Darkness surrounds us,
Seeping from my mind,
Blanketing our bodies,
As I quietly bind.

Your wrists tight together,
Hemp rope and cable ties,
With a red silk blindfold,
Your only disguise.

Upon golden shoulders,
A familiar pattern,
Black roses with diamonds,
Embossed lace upon satin.

My knuckles flex,
To touch my moist lips,
As I closely observe,
Your curvaceous hips.

Protruding from,
The blue ribbed corset,
With your erect nipple,
Clamped in my forceps.

A tiny whimper,
You try not to resist,
My muscles flex,
In my wrist.

I grasp it,
Before giving a twist,
A pinch of pain,
Between us is bliss.

Goddess melts away,
As if she was butter,
Your muffled growl,
Emits with a stutter.

My knuckle reappears,
Upon my lip,
With white blazing grooves,
From where I bit.

Observing you writhe,
In timeless motion,
The white caps of pain,
Stirring her ocean.

I release the restraint,
From the stainless steel tong,
Politely asking you,
If anything is wrong.

You refuse to budge,
But manage a smile,
Replying to me,
I like your style.

Nonchalantly I inspect,
Your wrists turning rare,
Bound firm and tight,
Behind your rear.

My footsteps echo,
As I casually pace,
Circling you slowly,
Admiring your lace.

Garter belt stockings,
From thigh to your heels,
With a floral suspender,
Igniting my erotic zeal.

I struggle to contain,
My excitement inside,
Slowly I’m engorged,
Thick blood in my pride.

My hand on your shoulder,
Before I come undone,
Willingly you kneel,
Suckling to become one.

The bell of my glans,
Embraces your mouth,
Your throat swells,
As I force it south.

You relish my taste,
Choking on my flesh,
While I subdue you,
My erogenous pledge.

With a fistful of hair,
I tug ‘till you drool,
Pumping you hard,
As your cheeks become full.

I relinquish myself,
From the grit of your teeth,
Turning my attention,
To your goddess beneath.

She dances wildly,
Promising to shower,
As I roll into the room,
My tortuous plow.

Your heart palpitates,
As you’re wrenched to your feet,
I set the black dial,
To a steady beat.

I flick the silk mask,
Covering your eyes,
What you now see before you,
Makes you quiver and sigh.

There in the shadows,
Lurks the machine,
Quietly humming,
Glimmering and pristine.

Black matt framing,
Stainless steel dildo,
Three-quarters of a horse,
Thrusting to and fro.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.

This is Restraint Part One, Part two appears in PJ’s latest book Absence
You can also find more of PJ’s work on his blog and in his other book Burnt which is available from Amazon