lit up, fairy lights had been wrapped around the four posts and canopy of his bed. Once again a smile appeared on her lips as she realised he had done that for her, knowing just how much she adored Christmas.

Stepping away from the bed she quickly made her way across the room towards the wardrobe, placing the small present on the shelf he had cleared for her before stripping. Folding her clothes with careful precision she placed them next to the present. Closing the door once she was finished she walked towards the fire, the air cool against her naked flesh. It was then that she noticed the box lying on top of his chest of drawers, the box was nothing special, just a plain white box tied with red ribbon.

As she got closer to the box she noticed the note that had been slipped beneath the ribbon, pulling it out she unfolded the paper and read…

‘Wear me’

Her fingers quickly untied the ribbon and removed the lid, lying there on delicate white tissue paper was a scrap of red fabric. When she unfolded it she found it was a pretty red silk thong trimmed with the most delicate and intricate white lace.

Slipping the tiny scrap of silk and lace up her long slender legs she took a quick look in the mirror before making her way to the bed, kneeling beside it, her head bowed anxiously awaiting his arrival. She was glad of the warmth from the small fire but still she shivered slightly, the same way she did whenever she waited for him to appear.

A cool draft of air enters the room and she knew, knew he had finally arrived. Instantly her senses are heightened, hearing him place something down she drew in a deep calming breath as her thoughts drift to what the night may bring, even though she had never been able to guess before.

Feeling his hand on her braid she jumped slightly, so lost in her thoughts she hadn’t noticed he had approached her.


His voice little more than a whisper but filled with power. Quickly she obeyed him, keeping her eyes to the floor as she stood before him. His hand grasping her chin, pulling her face up gently to meet his eyes, his smile stole her breath and the look of pure love in his eyes made her weak.

His hand reached for hers just before he led her across the room, coming to a halt in front of his full length mirror. immediately she dropped her eyes, looking away from the vision in the glass. She could feel him shake his head as he sighed softly.

“You’re beautiful my sweet, look at yourself, see what I see.”

His one hand softly caressing her back as the other hand moved to her cheek, turning her face towards her reflection.

“Don’t move until I say little one.”

Dropping his hands from her body he stepped away, leaving her staring at her reflection. Her eyes watching his every move in the antique glass, watching as he undressed. Removing his dress shirt, exposing the intricate tattoo that ran up his arm and across his chest and back.

Looking up he caught her staring at him, with a nod of his head and a smile she had his silent permission to continue watching as he undressed. HIs large hands moved towards his black tailored trousers, with a quick but elegant movement of his hands the trousers were unfastened. Her eyes followed every movement as they dropped to the floor.

With a click of his fingers her show was over. Dropping her eyes to the floor as she heard him moving around behind her. Her heart racing, knowing it was time for whatever he had planned. Sensing him behind her she felt her breath quicken, goose-bumps rising on her skin that even the warmth from the fire can not stop.

A loud bang echoing around the room as he drops something to the floor, making her jump. The shock stopping as his hand wrapped around her braid, pulling sharply, just short of painful, her head lifting with the pressure yet she kept her eyes downcast.

His hand moving from her braid, encircling her throat, pulling her tightly against his hard body. his lips meeting her flesh, placing soft kisses along her shoulder before retracing the path, replacing the kisses with bites. She couldn’t help but whimper at the first bite, the next bite even harder as punishment for her soft outburst. Taking a deep breath she concentrated on the tingling left behind by each bite, controlling her reaction to the pain he caused. His shaft pressed against her back, growing longer and harder with every bite.

removing his hand from her neck she felt him slip something else in place, a sharp intake of breath as she heard something click.

“Merry Christmas My sweet. You may look.”

His permission granted her eyes lift from the floor to look at her reflection. There placed around her neck was a slim, black leather collar, trimmed with deep purple velvet. Gasping at the beautiful simplicity of it she touched it, almost as if to make sure it was real.

“Thank you Sir.” Her voice filled with emotion.

before she had chance to lower her gaze he quickly grasped the D ring on the collar, leading her to the bed. Pushing her down face first, his hands running down her spine, slipping his fingers beneath the thin straps of the thong, pulling it down to her knees.

Grasping her wrists, pulling them above her head, lying straight out on the mattress. Taking a length of black velvet ribbon he quickly bound her wrists tightly together. Her breathing hard and fast with arousal, knowing he would be taking her to places that night that she had never gone before.

“Your safe word my sweet, what is it?”

“Raspberry Sir.”

“Good girl. Don’t forget, say it and everything will stop.”

His words whispered in her ear as he stroked the smooth flesh of her back, buttocks and upper thighs, caressing with tender precision before walking away.

The soft sound of a drawer opening and closing making her skin tingle with anticipation. His footsteps mere whispers on the dark wood floor as he returns to her side. again his hand caresses her flesh, soft sweeping caresses across her buttocks and thighs. Realising what it is he has planned she begins to take deep breaths, calming herself, relaxing her muscles knowing it won’t be long until she felt the bite of his crop across her flesh. Her mind racing, wondering how many tonight? soon she had her answer as he whispered…

“Twelve my sweet. A very festive number, don’t you agree? Don’t forget your safe word little one.”

Cordelia nodded softly in response as she lay there waiting. She knew he was holding back, making sure she was completely ready.

Taking a couple more deep breaths she closed her mind to everything but the moment, concentrating on her breathing as she felt the sharp, intensely hot pain of the crop.



Three times and then the soft coolness of his hand.

“Thank you Sir.”

Her words whispered but expected.

Again the crop strikes, three move perfectly placed welts, again her thanks were whispered. Her breathing harsh and ragged as she struggled to control her body and reactions, knowing the last six strikes would be the worst.

His hand running over tender flesh, soothing the heat from the welts, at the same time she was hit with the feel of the crop striking hard across her thighs, twice on her left and twice on her right.

His hands moving down, stroking her thighs before pushing them wide apart, tearing the delicate thong around her knees, exposing her core to his attention. A single tear running down her cheek as he steps back. The final two strikes of his crop connecting with her swollen clitoris, white hot pain mingling with pleasure as her body explodes in climax.

Leaning over her, holding his crop in front of her the red flecks on the black crop shinning in the glow from the fairy lights, lifting her head slightly she placed a kiss upon the crop before breathlessly whispering

“Thank you Sir.”

Throwing the crop to the floor he moved to stand. before she had chance to think he pushed three fingers deep into her heat.

“Good girl.”

Praise for how wet she was as his other arm slipped beneath her hips, lifting her off the bed, what’s left of her thong slipping down her leg with the movement.

Withdrawing his fingers from her heat he softly caresses her clit with her own essence, pleasure coursing through her body again, his solid length replacing his fingers, rubbing her clit gently before slamming hard into her core, forcing the breath from her lungs as he held her firmly in place with the arm that encircled her hips. over and over he pulled out to his tip before slamming back into her body. her breath coming in short, sharp gasps as his free hand twists around her braid, pulling her head back as his strokes became shorter and quicker, pounding her towards climax again.

“Come. For. Me.”

His words breathless orders before he slammed into her   one final time, their cries mingling before they collapse onto the bed.

Realising she had cried out Cordelia flinched beneath him.

Damn she knew better than that!

His mouth pressed against her ear he softly whispers

“Don’t little one, it’s fine. I pushed you hard, it’s fine.”

Eventually he released her from her binds and pulled out of her. Lifting her off the bed he pulled back the duvet before placing her with care on the cool cotton sheet that covered the mattress.

“Your present, I want to give it to you Sir. Please.”

Nodding his head in agreement he smiled at her, watching as she rushed across the room to retrieve the small parcel. As she returned to the bed she could feel a blush marring her cheeks as she handed the gift to him.

Taking a seat delicately she tried not to put too much pressure on the welts. his arm wrapping around her waist making her flinch as he pulled her towards him before he began to open the parcel.

Suddenly she was filled with doubt, wanting to run and hide in case he hated his gift Cordelia tried to rise but his arm held her tightly stopping her from leaving.

Wrapping paper removed he opened the box, there resting in the velvet was a thick band of platinum. Pulling it from the box he noticed the words inscribed on the inside.

Yours always Sir

Placing the ring on his finger he smiled softly at her before kissing her. Pulling the duvet over their now cooling bodies they lay there in the glow from the fire and the fairy lights.

As her fingers traced the intricate pattern of his tattoo he released the tie from her hair, gently teasing out the long braid, stroking her long dark hair as her eyes grew heavy.

Just before sleep took her she heard him softly whisper…

“Merry Christmas little one, I love you.”

2014 © S.J Warner

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