fields of gold surround him
blue sky up above
plumes of white shift and form
dancing shapes of cotton fuzz

he drifts to sleep
on dreams of forbidden love
of blazing eyes with fiery gaze
a touch that make him blush

then come the tears
hot drops fall to pepper his skin
arousing him from slumber
to awaken the incubus within

cracks and booms sound their call
as gods battles for what was theirs
the sun wavers as referee
electricity rides the air

he stands amid the open field
arms outstretched and bare
rivulets of raindrops meander to the ground
he closes his eyes
submitting without impair

a blinding flash of the brightest white
and by zeus he is once more claimed
a new lace mark etched upon his skin
a love affair renewed, his heart again enslaved

© 2014 Deidre Meyrick

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