Lessons in Lace

Touch of your mouth upon my skin,
embrace of your tongue around my heart.
Leather knee high boots you make me lick.
Leather on my tongue, lace on my thighs,
I’m in heaven. We are one. Man and woman
person and person, neither of these words exist,
we are one. We are one.

Soft whispers upon the soul,
as you kiss and suck, devour my earlobes,
orgasm for the mind. I lick your neck, we argue again.
What is it this time, is there life after death?

Lace upon my thigh
Am I a saint starving for sin tonight?
I slap your arse with the wide palm of my hand.
You buckle and shake, the lace confining your wrists
rubs up against the metal of the bed frame. For this moment
I am your God. Stockings and lingerie stretched beyond
their limits, your curvy sexy frame—my lurid, fat body
I’m the one who’s lost all dignity tonight, in this game.
We roll the dice, as we suffer
and succumb to all of our temptations.
Soft whispers upon the heart
as we kiss and fuck and scratch and bite.

I am you
you are me
together we are joined now
eternally. I am the sinner you are the saint
you—my temptation, what will now be our fate?

Lessons in leather
lust, love and lace,
You are my salvation
damnation, I’m hooked for life now
Just give me one more god damn taste!

© James WF Roberts 2014.

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