Erotic Advent (2)

Christmas found us snowed in, cut off from the outside world for a while at least. Fortunately everything for the big day had been brought and stowed away before Mother Nature threw her hissy fit. For three days Geoff and I had tipped toed around one another, the sexual tension between us building. How long it would be before one of us exploded I had no clue, but the situation couldn’t continue on indefinitely.

Deciding to get an early start on the Christmas day veg I head into the kitchen and start working, anything to try and calm my body and mind down. A foolish hope as Geoff walks in heading to the fridge. Shifting so as to try and get out of his way our bodies touch briefly. Eyes locking I see fire in his before I end up plastered against the wall. A low groan escapes from my lips as his hard bulge presses against my own, my body responding to the closeness.

“I can’t take this anymore David. I won’t. I know you want me as much as I want you, so stop fighting it.”

Before I have time to form a coherent reply his fingers yank my zipper down, my weeping cock grabbed by his smooth hand. Kisses pepper my jaw line before he steps back, releasing his hold. “Get out of those clothes. Now.”

Rational thought gone flying I comply, watching hungrily as Geoff does the same. Soon we are standing naked in the kitchen, our hard lengths jutting out in front of us. Moving forward I raise a hand to touch his face, a move halted as he grabs it, spins me around, and pushes me over the counter top. Vegetables go flying as my chest hits the cold marble, my cock pressed against the unit underneath it.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long. This Christmas and every damn day after you are mine.”

The sound of something being squeezed catches my attention before a gasp flies from my lips as coldness hits my puckered hole. A sensation quickly forgotten as I feel you place a finger inside of me, quickly followed by another one. You stretch me, priming me for what is to come. “Please,” I almost beg as my own length pushes for attention.

“I like it when you beg,” Geoff replies.

Beg, plead, fuck I’ll even get down and kiss his feet if he just gives me what I want and need. A sudden feeling of emptiness hits as I feel his fingers pull out.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to move until Boxing Day,” I hear him growl.

Then I feel it, the head of his cock pushing against my hole. Instinctively I start to move back.

“No. Stay where you are.”

Fighting my instincts I do as asked and am rewarded by the feel of his hard, hot length sliding home. My hands grip the counter edge as he hammers into me, my fingers trying to dig into the marble. As he continues on I smile, seems being snowed in isn’t that bad after all.

2014 © Raven Anxo

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