In my darkest hour
An Angel came to me
When loneliness came to devour
He came with a guarantee
To take me places I’d never been
Both physically and emotionally
To show me things I’d never seen
To love me unconditionally

He showed me far off places
So magical and beautiful
He used my dreams, yet was never invasive
He fought the evil and those so unmerciful
He was never dismissive
Of my deepest fantasies
Helping me to explore a side so submissive
Bringing my pleasure from dreams to reality

The love I feel for my Angel
Grows stronger every day
As does my courage to explore and be experimental
For with my Angel there is no fear, knowing I only have to say
If things become to much or become detrimental
You see he loves me and will never lead me astray
Our meeting was ordained, was not accidental
And now I hope and pray that he will always stay.

© S.J Warner 2014.
(Picture sourced from Pinterest).

I need to say a huge thank you to my good friend Steve Richards for without his book Opus Angelicus this poem would never have happened as it was in my dreams that his Angel whispered these words to me, so thank you Steve 😉