Hi everyone,

Every so often I will receive a message from someone asking me if I will read a poem or story and give them my opinion. Now sometimes I read something that touches my heart and when that happens I want to share with others; that happened today.

I received a message from a lovely lady saying she had wrote a short poem and would I let her know what I thought. Of course I said yes and her poem though short really touched my heart so I asked if she would be willing to let me post it on here and share with you all.

So here we are, this is the first poem she has shared with anyone and is a little nervous so if you enjoy please like or leave a comment I will pass on all comments to her as I’m hoping to encourage her to write more.

Thank you in advance,

S.J xxx


Friends come and friends go

Regret they never show

Ifeel sad and alone

Events happened and we met

Now I hope there are no regrets

Do you know why?

Saying we are friends no longer makes me cry.

Β© Laurie Schmidt Lee 2014.