Erotic Advent (2)
A frosty night below the northern lights
High atop the world of ice and snow so white
A journey made once a year
To the land of polar bears and reindeer
The eve of Christmas ’twas the night
Anticipation drives me, pure delight
Dasher Dancer Prancer and Vixen, Comet Cupid Donner and Blitzen
All are ready with the star Rudolph in the sleigh sittin’
Fame got to his head
Because of that fucking nose so red
Off they go
With old fat Nick in tow
All the elves fast asleep
After filling their bellies with treats
The door lay open inviting me in
A roaring fire glowing within
This cozy wintery house
Only one creature was stirring and it wasn’t a mouse
Stockings pulled tight up to the thighs
The moment I saw her lust sighed
Two glasses with ice and a bottle of jack
Pour us a drink she said and come lay back
Cookies and milk will not do
She smiles; not on this night with me and you
My fingers touched her curled up toes
And shimmied up to her nose
Planting kisses along the way
Her eyes watched with a sway
She licked her lips painted black
And drooled spit on her lovely rack
Squeezing her titties
Nibbling her nibbies
Her breathing deepened, her breasts heaving
Her pretty now sweating and dripping
Licking her folds
Fisting my hair, her hand firmly holds
Shouting commands driving me crazy
Tongue darting in and out and all around her pussy
Give me the cock she says with a scream
Fill my mouth with your sweet cream
Well, let me just say I did what was told
As I fucked her mouth low and behold
One of the elves appeared, Jenny her name
A sexy little kitten wanting to join the game
A tiny creature all of four feet tall
As delicate as a china doll
She climbed onto the bed
And started fingering Mrs Red
While my cock was pounding her mouth
Jenny was working down south
The two of us pleasing Mother Christmas
And it was fucking delicious
All through the night three of us fucking
While Saint Nick was delivering
One night a year I make my way to the North Pole
To fill a clients twitching hole
Before walking out I leave my card on the table
Kandy Kane Escorts, Willing and Able
TheΒ night Santa really came to my home
He left a sack of coal with a note ~Β naughty boys roam
2014 Β© Marcus
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