A stolen moment
Between two perfect strangers
Their futures set by their enrolment

One final night
Before they must part
Fear tinged excitement before the fight

Soft kisses stolen
Behind blackout blinds
No words shared just looks filled with emotion

Tentative touches
And tender caresses
Soft candlelight hiding her blushes

A night filled with passion
Twelve hours of bliss
Shared with youthful enthusiasm

The pale light of dawn
Breaking their spell
A sadness coming with morn

A silent walk
Through war struck streets
Hands held no need to talk

One final kiss
Through the carriage window
A promise to write, to remember their bliss

Smoke billows around
As the train pulls away
A solo tear falls as her heart pounds

Her new found love
Away to war
Prayer for her man whispered to God above

Danger they would face
Both at home and away
They would soon meet again of that they had faith.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture from Pinterest).