The Mistress.

Lace Week

David stood nervously outside her front door. Checking that he was at the correct address for the tenth time, he pressed the doorbell. Tonight was his first time he would be at someone else’s mercy. David had a mixture of excitement and fear running through his veins.

The woman who opened the door, dressed in faded blue jeans and a white shirt un-tucked smiled warmly. He was expecting her to be fully kitted out in one of her Domme outfits. David mentally slapped himself of assuming such a cliché vision.

Mistress Scarlet invited David into the house and took his coat from his arm and hung it up on the coat stand in the corner of the hallway. He was struck dumb and didn’t know what to say or do. His body was already in submissive mode, and he waited for the next instruction.

“Do you any questions for me?” Mistress Scarlet asked David, she carefully watched his expressions.

They had emailed and spoken on the phone regularly over the last few weeks since they first met in a coffee shop. David had explained what he wanted, and Scarlet had agreed that she could accommodate his desires. She had also explained that they couldn’t just dive into his fetish but needed to build up to it.

“I only have one question and that is what do I call you?” David asked, he couldn’t look at her, his eyes swept over the paintings that hung on the wall next to him.

“Mistress will do for now,” she answered, it was too soon for him to have a name or for him to call her by her Mistress name. He had done a lot of research, and he didn’t expect anything personal from her this evening.

David was anxious to get started and began fidgeting as he looked around the large square hallway of her home for more paintings to focus on.

“Let’s get started David, go through that door,” she pointed to a white door to his left “and undress. Fold your clothes in a pile on the floor and stand naked in the middle of the room. You are to place your hands behind your back and drop your head. When I enter the room, do not look at me, keep your eyes looking at the floor. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Good. Do as I tell you at all times, and we will both enjoy the next sixty minutes.”

“Yes Mistress.”

David felt a pair of eyes on him as he disappeared through the door to her playroom. She had already commented to him that he was a fine figure of a man. David was six feet four inches tall, with dark wavy hair. He couldn’t wait for her to look up to him for the first time, wielding whatever implement she chose. She appeared to be pleased with her extra sized submissive.


Mistress Scarlett changed into her favourite outfit. Dressing for the part, thrilled her just as much as carrying out the pain that her clients needed. She knew that he would be hard at the sight of her. So she had to make sure he didn’t see her for long.

Entering the room, she saw David standing as instructed, she caught sight of his cock for the first time, and he was beautiful. She had never seen such a pretty cock before; his penis, semi-hard, ready for teasing. She looked forward to cropping it.

“Get on your knees slave.” She spoke with a commanding voice which instantly made him drop to the floor.

She loved the thrill of him being at her mercy, she quietly closed the door behind her.

“Being on my knees in your presence is no hardship Mistress.”

“I’m pleased to hear that slave, now keep quiet, or this will end, only speak to answer my questions.”


David loved that she was stern and in control, he felt himself stiffen at the thought of what she might do, the anticipation of what was to come next. He was excited and impatient to see what she was wearing, and it took every ounce of his energy not to look up until she said so.

Mistress Scarlett walked towards where he kneeled, the click of her heels echoing loudly around the room. David’s knees pressed into the cold stone floor, but he didn’t care, what was going to happen next made up for any discomfort. He had been waiting patiently for months for her to say yes. He wasn’t going to fail at this stage.

He felt the tip of something firm lift his chin, he didn’t resist and let his chin lift up. Keeping his eyes closed he didn’t dare open them until she said so. Nothing would make him jeopardise seeing her.
”Open your eyes slave, but do not move.” She said.

David opened his eyes slowly, savouring and taking his time about the vision that was to invade him. He saw that it was the tip of her shoe that had raised his chin as he followed the foot dropping to the floor.

Her feet, dressed in very high heeled, black peep toe stiletto shoes. He had an urge to lick them in reverence. Her toenails, painted fire engine red, and he wanted to dip his tongue in between her toes and suck on her big toe. He twitched at the thought.

David’s eyes reached her ankle, and it was clad in lycra, as were her calves. He drank in her legs as he scanned up her body until he reached her thighs. Shiny black material encased beautiful longs legs, he didn’t want to look any further in case he embarrassed himself. He would be devastated if he had ejaculated before she said he could.

Composing himself, David thought of anything but firm thighs in black lycra, frozen peas, garden furniture. It didn’t work, he was getting hard, and there was nothing he could do to control it. He loved was he saw, she looked every part the Domme, and he had only got half way up her stunning body.

He carried on looking up at her, his gaze burning a trail up over the curve of her hips. His stare found her waist dressed in a black corset, made of lace and ribbon. It cinched in her waist and flared out to cover her ample breasts. Lingering on the roundness of the milky white skin of her cleavage, he savoured the image. David wished he could stand and dip his hand inside the restrictive material and free her breasts to suck on her nipples. He didn’t dare move, he wanted her to do whatever she wished.

He finally climbed higher, visually tracing the slope of her bare neck and reached his Mistress’s face. Her eyes, also covered in black lace, her lips shone red, the same colour as her toenails.

Smiling, when their eyes met, he let out a yelp.

“Ouch,” David said but remained still. It was only at that point that he saw the riding crop in her hand at her side. The length of the crop reached her calf, and she had cropped the outside of his thigh once.

“Don’t smile.” She said.

“Sorry Mistress, I thought it would please you that I liked what I saw.”

“You are not supposed to like it, what I am wearing is for me and not you.”

“Yes Mistress, anything to please you Mistress.”

He instantly knew she had a wonderful power about her, the lycra suit was just a tiny part.

The way she stood, her tone of voice and chosen words, were her super power, and he wanted more. When he felt the sting of the crop, he wanted to feel it again. It startled him how easily he slipped into submissive mode. He wanted a good whipping, and he wanted her to do it. She looked magnificent, and he wanted to misbehave just so he could receive whatever punishment she saw fit.

“You’re smiling again,” she said and cropped his balls, “you are a disobedient slave, no one wants an angry Domme, slave.”

“No, Mistress, sorry Mistress, thank you Mistress.”


He watched her other hand lift up and the length of rope was held tight in her gloved hand. Leather gloves graced her hands to the wrist leading to her toned bare arms. His cock twitched again at the thought of her gloved hand holding his balls and squeezing.

“Focus slave, you’re drifting away from me, stand up.”

He stood in a flash, keeping his eyes on her, flicking momentarily to her glorious breasts and back to her lace covered eyes. She smirked and walked around him, her heels clicking on the stone as she circled him. She flicked the fleshy part of his calf, first the left and then the right with her crop.

“Do you like that slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

She was behind him, and he could hear her walk further away, he felt disappointment, he wanted her to do it again and dropped his head as he waited. David heard a door open and then close, and the noise of her heels came closer. His heart lifted, she was coming back, he felt relieved.

“I have placed a stool behind you, sit down slowly.”

He did as asked, and his bare arse hit the cool wood of the stool. It was surprisingly comfortable.

“I am going to tie your wrists behind your back. It is at this point that you need to be able to tell me to stop if you are uncomfortable with what we are doing here. I am a fan of simplicity.” She said and paused and placed a hand on his right shoulder.
“Slave, if you want me to stop, then say your own name, loudly. Today is our first time, and I won’t take you any further than I think you can take. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand Mistress. What will happen next?” he asked.

“Once I have tied your hands, I am going to strip for you.” She answered.

“Holy fuck,” he whispered, “that will have me standing to attention to the point of pain.”

Mistress Scarlett cropped the outside of his arse cheek, twice, hard, as punishment for talking.

“That wasn’t a question. I am pleased you will be standing to attention, it will make part two all the more pleasurable. Do not come until I tell you to, do you understand?”

“No Mistress, I won’t come until you tell me to.”

“Very good, we will see if you can accommodate my wish. Now, slave, you have asked for the full experience. I need to say out loud and not leave any misinterpretation, we will have sex while we are in this room. Are you still agreeable before I bind you?” she asked as she kneeled behind David and placed the rope on the floor.
“Fucking hell yes, I am agreeable.” David gushed out, he felt like a teenager again, eager to have sex for the first time, agreeing to any terms.

He heard a faint chuckle and watched her circle him once more, this time the quick flicks of the crop were on his outer thighs. They were quick but hard and left a warm tingle over his skin. He liked being admired, he worked hard keeping fit, he especially wanted her approval.

Disappearing from his sight, David felt the smooth rope being expertly tied around his wrists, and the action pulled his shoulders back and pushed his muscled chest out. His nipples hardened at the thought of her cropping his chest catching his erect nipples. Closing his eyes, he willed her to do it.

He felt her gloved finger circle his wrists, he knew she was checking the tightness of the rope. What took him by surprise was a blindfold covering his eyes. It pulled tight around his head, there was no room to open his eyelids, his heart raced.

All he could hear were her heels as a guide to where she might be. She was close, he could feel the heat from her body and then he felt her breath over his ear.

“I am going to strip for you now, stay still and don’t come.” She whispered and licked his earlobe.

“I want to see,” he said and instantly regretted forgetting to say Mistress and speaking his mind without permission. He was punished with a hard crop to his left pectoral, “ah,” he yelped, “sorry Mistress.”

“Better. Slave, I am going to lay my crop across your thighs, don’t move, or it will roll off. If it falls to the floor, I will punish you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

After balancing the crop in his thick muscular thighs, she walked a few paces away from him.

“I am pulling on the ribbons at the back of the corset and loosening the bindings.” She said, and he heard a thud as something hit the floor.

“My breasts are naked and the skin around my nipples are puckering at the instant cool air.” She said, and David let out a groan.

He couldn’t see her smile as she carried on describing the clothing she was removing. Once she finished, all that remained were her leather gloves and her heels. She made is very clear what she was wearing.

“I want to see Mistress, please remove the blindfold.”

“If I remove the blindfold, it will end. Is that what you want?”

“No Mistress.”

“Good. You’ve done well keep my crop safe, I am going to take it back now.”

Lifting the crop from his thighs, making sure that she didn’t touch his skin she wrapped her hand around the braided handle and lifted it up. The end of the crop had a leather square and she dragged is down his torso until it reached his length, she cropped it once. He let out a hiss, from his mouth, but he still didn’t move.

“I’m going to untie you but you are to still not to move.”

“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress.”

She started to flick the crop across the side of his thighs, hard enough to make him yelp. He didn’t move for fear of upsetting her. The flicks became more often and moved around his body. She flicked his stomach, then the inside of his thighs, his back, each nipple. As each one came, they become more painful. He thought the pain was worth it to have her naked body circling around him.

David’s cock was hard, bobbing and twitching, it was like a homing beacon as she moved around him. He was nearly bursting, he could feel a droplet of liquid at the end of his erection. She flicked the crop, and her aim perfect as she flicked it clean away. It stung in the most pleasurable way.

He hoped the thrill of seeing his excitement was making her wet, he hoped she could feel her own moisture building up in her sex. He was told to continue to sit still, this would be an exercise in control. It was blissful torture, he was dying to jump up. He is told again not to come.

On the next circle around she unties his hands, he rotates his wrists to feel the limited freedom he is allowed. She comes nearer and stands in front of him, with her legs either side of his. The seat is low enough that she can stand astride him. Her breasts are at his eye level, but he still can’t see her breasts sway with her movement. He can feel the heat coming from her body, he has the urge to lean forward and run his tongue over her breasts. David remains still, concentrating on not coming and displeasing his Mistress.

She lowers herself down, very, very slowly. His jaw line twitching with focus, he knows what is going to happen next. His muscles flex in his arms and stomach, he is desperate to raise his arms but he doesn’t dare. As she sits, she positions herself over his erect, hard cock. It is killing him not to reach round and grab her.

His Mistress is finally sitting on his lap, she has captured him perfectly, and she sighs as she settles. She doesn’t move once she is fully seated. Leaning in she brushes her erect nipples against his chest and kisses him.
“Do not move and do not come, if you do we stop.” She repeats the words from earlier.

David doesn’t care, he is in heaven, he is inside her with no movement. The desperation he feels to start to rock, almost tips him over. She continues to kiss him an it is making it harder to stay still.

He wonders if he should try to press his tongue through her lips. No, he should wait for her. She is still not moving any part of her body apart from her mouth. He is relishing the feel of her thighs against his. He can smell her scent, feel the warmth of her sex grabbing his cock. She is moulding her lips to his and demands entry. He is all too willing to allow the first touch of their tongues. Who could refuse a woman like her? The kiss takes him to another level, he feels dizzy and intoxicated.

She slowly kisses him and feels him harden further, she has him where she wants him. It is a long languishing kiss, tongues dashing in and out of each other’s mouths. Fast and slow, the kiss carries on. Still he keeps his hands behind his back, and she doesn’t move on her throne. The intenseness escalates, and both he and she start to whimper. He hears her drop the crop that she held.
He is in turmoil, wanting to thrust but staying still with hands behind his back. She is an expert at control to keep him there. Her gloved hands stroke the back of his head and she kisses him deeper still.

Once she feels the sheen of sweat cover their bodies she knows that he is almost there. The kiss turns frantic. And she starts to raise her hips until his tip is just inside her entrance. Her hands come round to his chest and find his nipples. She pinches hard and slams back down on his lap, and she feels his hot liquid explode inside her.

“I told you not to come.” She says and stands abruptly, leaving the remaining orgasm to spill down his thigh.

“No! Please Mistress I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, the situation was so hot and when you slammed down on me, it tipped me over.” He said and let out a quiet, anguished moan, he felt devastated that he had disappointed his Mistress. He couldn’t believe he had a strong submissive side, he loved this happening to him, she was most certainly a Domme. He wanted to make amends but didn’t know how.

“Can I see you Mistress?” he asked quietly.

“No, you may not, I am going to leave you now, and you must not remove that blindfold until you hear the door close. I will be watching you, do not defy my instructions.”

“No Mistress, I wouldn’t dream of it.”

He didn’t, he waited for the click of her shoes to disappear and the door open and then shut. He only then removed the blindfold. He was slightly disconcerted that he enjoyed it so much, he was addicted to her and excited at the prospect of doing it again. She was the real deal. It was just a shame that he had come without permission, had he ruined his chances at a second session?

© Grace Harper 2014.

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