I patiently watch her from across the room,
like a predator watching his prey.
Her silk nightgown clings closely to her damp skin,
and her nipples hardened away.

She is fresh from the shower’s cleansing,
my groin tightens at the sight of a woman this kind.
I begin my approach careful not to scare her,
I can smell coconut as I draw near her from behind.

Slowly I move her long curls away,
from her shoulder and kiss her ear.
I witness her soft moans of approval,
Now tasting her neck while gooseflesh appear.

I gradually move the strap of her gown down,
exposing one perfect breast.
I reach around and lightly cup it,
she moans and prepares for the rest.

I take my time exploring her skin,
pushing my other hand up into her hair.
And with urgent aggression, grip it tightly,
bringing her head back no longer playing fair.

A soft cry escapes from her mouth,
as I bend her forward onto the bed.
I tear her panties off of her,
my intentions no longer needed said.

She opens her body welcoming,
my first thrust inside her deeply.
Screams of our pleasure fill the night,
I growl in my conquered victory.


2014 © Kahla Kiker